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Result: Oregon Open Shooting Dog Championship

Location: Tygh Valley, Oregon

Post Date: Jun 27, 2019

Submitted By: Todd Schaaf


Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Amanda Schaaf, Todd Schaaf with Gotta Little Project and Angela Schillereff with Doubletrees Katie. Behind: Judge Wayne Yamashita, Mel Lueck, Gary Brown, Judge Jim Wolthuis, Bryan Adams and Tim Schillereff.
TYGH VALLEY, ORE. -- The Oregon Open Shooting Dog Championship was held on the picturesque grounds of the Conley Ranch in Tygh Valley, Ore.

The weather forecast for the weekend of May 18 was a slight rain on Saturday and a storm on Sunday. We were pleasantly surprised with weather in the mid-60s and no rain except for one brace.

The drawing was held at the Riverside Restaurant on the banks of the beautiful Deschutes River. With almost everyone in attendance we had a great drawing enjoying dinner, libations and watching the NBA playoffs.

Sixteen dogs were drawn and officiated by Jim Wolthuis of Sacramento, Cal., and Wayne Yamashita of Sandy, Ore. From the sixteen dogs they named Gotta Little Project, six-year-old white and lemon pointer male owned and handled by Todd and Amanda Schaaf of Woodland, Wash., the champion. The runner-up title was awarded to Doubletrees Katie, three-year-old white and orange setter female owned by Don Deardorff of Molalla, Ore., and handled by Tim Schillereff.


Gotta Little Project was the bottom dog of the eighth brace. It was a crisp and cool morning, a beautiful day to run dogs.

"Edgar" took off at the whistle running strong with a snappy tail, up and over the first hill. He was found standing at 7. Handler was only able to produce a dead bird. Edgar moved on strongly to the front catching his bracemate, made a beautiful move running the ridgeline to the next draw where he was found standing once again at 20 pointing with a high head and tail. Handler flushed a chukar and all was well.

After catching the front Edgar made a strong move up the draw to the water hole. Leaving the water hole, he broke to the right, having his second find on the side hill. He continued over the hill, down the draw and was next seen standing proudly above the power lines where everyone could see him. A third chukar was produced. Edgar hunted his way down the hill and was found standing in the flats with his fourth and final chukar. He finished out his hour hunting the flats.

Runner-up Doubletrees Katie was the top dog in the third brace. She had a snappy start, running to the front making nice moves cracking her tail. She hunted up to the hill with the power lines working the cover hard through the valley to the water hole. Hunting through the saddle she went right and climbed the hill, next seen down in front in the draw on point with her tail feathers flickering in the wind. A chukar was produced with all in order.

Katie moved on hunting the draw and was found on point in the big draw that leads out from the old farm house with the corrals. Again all manners were in order with classy style. She finished the hour running wide to the front down in the last draw hunting through the heavy sage as we came down the big hill.


Eltin's Someday's Razzmatazz, owned and handled by George Lutz, ran a nice race and had two finds. Canadian Elhew Jocko, owned by Clark and Rita Lundgren, run by Dr. Clark Lundgren, ran a nice race but was unable to produce a bird.

Tian Elhew Verbena, owned and handled by Tim and Angela Schillereff, ran a nice strong race, but seen at the end under a bird. Aim's High's Inferno, owned and handled by Ty Callicott, had a good shooting dog race from start to finish. "Fern" was unable to produce a bird.

Doubletrees Kate was braced with Tekoa Mountain Six Gun, owned and handled by Chase Cochran. "Colt" put down a powerful race, and handler eventually pulled the retrieval unit at 35.

Hackberry Ice Jaguar, owned by Bob Konz and handled by Todd Schaaf, had the retrieval device pulled at 25. Coal Miner's Daughter, owned and handled by Dave Fowler, had three finds with good manners but showed her age by 40 and handler elected to pick up.

Little Red Petz, owned by Hanz Koch and handled by Tim Schillereff, ran a forward shooting dog race with a divided find. Petz and Weidenhugel Quinn v Teddy, owned and handled by John Williams, were relocated and stopped together on a running pheasant.

Snakebites NV, owned and handled by Mel Lueck, rendered a strong powerful shooting dog race, covering the ground nicely, but was unable to produce a bird. It's Too Hot to Handle, owned and handled by Bryan Adams, ran a nice shooting dog race, but was unable to produce a bird.

Tians Shooting Star, owned and handled by Tim and Angela Schillereff, covered the ground with a large and powerful race. Tumalo Griffiths Fire N Ice, owned by Carolyn Griffith and handled by John Williams, had two nice finds with good manners. She ran a strong race which ended as she self-released on a stop to flush.

Double M's Deliverance, owned by Cliff Mesnard and handled by Tim Schillereff, ran a powerful race and handler used the retrieval unit at 45. Bracemate was Gotta Little Project.

Tygh Valley, Ore., May 18 -- One Course

Judges: Jim Wolthuis and Wayne Yamashita


9 Pointers, 2 Setters, 2 Vizslas, 2 German Drahthaars and 1 German Shorthair

Winner--GOTTA LITTLE PROJECT, 1653509, pointer male, by Kelly's I B Wells--Wells Fargo Mollie. Todd Schaaf, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--DOUBLETREES KATIE, 1670682, setter female, by Waymaker Dandy Man--Stumbo's Grace. Don Deardorff, owner; Tim Schillereff, handler.

Judges: Angela Schillereff and Tim Schillereff

OPEN DERBY -- 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st--CANADIAN ELHEW JACK, 1678915, pointer male, by Canadian Elhew Jocko--Canadian Elhew Abbey. Dr. Clark & Rita Lundgren, owners.

2d--SOMEDAY'S MAGIC MAN, 1675684, pointer male, by Someday's Showman--Kempfer's Foolin At Keyways. Amy & George Lutz, Jr., owners; George Lutz, Jr., handler.

3d--ELHEW SEA ME CHARM'EM, 1677301, pointer male, by Elhew Snakecharm--Elhew Sea Me Run. Mel Lueck & Mel Pfeifle, owners; Mel Lueck, handler.

Judges: Paul Meyer and John Williams

OPEN DERBY -- 6 Pointers

1st--DOUBLE MISS ISLAND PROJECT, 1684888, female, by Gotta Little Project--Tian Elhew Verbena. Clifford L. Mesnard II, owner; Tim Schillereff, handler.

2d--ELHEW CHARMING PRIMROSE, 1681091, female, by Elhew Snakecharm--Xenia Elhew Sinbad Jesse. Mel Lueck & Mel Pfeifle, owners; Mel Lueck, handler.

3d--BROWN'S SWEET JANE, 1684882, female, by Gotta Little Project--Brown's Lucky Pearl. Gary Brown, owner and handler.

Judges: Amanda Schaaf and Todd Schaaf

OPEN DERBY -- 12 Entries

1st--TIAN BUTTERBEAN, 1681744, pointer male, by Gotta Little Project--Tian Elhew Verbena. Tim & Angela Schillereff, owners.

2d--HACKBERRY'S ELHEW COVERGIRL, 1678319, pointer female, by Hackberry's Elhew Cody--Hackberry's Lightfoot Ice. Robert Konz, owner; Mel Lueck, handler.

3d--FOXGLOVES WHITE DIAMONDS, 1677837, German Shorthair female, by K C Moen's Royal Diamond--Foxgloves Mint Edition. Karen Niffenegger & Brian Hill, owners; Brian Hill, handler.

Judges: Bryan Adams and Carolyn Griffith

OPEN DERBY -- 6 Entries

1st--PAUL'S FUNSEEKER REBEL ROY, 1679748, pointer male, by Rebel Stoke--Seranoa's on Guard Annie. Paul Meyer, owner and handler.

2d--KEYWAY'S FOUR G, 1675702, pointer male, by Someday's Showman--Kempfer's Foolin At Keyways. Wayne & Kim Yamashita, owners; Wayne Yamashita, handler.

3d--IDAWIRE TUMALO FRITZ, 1684943, German Drahthaar male, by Rudolph's Blitzen v Duffin--Idawire Steel Magnolia. John Williams, owner and handler.

Judges: Amanda Schaaf and Todd Schaaf


1st--WEIDENHUGEL QUINN V TEDDY, 1679139, German Drahthaar male, by Tumalo Teddy--Weidenhugel Hope v Joey. John Williams, owner and handler.

2d--TUMALO GRIFFITHS FIRE N LIGHT, 1653598, German Drahthaar female, by Tumalo Timberjack--Cascade Tumalo Tess. Carolin Griffith, owner; John Williams, handler.

3d--LIT'L RED PET, 1677999, 1677999, Vizsla male, by Lundy's Red Bull--C K Millstar's Wee Dram. Hans Koch, owner; Tim Schillereff, handler.

Judges: Angela Schillereff and Tim Schillereff

OPEN ALL-AGE -- 3 Pointers

1st--SOMEDAY'S SHOWMAN, 1623831, male, by J M Elhew McGee--Eaton's Terrible Tess. Amy & George Lutz, Jr., owners; George Lutz, Jr., handler.

A Postscript

It was such a joy to be at an event where everyone helped, got along and had fun.

We had great judges with Jim and Wayne. They were a pleasure to run under.

We could not have done any of this without our landowner Kerry Conley, and our fabulous sponsors, Purina and SportDog.

There are so many people to thank I just want to thank everyone for

coming and helping. I do want to put a special thanks to my wife Amanda. She does so much to make the Championship a success. T. S.