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Result: Missouri Championship and Open All-Age Trials

Location: Grovespring, Missouri

Post Date: Mar 29, 2021

Submitted By: Bonnie Hidalgo


Missouri Open All-Age Winners. From left: Stegan Smith and Ike Todd with Touch's Fire Away, Landon Westfall with Miss Stylin Sue, Korry Reinhart with Osceola's Rebel Chief. Standing (l-r): Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo, Mark Haynes, Randy Anderson, George Hill, Hank Jansen, Jim and Marian Mills, Allen Vincent, Jim Morehouse, Tom Shenker, judge; Tim Self and Steve Hurdle.
GROVESPRING, MO. -- Missouri's hidden jewel is nestled in its hills and hollows, near the small town of Grovespring, in the southwest region of the state. It is here that one of the top trial grounds in the country, the Field Trial Sportsmen's Association, can be found.

Every year, starting the third week of March, enthusiasts of All-Age bird dogs gather here for the running of two prestigious National Championship qualifying stakes. The Missouri Open All-Age, hosted by the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen's Club and the Missouri Open Championship, hosted by the Missouri State Field Trial Association are contested over 2,500 beautiful acres. It is a significant achievement to capture the win in either of them; this year was no exception.

Touch's Blackout turned in a spectacular performance to win the Missouri Open Championship title for handler Randy Anderson. The white and black pointer male is proudly owned by John and Jackie Harkins of Mead, Okla. Blackout put on a fine display of bird handling during a great all-age race.

Runner-up honors went to Coldwater Thunder, the reigning National Champion owned by Billy and Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur and David Russell of Como, Miss. Steve Hurdle handled the white and liver pointer female. She turned in a big race with excellent bird work.

Touch's Fire Away won the Missouri Open All-Age Stake for handler Randy Anderson. The four-year-old pointer male is owned by Greg and Carmen Adams, Norfolk, Va. The judges remarked on his toughness under difficult weather conditions (it was snowing). Fire Away was predominantly forward and scored three finds in his hard-driving hour.

Miss Styling Sue, white and liver pointer female, took second for owners Dr. Jim and Marian Mills and Steve Lightle of Searcy, Ark. She was capably handled by Allen Vincent. Sue impressed with her consistent, far forward race and her high-class ways. She scored two finds in her hour.

Third went to Osceola's Rebel Chief, pointer male, handled by Steve Hurdle for owner Ted Roach of Union Springs, Ala. Chief was seldom seen during his hour but would show far to the front at just the right intervals. He had one great find to his credit.

In the Don Fox Memorial Derby the winner was Como Thunder, pointer male owned by Billy and Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur and David Russell and handled by Steve Hurdle. Second was awarded to Touch's Walk the Line for handler Ike Todd and owner Keith Wright of Covington, Ind. In third was Como Rain, owned by Billy and Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur and David Russell and handled by Steve Hurdle

The drawing for all three stakes was conducted by Sharleen Daugherty, with an assist from her husband Andy, at their Grovespring, Mo., home on Saturday evening, March 13. The first stake, the Open All-Age, drew 42 dogs and its companion Don Fox Memorial Open Derby drew a record 27 entries. The final stake on the docket was the Missouri Open Championship which attracted 40 contenders. The total entry of 109 dogs is an increase of 32 over the 2020 entry of 77 dogs

The trial was advertised to commence on Monday, March 15, but was delayed by high water and a washed-out road. The trial commenced on Tuesday, March 16, with the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen's Club's National qualifier, the Missouri Open All-Age. The Don Fox Memorial Derby began late Friday afternoon and completed Saturday evening. The Missouri State Field Trial Association hosts the Missouri Open Championship. It followed the Derby beginning Sunday morning, March 21, and concluding Wednesday morning.

Purina is a generous perennial sponsor of the entire Missouri Open trial. Each year Purina provides a large amount of dog food to the winners of each stake. The Open All-Age winner received four bags, three bags went to second place and two bags of Pro Plan were for third. In the Derby the distribution was two, one and one. The champion was awarded seven bags of Pro Plan and the runner-up received four.

This trial is part of the Purina Awards program, dog and handler. Purina Pro Plan Sport/Performance supplies the nutrition these canine athletes require for peak performance. The Missouri State Field Trial Association and the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen's Club are very appreciative of Purina for the support they continue to bestow on this event.

SportDog sponsored the trial with the contribution of training collars for the winners of each of the National qualifiers and bark collars for each of the placing Derby dogs. Jim Morehouse was on hand, doing double duty as he represented not only SportDog but Purina as well. Jim is very well respected in this sport and everyone enjoyed his company.

Judges for The Open All-Age were Tom Shenker, Hurtsboro, Ala., and John Russell of Bowling Green, Ky. Tom Shenker is well known as a bird dog man, having grown up in the sport. He has trained plantation and field trial dogs since a young adult. Tom has judged many trials, the most notable judging assignment the National Bird Dog Championship at Ames Plantation. Tom is well respected by his peers.

John Russell has been in the bird dog game for a long time. He has judged major trials around the country, including the Missouri Championship in previous years. He knows what he is looking at and just as important, what he is looking for. They were a very attentive team and positioned themselves well to take in the action. The Southwest Missouri Sportsmen's Club appreciates their service.

Judges for the Missouri Championship were Bill Mason of Moundville, Ala., and Dennis Auping, New Melle, Mo. Bill Mason has been involved with bird dogs and field trials for 47 years. He runs his own dogs and enjoys watching other people's good dogs.

Dennis was heavily involved in field trialing and used to help put this field trial on. He took a break from the sport and has recently begun to partake again. They were excellent judges, keeping a good watch on the action and readily recognizing both the attributes and the faults that separate these canine athletes. They commented after the announcement that they had seen many worthy dogs in this stake. Some made mistakes, some got lost but most of them did something noteworthy while under judgment. They were a congenial pair, and we thank them for their time in the saddle.

Judges for the Don Fox Memorial Derby were Hank Jansen, St Charles, Mo., and Dennis Hidalgo, Brighton, Colo. Ken Schmidt was originally advertised to judge this stake with Hank Jansen. Kendall excused himself due to his chairing of the American Derby Invitational in which many of these dogs will perform later this week. Hank has been involved with running this trial for many years and formerly competed with his own dogs. Dennis actively competes with Red Setters and pointers on the amateur circuit. Both judges are knowledgeable and enjoyed watching this stake of class dogs.

Owners present during the trial included Dr. Jim and Marian Mills, Larry Smith, Jay McKenzie, Bill, Ryan and Landon Westfall, David and Rachel Blackwell Russell, Mick Marietta, and Jim Hughes. Visitors were William and Tommi Smith, Jeremy Gulick and Suzanne McClung.

George Hill, Kendell Schmidt, Hank Jansen, Sharleen Daugherty, Tim Self, Dennis Hidalgo, Kipp Linnard and Steve Gill were instrumental in putting this great trial on. George Hill was the trial chair, Sharleen handled secretarial duties. Hank, George, and Dennis took turns planting birds from horseback and marshalling. The courses were salted every morning by Ken Schmidt or George Hill from an ATV. Tim Self, Hank Jansen, Dennis Hidalgo, George Hill, and Steve Gill handled the dog wagon detail during the nine-day trial. Kipp Linard assisted as marshal.


Touch's Fire Away was turned loose on Apple Tree hill into increasingly heavy snow. He was not in sight as we descended the hill but was found on point at 12. He showed great style and demeanor. Fire Away scored his second find, again with high style, at 16 in Little Vine. He ran attractively and kept forward. He notched his third find near the ruins of the blue house, where he handled running birds with alacrity at 55. Fire Away finished his hour going away.

Miss Stylin Sue was second in this large stake. Jim Mills was mounted to watch his fancy dog perform and perform she did! Sue was fast, forward, and snappy for the entire hour. She pointed stylishly at 32, just beyond Apple Tree Hill, all was in perfect order. Her second find came at 59, she could be seen standing majestically at the far end of Sycamore bottom. She held tight while we rode to her; and remained so through flush and shot. Sue ran a big race with impressive moves; she carried her tail at 12 o'clock, cracking with every stride.

Osceola's Rebel Chief placed third in this competitive stake. Chief appeared in the fifth brace, running on Tuesday afternoon. He was away to the front in no time. He showed only on occasion, always to the front at great range, proving you wrong just as you started thinking he was gone. At 36 he had been absent for a bit when Hurdle called point for him. He was well to the front near the blue house site. He stood high and tight for flush and shot. Chief pointed in the northwest corner of the Bull pasture at 46; he relocated unsuccessfully but when taken by the collar a bird flushed. No fault or credit here. He sped on to the front through Climer's, showed far forward in the valley beyond and finished forward near the clubhouse.


Lester's Stem Winder (Gary Lester) and Dixon's Rolling Stone (Anderson). Stone pointed attractively along the ditch below double gates at 15.. Winder returned from an absence in time to card a mannerly back. Stone went with the bird; Winder was steady. Winder scored his own find at 24, displaying fine style and manners. He made a good move to the top of the ridge, then showed forward coming through the trees and down into Davis. He stayed forward through Davis where he had a barren stand at 37. Winder went forward through the Island field and beyond. He pointed near Horse Killer hill with birds produced at 48; Winder finished the hour forward.

Both Dakota Nation (Hurdle) and Big N Wild (Cochran) acted birdy in the back of Little Vine but no birds were seen. There was another instance of the dogs pointing and hunting in Sycamore but again nothing was definitive. Big scored a nice find at 33 on top of the ridge behind Daugherty's, followed by an unproductive at 36. Dakota ran well but went without contact.

Miller's L'letto (Anderson) and Westfall's Wheels up (Daugherty) were loosed in Horse Corral bottom. They showed a couple times before the clubhouse and then were up the hill beyond. At the twin barns both pointers turned right. L'lletto pointed on the edge at 20; point was called for Wheels Up a moment later, he was on the treeline another couple hundred yards down. Birds were put up in front of both dogs with all in good order. A second find for Wheels came at 40, just below the cemetery. He exhibited excellent style and manners. Both dogs made the ridge loop and showed for the finish in the breakaway field.

S F Stetson (Huffman) was paired with Lowrider Frank (Vincent). Larry Smith was scouting for his Stetson; Jim Mills was riding to see Frank. Stetson pointed on the right at 8 but it was not productive. On the way to the front, he pointed again at 10 with beautiful style. Quail were flushed with all in order. He caught the front just in time to honor Frank which was pointing staunchly at 14 in double gates field. Both dogs displayed perfect manners. Stetson notched a nice find along the creek in Davis bottom at 29. On the left edge of Apple Tree hill, Frank styled up at 48; it was a high-quality piece of birdwork. Both dogs finished well to the front.

Miller's Justifiable (Anderson) and Osceola's Rebel Chief (Hurdle). Chief's hour was noted above. Justifiable's owner, Jay McKenzie, was riding. Justifiable was big and forward from the start. His only find occurred at the Bull pasture's first draw at 41. Birds were seen in the briars and he stood high and tight while an attempt was made to dislodge them. Justifiable finished his hour to the front.

Lester's Storm Surge (Lester) and Bonner's Bullet Proof (Anderson) were the last brace on Tuesday, turned loose at the clubhouse gate. Surge pointed at 11; Bullet honored perfectly but it was unproductive. Surge pointed again at 15, Bullet backed again; a bird was produced and both dogs were mannerly. Both scouts called point from the ridge at 34. Storm Surge was positioned behind Bullet in what appeared to be a back but both handlers flushed and shot. The dogs were stylish and mannerly throughout. At 38 Surge pointed with magnificent style on the ditch in the double gate field. Relocation was necessary but the big pointer did so perfectly. The bird was put up with all in order. Surge was sent to catch the front and a long ride ensued. Both pointers made huge moves around the ridge loop, coming through to finish forward.

Westfall's True Grit (Daugherty) drew brace No. 7 with Nosam's Sweetwater (Huffman), the twosome turned loose under the threat of rain. Grit scored first, a single at 8, all well-handled. Sweetwater was forward and made a nice move down the far right line where he pointed but corrected on. He pointed again on the cross row at 12 but it was unproductive. Sweetwater found game at 15 along the ditch. He showed high style and good manners for flush and shot. Point was called for Grit which was across the road in Sycamore bottom. After a lengthy flush it proved unproductive and the dog was up. Sweetwater scored his second find at 20, on the hillside. Relocation was required and swiftly accomplished, the dog stood high for the flush and shot. Sweetwater continued nicely forward into Davis bottom where he showed well. He pointed and corrected on a couple of times from the end of Davis to Horse Killer hill. With a thunderstorm approaching, Huffman opted to pick up before topping the big hill. The remainder of the morning's running was put on hold as everyone headed for shelter.

Lester's Jazzman (Anderson) and Erin's Outlaw (Hurdle), the second brace on Wednesday turned loose at 1:30 p.m. following a rain delay. This pair was fast and forward. Outlaw scored a beautiful find near the end of Davis bottom at 25. Jazzman honored automatically; both dogs were mannerly throughout. They finished in the Little Vine loop, still in fast forward.

House's County Line Pat (Anderson) and S F Full Color (Hurdle) were away hard up Little Vine hill to the front. Not a lot was seen of Full Color. Pat showed forward at intervals, but no birds were moved during this brace.

Justifier (Vincent) and Dragon Fly (Lester) were the final brace Wednesday afternoon. They made short work of the first field and were found standing on the right as the course entered the Bull pasture. Justifier was pointing with Dragon backing. Both dogs stood tall. Relocation was required and Justifier was successful; all was in order. A second find for Justifier came at 12; he comported himself well. Justifier's third occurred at the pond in the clubhouse loop where he displayed great intensity and manners throughout. At 42 Justifier pointed again with Dragon honoring, but this was unproductive. At 56 Justifier scored a handsome find in the alley with class and intensity. Dragon Fly went left at the twin barns and was found on point near the old blue house site at 55. Judge Russell reported a very nice find.

Shagtime Ole Red (Anderson) and Westfall's River Ice (Daugherty). It started snowing minutes after their Thursday morning release. Ole Red was "itching to have a little fun" and was out of pocket early. Ice scored a nice find at 8 before the rocky creek crossing where he displayed high style and decorum. Point was called for Ice at 15 but only a rabbit was flushed. Ice looked great on the ground, taking the edges, and showing far forward. He scored a second find on the left side of Davis at 34. Ice pointed again before Horse Killer hill but self-relocated and was up at 42.

Touch's Fire Away (Anderson) and Coldwater Thunder (Hurdle) were away into steadily falling snow. Fire Away's winning performance is detailed above. Thunder was absent early and had the misfortune of coming upon her bracemate while bird work was in progress; she failed to back.

Neely's Standing Ovation (Anderson) was forward in pattern but found no birds. Branscum's Pearl (Hurdle) was scratched.

S F Hardfork (Smith) and Westfall's Mandalay (Daugherty) were not suiting their handlers and were up early.

World Class Bootlegger (Anderson) was scratched. Miss Stylin Sue's performance is detailed above.

Westfall's Dream Chaser (Daugherty) and Ascension (Hurdle) finished out the day on Thursday. Dream Chaser scored a find in the first draw of the Bull pasture at 17. He showed beautiful style and perfect composure. Ascension ran a strong, predominantly forward race with no game contact.

Raymond's Double Rebel Jess (Anderson) and Whippoorwill Forever Wild (Cochran). Jess pointed stylishly along the bottom edge of the double gates field; when Anderson went to flush, he spotted Wild on point below. Jess had an indiscretion but Wild had birds flushed while he stood tight at 15. Wild scored again at the end of Davis at 33,showing fine style and perfect manners. On the far end of Island field, at 41 he notched his third find, all in good order. He was found standing before Horse Killer hill at 46 for another attractive find. Wild's fifth and final find came at 59. He pointed and then corrected before pointing again in the trees. Birds were put up and he was mannerly. Wild's race for the most part was beautiful, big and edge running.

Westfall's Castaway (Daugherty) had been gone for 15 when Andy pulled the retrieval device. He was found forward on point at 20. Miller's Speed Dial (Lester) was also forward on point at 20 in Sycamore. He had a stylish, mannerly find. Speed Dial scored a second find at the barns at 33, all in order but he was up because he was not challenging the leaders.

Touch's Blackout (Anderson) pointed on the left beyond the twin barns at 2 with Westfall's Red Man (Daugherty) backing stylishly. Blackout took a couple steps before the flush but was steady when the birds lifted. Red Man disappeared near horse corral bottom and the retrieval device eventually came out. Blackout was predominantly forward.

Whippoorwill Vette (Huffman) scored a good find above the pond on the south end of Davis, all in good order. Vette's second find came at 51 just off Apple tree hill displaying nice style and manners. Ransom's Jack Flash (Hurdle) was strong on the ground but had no birds. He pointed at 56 with Vette honoring but it was a dead bird. They finished going deep in the country.

Wild Credence (Cochran) and Miller's Select Call (Anderson) were lost early in the hour.

Grovespring, Mo., March 16

Judges: John P. Russell and Tom Shenker

MISSOURI OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] -- 41 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--TOUCH'S FIRE AWAY, 1679602, pointer male, by House's Ring of Fire--Touch's Maswood Anne. Greg & Carmen Adams, owners; Randy Anderson, handler.

2d--MISS STYLIN SUE, 1674906, pointer female, by Ransom--Coldwater Snow. Dr. Jim & Marian Mills & Steve Lightle, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.

3d--OSCEOLA'S REBEL CHIEF, 1682755, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir--Hilltopper Debutante. Ted Roach, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.


Como Thunder appeared in the first brace and set a mark that no other could reach. He was constantly forward, making big moves. He scored a genuinely nice find at 10. Steve Hurdle handled him for Billy Blackwell, Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur and David Russell.

Touch's Walk the Line, handled by Ike Todd, was second, he appeared in the fourth brace. He was forward with a smooth race and carried himself well, with beautiful tail carriage. He scored a great find at 25. Touch's Walk the Line is owned by Keith Wright.

Third was Como Rain, pointer male owned by Billy and Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur and David Russell and handled by Steve Hurdle. Rain showed a lot of "go" with a predominantly forward pattern. He was briefly out of pocket in the clubhouse loop. In the double gate field at 29, he scored an attractive find.

Other Derbies of note were Cypress Cracker which ran a huge forward race for Andy Daugherty but had no game contact; Touch's One Night Standard, handled by Mark Haynes had a nice forward race and one good find. Also impressing was Late Hit which ran a nice forward race for Tom Shenker but had no birds. Wynona Sugar, handled by Allen Vincent, was the only setter in the stake. She had a beautiful, mannerly find and showed high class on the ground but was lost. Beeler's Texas Jig, handled by Scott Beeler, had an extremely nice find but mishandled his second.

Judges Hank Jansen and Dennis Hidalgo paid close attention to all entries and remarked that it was a great crop of young dogs.

Judges: Dennis Hidalgo and Hank Jansen

DON FOX MEMORIAL OPEN DERBY -- 26 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--COMO THUNDER, 1687714, pointer male, by Skyfall--Catch Me Dot. B. K. & Rachel Blackwell, David Russell & Doug Arthur, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.

2d--TOUCH'S WALK THE LINE, 1692248, pointer male, by House's Ring the Fire--Touch's Lemon Drop Keith A. Wright, onwer; Ike Todd, handler.

3d--COMO RAIN, 1687713, pointer male, by Skyfall--Catch Me Dot. Rachel & B. K. Blackwell, David Russell & Doug Arthur, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.


Don Fox Memorial Open Derby Winners. From left: Korry Reinhart with Como Thunder, Mark Haynes with Touch's Walk The Line, and Steve Hurdle with Como Rain. Standing (l-r): George Hill, Ike Todd, Jim Morehouse, Judges Hank Jansen and Dennis Hidalgo.


The 2021 Missouri Open Champion, Touch's Blackout, appeared in the tenth brace under the capable guidance of handler Randy Anderson. Point was called at 12; Blackout stood tall on the bottom edge of double gates field. Birds were put up with all in order Blackout went on to run a big, beautiful race. His second find came at 23, just into Davis bottom. He had a large covey and handled it perfectly. He covered Davis and Island field admirably. At 47 Blackout styled up again, this time on Apple Tree hill. His style was striking; his comportment was flawless. Blackout scored his last find at 59 minutes, another fine piece of bird work. His was an impressive performance.

Touch's Blackout is proudly owned by John and Jackie Harkins.

Coldwater Thunder put in a sterling performance to earn runner-up honors. The current National Champion appeared in brace No. 7. She made a big move through double gates field; hit the right edge in Davis bottom and continued far down the line until she slammed on point at 25. Her birds were well located, and it was a quality piece of bird work. Thunder showed attractively in the Island field. She pointed on Apple Tree hill at 49 but only feathers were found. She continued toward Little Vine and scored another top quality find at 56. Thunder finished her hour well forward.

Other dogs that were under consideration prior to the running of the winners were, in order of appearance: Lester's Stem Winder handled by Gary Lester; Lester's Jazzman, handled by Randy Anderson, and Lowrider Frank, handled by Allen Vincent. Their performances are described below in the order they appeared.


Neely's Standing Ovation (Anderson) and Westfall's Redman (Daugherty) started this stake on Sunday morning, March 21. They went out of sight to the front before the creek crossing. Ovation was pointing on the far right edge at 14. Relocation was required and successful. He was high and tight for the flush. After his find he took a hard right and was out of pocket for a few minutes. Redman's tracker was out at the road crossing. Ovation returned at the crossing and took the right side of Davis. Just past the center line he pointed at 30. All in order there. He pointed in the woods just out of Island field at 45 but it was unproductive. His third find occurred at 49, below Horse Killer. He was stylish and mannerly. Ovation's fourth find was on the fence line atop Apple tree hill., again birds were produced while he held staunch at 56. He finished forward but he was a handful.

Lester's Stem Winder (Lester) and Wild Credence (Cochran) were turned loose headed up into Little Vine. They were far forward at the deer stand. Credence was not seen again under judgment. Winder showed on the left before Sycamore. He took the right line and pointed at the far end at 20 with all in order. Stem Winder had another find in the northwest corner of the bull pasture at 44. He was stylish and mannerly throughout. Winder went wide left through Climer's but was returned quickly. He finished on the sidehills near the clubhouse, still going strong.

Whippoorwill Justified (Huffman) and Lester's Jazzman (Anderson) were released at the clubhouse gate. They were up the hill in a flash. At 3 Jazzman was pointing near the pond with Justified honoring nicely. All was in perfect order for flush and shot. They powered forward and up the hill to the barns. Jazzman apparently stayed on the ridge toward Daugherty's because he came across the front at the end of the chute. He carded a good find in the alley just before Sycamore. Justified was absent and eventually declared lost. Jazzman was sent up the far right side after double gates. He showed nicely and then took the near right line where he notched his third find by the cemetery at 29. He ran the hill loop, staying mostly forward. Several minutes were left as he exited the loop, and Jazzman went down the breakaway field, crossed the creek and pointed the cemetery birds again at 56. All was good and he went on to finish going away.

Lowrider Frank (Vincent) and Bonner's Bulletproof (Anderson). Point was called by Frank's scout at 43. Frank stood near Apple Tree hill's east fenceline. Frank made a successful relocation and stood stylishly as his bird was flushed. Bullet was absent when we left the Island field; both dogs were predominantly forward until then. Frank used the edges well and put in a commendable performance.

Ascension (Hurdle) and Westfall's Mandalay (Daugherty) were setting a great pace and looking good going. Ascension scored a nice find on the creek bank in Sycamore at 10. His second find was on the hillside at the end of Sycamore. He was dug in above the old well house with birds that had not been found previously this week. He showed intensity, style, and good demeanor for the flush at 16. Mandalay scored at the pond beyond the twin barns at 26 ehibiting high style and excellent conduct. Ascension notched No. 3 near the old house site at 28. Once again, he did everything correctly. Coming out of Climer's, Ascension was absent but soon returned with his scout. Mandalay was continuing a strong, forward race. On the backside of clubhouse loop at 58, Mandalay pointed sharply with Ascension honoring. Mandalay broke on the birds and was up. Ascension went on to finish going away.

Miller's Speed Dial (Lester) and Miller's Select Call (Anderson) headed uphill toward the barns. Speed Dial was last seen heading east on the ridge; the retrieval unit came out at 23. Select Call had birdwork in front of Daugherty's at 18; the bird flew just as the dog stopped. He continued past the cemetery, but he was not suiting the judges and he was up at 23.

Westfall's Dream Chaser (Daugherty) and Coldwater Thunder (Hurdle). Thunder's performance is described in "The Winners" section above. Dream Chaser made a big swing through double gates field before coming to the creek crossing. He went left just before the road crossing and had a brief absence. Coming into Davis, Chaser took the right side but turned off at the gap; he was absent until the Island field where he showed nicely. Point was called at 42 on top of Horse killer but he corrected on before judge and handler could get there. Daugherty chose to pick up.

Dixon's Rolling Stone (Anderson) and Westfall's True Grit (Daugherty) broke away into Little Vine. Both showed forward in the loop, but Grit was absent at the bottom. Stone was having an off day and was picked up early. Grit was found forward on point at 25. He was intense and high styled, but the birds could not be found. Grit continued up the hill but was absent again and the tracker came out.

Lester's Shockwave (Lester) and Nosam Sweetwater (Huffman) were away into the bull pasture. Sweetwater was on point at 2, showing good style. Shockwave was backing nicely. Both were mannerly for flush and shot. Shockwave made an attractive move up to the northwest corner where he pointed. His bird was a hawk kill and he was taken on. At 21, on the hill before the clubhouse, point was called for Shockwave. He was intent and mannerly on his birds. Sweetwater scored a second find at the pond at 25; Shockwave honored. Shockwave carded a find at 29.

Ransom's Jack Flash (Hurdle) and Touch's Blackout (Anderson). Blackout's winning hour is detailed above. Point was called for both dogs at 12, but Jack corrected on and disappeared. Jack's scout rode into the cover after Blackout's work was complete and found Jack on point in the ditch. Nothing was produced and Hurdle, not liking the situation opted to pick up

Lester's Storm Surge (Lester) and Westfall's Wheels up (Daugherty) were apparently backing each other at 11. They were taken on; each later pointing and correcting in different areas of Sycamore. At 37 Surge pointed near the old house site, Wheels Up honored but followed Lester's horse as he cautiously rode past the dog. Surge's quarry was a hawk kill and he was taken on. Wheels was up. Surge was not suiting his handler and was up at 48.

Miss Stylin Sue (Vincent) and House's County Line Pat (Anderson) were away heading toward clubhouse loop. Point was called for Pat at 4; he made a jump on the flush and was done. Sue continued past the barns and through the double gates; but she was not her usual self and was picked up at 33.

S F Stetson (Huffman) and Osceola's Rebel Chief (Hurdle) were first up on Tuesday. Larry Smith was scouting for his Stetson. Both handler's called point at 13; their dogs were in two separate locations. Stetson was on the right edge just below the pond. He displayed intensity and style; he was mannerly for the flush. Chief was on the bottom line of double gates field. Chief stood high and tight for the flush of a well-located bird. Chief was absent after entering Davis and was next seen below Don Fox hill. Stetson ran the right edge of Davis and pointed there at 27. It proved unproductive and Huffman opted to pick up. Chief was forward up Horse Killer and down the other side. He pointed on the right edge at 56; when no bird was found he was sent to relocate. He stopped to flush on the relocation. Chief finished well forward.

Bonner's Hot Rise (Lester) was forward through Sycamore; point was called for him by his scout on the far hillside at 26. He was picturesque here. Relocation was required; in the process he ran over a bird to end his bid. Westfall's Castaway (Daugherty) was strong through Little Vine and was seen briefly at Sycamore. Daugherty secured his retrieval device at 27.

Erin's Outlaw (Hurdle) and Miller's Justifiable (Anderson) were away just before the twin barns. Jay McKenzie was riding to watch his Justifiable. Both dogs made excellent forward moves to the bull pasture and beyond. Point was called for Justifiable at 27 on the hill overlooking the clubhouse. He showed good style but moved on the flush. Outlaw was absent in the clubhouse loop and Hurdle had the retrieval device.

Dragonfly (Lester) and Shagtime Ole Red (Anderson) were first up after lunch on Tuesday, March 23. Jim Hughes was mounted to watch his Dragonfly. Ole Red speedily broke to the front. Dragon went left at the breakaway and had to be rounded up. In the double gates field, Dragon was on point at 14. Red checked back from the front and was attracted by the horses going to the find; but before he could see Dragon, he stopped and pointed. This proved to be unproductive. Dragon, after a lengthy relocation, successfully pointed his birds and stood politely as they departed. Into Davis bottom he pointed at 23 on the first cross row; this was another attractive piece of birdwork. Dragon's third find was on the left edge at 32; Lester flushed all over before he discovered the birds close at hand. The dog was perfectly staunch throughout. Dragon was absent for awhile through Island field and beyond but showed nicely on top of Apple Tree hill. He was absent at time but returned with the scout in short order.

Whippoorwill Forever Wild (Cochran) and Dakota Nation (Hurdle) were released into Little Vine loop, both running big. Wild was out of sight in Sycamore. Dakota appeared to go on point when he hit the cross row on the east end. Upon arrival it was obvious that Dakota was backing because there stood Wild pointing in front of him at 19, looking impressive. Released from this work, Wild headed up the hill while Dakota went wide right and crossed the road. He pointed along the ditch in double gates field; the birds lifted while Dakota stood motionless at 23. Wild had a beautiful find on the fenceline below the barns at 34. Dakota notched his second find at 56, just before the clubhouse with all in order. Both pointers were forward at time.

Lester's Another Shockwave (Lester) was scratched in No. 18 as was Raymond's Double Rebel Jess (Anderson) in No. 19. Justifier (Vincent) was moved up from 19 to run with Westfall's River Ice (Daugherty) in No. 18. They were turned loose from the clubhouse gate. At 3 River Ice was pointing with Justifier backing. The bird was well located and both dogs were mannerly for the flush and shot. They both took a right at Horse Corral bottom and had to be turned. Ice went west at the barns but came back around nicely. Justifier went down the ridge to the left. Justifier came off the ridge from the rear and was picked up. Ice was lost and the retrieval unit out at the double gates.

Touch's Fire Away (Anderson) and Whippoorwill Vette (Huffman), the final brace of the Championship on Wednesday morning. They were out of pocket early and retrieval units came out.

Judges: Dennis Auping and Bill Mason

MISSOURI OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 39 Pointers and 1 Setter

Winner--TOUCH'S BLACKOUT, 1652345, pointer male, by Touch's White Out--B C Angelina. John & Jackie Harkins, owners; Randy Anderson, handler.

Runner-Up--COLDWATER THUNDER, 1655558, pointer female, by Coldwater Warrior--Thunder Bess. B. K. & Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur & David Russell, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.


Missouri Open Championship Winners. From left: Stegan Smith with Touch's Blackout, and Steve Hurdle withColdwater Thunder. Standing (l-r): Dennis Auping; judge; Randy Anderson, George Hill, Bill Mason, judge; Hank Jansen, Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo; Allen Vincent, Jay McKenzie, Kipp Linnard and Andy Daugherty.