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Event: Dave Pomfret Memorial Trial
Result: Chickahominy Field Trial Association

Location: Jarrett, Virginia

Post Date: May 25, 2023

Submitted By: Mert Jones

chickahominy amateur puppyS23

U. S. Complete Amateur Puppy Winners (from left): Ashby Morgan with Bob's Elhew Lib, Greg Isenberg with Tenacee Moxie and Bob Phillips with Bob's Gray Street Macy. (Above): Well-wishers with Sharon Townley (judge) and Phil Rutter (judge) in the center. (Right): Clint Holloway (host), a well-wisher, and Stevie Graham (galley wagon driver).

Our spring trial was run on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25, at Hunt's Shooting Preserve near Jarrett, Va. Hunt's is owned and operated by Clint Holloway. Clint was a great host and most accommodating to us and our guests. The grounds and facilities at Hunt's are truly "as fine as you can find" and provided us with an excellent venue for our weekend.

Our field trial chairwoman, Sharon Townley, assembled a committee for the trial that attended to their duties that created a trial that ran smoothly and timely. We ran 33 dogs in our U. S. Complete stakes on Saturday and seven in our Horseback Shooting Dog stake on Sunday. Danny Gooch joined us for the weekend and planted birds for the derby and the two Shooting Dog stakes. Stevie Graham and Jim Crandall drove the gallery wagon, which Pat Brooks provided, and Phil Townley helped to get the dogs to the line. Dennis Kivikko coordinated the arrangements for the gallery wagon. Judging for the three U. S. Complete stakes were Sharon Townley, Phil Rutter, Grace Ann Lawson, Bob Spillman, and Jameson Crandall, Howard Schultz judged the AVFTC Horseback Shooting Dog stake.

Our national sponsor is Nestle Purina, and they once again furnished Purina Pro Plan Dog Food discount coupons for the U. S. Complete winners. We appreciate this and all their other financial support and encourage the purchase of all the Purina products.

Your reporter thanks Jameson and Grace Ann for their descriptions of the shooting dogs.

The Puppy stake was won by a liver and white pointer called "Lib," from the kennels of Bobby Phillips up from Tennessee to run with us. She had a nice forward, busy race and was always to the front with style. Second was another pup from Tennessee named "Moxie," handled by Greg Isenberg, Bobby's traveling partner. Moxie had another nice, animated puppy brace and finished strong. Third was another puppy from Bob Phillips called "Macy." She had a great puppy race for third place. She had a nice finish to the front.

"Ace," a male pointer owned and handled by Verlene Stephenson, won the Derby stake. Ace had two clean, broke finds, a divided find, and a back. He had a good forward race while making some reaching casts. He is a mature derby who will be ready as a shooting dog in the coming year. "Pete," a setter male from Pinekone Kennels, was handled to second place by Ashby Morgan. Pete had two derby finds and an unproductive with a big wide race. Under Chris Childress's whistle, "Willett" had one derby find with a nice derby race to take third.

The Dave Pomfret Memorial Field Trial is run in memory of our long-time mentor, field trial judge, and friend, Dave Pomfret. Last year we began awarding the Dave Pomfret Memorial Trophy in memory of Dave. Grace Ann Lawson and Bob Spillman judged this year's stake, which had many fine performances.

The heat in the afternoon slowed a few of the dogs, and birds seemed to be at a premium at all times. This year the Dave Pomfret Memorial Trophy was awarded to "Jack," a male setter handled by Lee Flanders. Jack ran in brace No. 5 in the heat of the day. He was snappy on the ground with a far-reaching, forward, and consistent race, handling very kindly and scoured two quality finds at 7 and 19. Second place went to "Molly," a setter female also handled by Lee Flanders in brace No. 2. She showed a pleasing, forward pattern, handled kindly, and scoured a find at 29. Third was "Jake," a pointer male, handled by Jimmy Crandall in brace No. 3. Jake had an early stylish find at 5 and ran a strong forward race covering many objectives.

Our AVFTC Horseback stake was run on Sunday, March 26. Jameson Crandall and Howard Schultz judged the stake.

"Austin" took first place with four finds and one unproductive. He consistently hunted an appropriate horseback shooting dog range, always forward of his handler and paying attention to the direction she was riding. He handled with ease for her. He pointed staunchly and with style each time, and there was never any movement on the flush. He ran in the heat of the day and showed fitness and endurance, finishing as strong as he began.

"Ruger" placed second with one find and one back. He is a handsome tri-colored large male with an easy gate and tons of style. He was big running, hunting all the right objectives, and making big casts through the pines and on the edges. His one find was on a bird walking around in the open in the first field just after his breakaway. He handled it with perfect manners. He later backed his bracemate, then finished with plenty of "go" left.

"Ness" placed third, scoring two finds. She is powerful, quick, snappy on the ground, and beautiful on point. She hunted birdy objectives, handled easily for her owner, handled her birds with manners, and ran with class.

We plan to return to Hunt's Shooting Preserve for our fall trial at the end of October and hope you will be with us.

Jarrett, Va., March 25 - One Course
Judges: Phil Rutter and Sharon Townley
U. S. COMPLETE AMATEUR PUPPY - 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--BOB'S ELHEW LIB, 1700143, pointer female, by Tenacee Franklin-Ringo's Sweet Heart. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.
2d--TENACEE MOXIE, 1701535, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker-Crossroads Elhew Dot. Greg Isenberg, owner and handler.
3d--BOB'S GRAY STREET MACY, 1702075, pointer female, by Touch's Grey Street-Bandit's Hill Lady. Bobby Phillips, owner and handler.

chickahominy ama derbys23

U. S. Complete Amateur Derby Winners (front, from left): Dennis Kivikko, Verlene Stephenson with Carolina's Winning Ace, Ashby Morgan with Pinekone Pete, and Chris Childress with Single Barrel's Willett. (Above, center): Sharon Townley (judge) and Phil Rutter (judge) joined by well-wishers.

U. S. COMPLETE AMATEUR DERBY - 2 Pointers, 5 Setters and 1 Brittany
1st--CAROLINA'S WINNING ACE, 1696147, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior-Steel Valley Wardance. Verlene D. Stephenson, owner and handler.
2d--PINEKONE PETE, 1697771, setter male, by Erin's Wild Atlantic Way-Quickmarksman's Silky. Pinekone Kennels, owner; Ashby Morgan, handler.
3d--SINGLE BARREL'S WILLETT, 1696947, setter female, by Caladen's Davinci-Wynona's Gunslinger Luna. Chris & Clare Childress, owners.

chickahominy asds23

U. S. Complete Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (from left): Lee Flanders with Chippokes Cracker Jack and Dennis Kivikko with Chippokes Fancy Lady. (Above, center): Grace Ann Lawson (judge), Robert Spillman (judge), and well-wishers join bird planters Danny Gooch and his partner. (Not pictured): Jimmy Crandall and Jake The Joker.

Judges: Grace Ann Lawson and Robert Spilliamn
U. S. COMPLETE AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 11 Pointers, 7 Setters and 1 Brittany

1st--CHIPPOKES CRACKER JACK, 1691321, setter male, by Skyview New Edition-Grid Iron's Sorrell's Penny. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.
2d--CHIPPOKES FANCY LADY, 1689564, pointer female, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Hirollins Fancy Lady. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.
3d--JAKE THE JOKER, 1693052, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Legacy's Pride-Mohawk Mill Dolly. Mitch Forrester & Jim Crandall, owners; Jim Crandall, handler.

Judges: Jameson Crandall and Howard Schultz
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 4 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st--MAN OF MYSTERY, 1660650, pointer male, by Chasehill Little Bud-Shaula. Grace Ann Lawson, owner and handler.
2d--RUTTER'S RUGER, 1675027, setter male, by Rutter's Dusty Socks-Pinekone Whistling Dixie. Sharon Townley & Phil Rutter, owners.
3d--BEECHWOOD'S SHE'S ALL THAT, 1686446, setter female, by Grouse Ridge Gambler-Beechwoods Madison. Sharon & Phil Townley, owners; Sharon Townley, handler.

chickahominy horseback asds23

AVFTC Horseback Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (front, from left): Man of Mystery with Grace Ann Lawson, Rutter's Ruger with Phil Rutter, and Beechwood's She's All That with Sharon Townley. (Above): Jameson Crandall (judge), Bob Spillman (scout), Howard Schultz (judge), Danny Gooch (bird planter), and Mert Jones (reporter).