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Result: NGSPA National Championships and Futurity

Location: Grovespring, Missouri

Post Date: Mar 27, 2021

Submitted By: Dean Crabbs

Planning for the 2021 NGSPA National Championships was a bit surreal at times. After being forced to cancel the 2020 Nationals due to the COVID-19 pandemic and being constantly bombarded by negative news and almost daily predictions of more lockdown orders and travel restrictions, it was difficult at times to remain positive and move forward.

The National Championships Planning Committee kept a close eye on what was happening with the COVID situation but stubbornly refused to seriously consider cancelling again. We were all of the "come hell or high water" mind set, convinced that with attention to social distancing and face mask protocols that we could hold a safe event.

Since most of the Committee lived outside Missouri, state mandates were closely monitored to make sure we didn't violate standing state imposed mandates. Peter Kainz, 1st vice-president of the NGSPA Board of Trustees, volunteered to act as "lead" on monitoring our group response during the duration of the trial and spent many hours mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, wiping down tables and generally helping to keep everyone safe. Thank you, Peter! In the end, all of our worry about complying with State imposed COVID sanctions was put to rest when Missouri governor lifted all sanctions two days before our scheduled start!

Two days prior to our scheduled start our contract caterer advised that due to money being paid out via COVID relief checks the cook she had hired to provide on-site breakfast and lunch service had quit and she was unable to find a replacement. Fortunately, she was able to still provide scheduled evening meals. No solution was found for breakfasts on site but attendees came up with lunches utilizing leftovers and supplies bought by the NGSPA. A special thank you to George Newcomb who organized the impromptu lunches with the assistance of Sara Messer and Peggy O'Brien.

In addition to the running of National Championships, advantage of the time was taken to honor the 2021 NGSPA Dogs of the Year. Plaques honoring the winning dogs were awarded as follows: 2021 Amateur Dog of the Year, Snowy River's White Out, owned by Chase and Mark Verdoorn. 2021 Open Shooting Dog of the Year, Texas She's Got Legs, owned by Kirk and Terry Bomer, and 2021 Open All-Age Dog of the Year, B M B's Free Ride, owned by Brandon Blum.

Sunday evening, March 28, was the annual Purina steak fry honoring longtime sponsor Nestl -Purina for their continuing support for sporting dog events. No representative from Purina was in attendance because of company travel restrictions due to COVID. Later in the week, we enjoyed a visit by Jim Morehouse, company representative for both SportDog and Purina and a longtime friend of the NGSPA.

2021 was the inaugural running of NGSPA Amateur National Championship, an amateur all-age stake to complement the NGSPA National Championship, an open all-age stake. The addition of the Amateur National Championship was authorized by the NGSPA Board of Trustees at their Summer meeting on 2019 and was scheduled run for the first time in 2020. The first running was a success with 34 quality dogs competing.

Actual running time for the 2021 National Championships was sixteen days and due to the one-day delay in starting and the one day lost to weather. We completed the National Shooting Dog Championship on April 13. It was a long trial!

NGSPA National Championship Winners


By Dan DiMambro, Stake Manage

Brace No. 1 brought M S R's Rowdy Rhonda, owned by Sarah and James Messer and handled by James Messer, and B M B's Madison Ave, owned by Jennifer and Brandon Blum and handled by Brandon Blum.

Both dogs ripped course one attacking the edges hunting independently and hard to the front. Madison was found pointing at 7 where a feather pile was spotted and moved on. At 15 Rhonda was pointing as Madison caught up; she backed with all manners in order. Subsequently this was unproductive. Both dogs broke away crossing the road into Davis Bottoms. Rhonda pointed at 17 where birds were produced with great style and intensity on her game. Madison took the right edge of Davis bottoms where she was found at the end on a covey of quail at 27. As Blum was flushing, it was discovered that Rhonda was in the creek bottom and it was called a divided find. Both dogs rimmed and hunted every field and had powerful but controlled runs.

Rhonda was named champion and Madison, runner-up. These dogs were also split for the first two Dogs of the Day named by the judges.

The judges wanted to include dogs of the day for the Amateur Stake. They were:

Day 1, brace 1: MSR's Rowdy One and B M B's Madison Ave. Also named champion and runner-up.

Day 2, brace 7: Snowy River's Bankin on Boz, owned by Chase and Mark Verdoorn and handled by Chase Verdoorn. Boz had three well-spaced finds and hunted mostly to the front. The judges commented that this dog was the closest to moving the top two dogs; however, a few of the bigger fields Boz came off the edges and that is what separated him from the others.

Day 3, brace 13: Holcomb's Ava, owned and handled by John Holcomb, started off taking the edges and running to the front. Ava had finds at 7, 12, 18, 24, 33, 42, 58, on a course that at Grovespring is not known for holding birds! She handled all of these with great style and intensity.

Day 4, brace 19: Llano's Game on Greta, owned and handled by Chad Inderman, was the last day and named dog of that day. Greta had three stylish finds with impeccable manners. She ran all the lines and ran a big shooting dog race.

Grovespring, Mo., March 27

Judges: Tom Davis and Harvey Franco


[One-Hour Heats] -- 48 German Shorthairs

Winner--M S R'S ROWDY RHONDA, 1675070, female, by Pine Acres Rusty Saddle--M S R's Opalescence. James & Sarah Messer, owners; James Messer, handler.

Runner-Up--B M B'S MADISON AVE, 1670283, female, by Trueblu's B D K Ace Inthe Hole--Time To Pay The Piper. Brandon & Jennifer Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.


By Mike Patrick, Stake Manger

The inaugural running of the National Amateur Championship (All-Age) was a huge success. Thirty-four quality dogs were entered.

We couldn't have had two more qualified judges than Hall-of-Famer John Rabidu and, possible future Hall-of-Famer, Joe Orndorf. These two gentlemen occupied the saddles for the better part of two and a half days.

The field trial committee thanks the many people for their help in pulling this off. Josh Nieman, Rich Robertson, Keith Gulledge, Ray and Tami Larrondo and Dan DiMambro for jumping in and marshalling for our amateurs. Dean and Diane Crabbs, as usual, for running the dog wagon. Robin Lambourn for helping with the dog wagon. Mark and Chase Verdoorn for jumping in where needed.

Marshalling, bird planting and dog wagon help was greatly apprecitaed. Anthony Russiano, Sarah Messer and, of course, Lori Rezzardi for their help with the drawing and other tasks that we could not pull off without them.

The judges were pleased with the stake and had a handful of dogs they could have used. The judges named the following Dogs of the Day:

Day 1: B D K's Twelfth Man (Aggie)/David O'Brien and P W Bert's Joke on Us (Bart)/Keith Richardson in brace No. 3, and BMB's Freeloader (Hewey)/Brandon Blum in brace No. 4.

Day 2: Sarah's Too Cool Jewels/James Messer and P W Race to the Front (Raycee)/Keith Richardson in brace No. 9.

Day 3: No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Brooke)/Charles Lane in brace No. 14, and BMB's Freeloader (Hewey)/Brandon Blum in No.15.

NGSPA National Amateur Championship Winners


Tex/K. Bryant and Maverick/C. Verdoorn. Tex had a good run with two finds but missed some opportunities to showcase power in the big fields. Maverick got on deer early and was picked up.

Jet/J Tanater big run at the start and was gone. Picked up at 35. Harry/M Wasserman was a little flat coming off an illness and was picked up at 35.

Aggie/D. O'Brien and Bart/K. Richardson. This brace made some money. Both dogs made dog of the day and our eventual National Amateur All-Age Champion came from this brace. This was an exciting brace that had both dogs punching to the front with multiple finds for Aggie and Bart. The gallery was engaged in this brace, riding hard to the front and trying to keep up. Aggie had three commendable finds and had power though the hour with a big finish. Bart had two finds with the judges noting that one was spectacular. Bart had a little slower start than Aggie but had a power finish as well.

Buckshot/R. Lambourn and Lewey/B. Blum. Another good brace that had the gallery engaged. Buckshot ran well but had no luck with unproductives and was picked up. Lewey had a nice race with a big start, big finish but only one find at 55 may have cost him.

Dot/K. Richardson had a good start but only had one stop to flush with no finds and was picked up at 55. Buster/H. Franco had a nice start but was gone early and picked up. Our condolences to Harvey as he lost Buster shortly after these stakes due to infections. Buster was a National Champion and will be greatly missed.

Augie/J. Yates and Bandit/D. O'Brien had a good start but Bandit ran into two unproductives and was picked up. Augie was gone at 30 and the handler was handed the retrieval unit.

Deal/K. Richardson had divided find then lost early. Tripp/A. Davidson. had a nice start with a divided find and an unproductive. He was lost at 40.

Woody/A. Rusiano had a find at 10 with a nice move. Then lost at 40. Gemma/T. Zygalinski had a power start then was lost early.

Jewels/J. Messer and Raycee/K. Richardson had the gallery engaged. Jewels had a big race going with a find at 5. Judges noted she had a hard mark. She went on to have another find at 30 all was in order. Handled well good style. Raycee was powerful throughout the brace. She had a find at 20. All was in order. She was a little hard to handle in the middle but settled in to have a power finish. Judges noted very good all-age race.

Fairgo/J. Amatulli had a nice start had a find at 15, then got a little inconsistent and was lost at 50. Cruiser/C. Verdoorn had a good start with finds at 10 and 26. All was in order then lost at 40.

B J/Crabbs-Ray Larrondo and Rudy/Nelson-Ziggy. B J had a power start. Was gone for several minutes and found standing on a big limb find. She broke with the covey and was ordered up. Rudy had a good start. Had finds at 5 and 14. Was gone at 45. Handler asked for the retrieval unit and Rudy was on point 100 yards ahead in the corner. Ziggy's scout had a word with him. We now call this Ziggy's corner.

Willy/C. Verdorn had a good breakaway. Had a mannerly find at 22. All Then ran into unproductives at 25 and 50. Dually/R. Heller. had nice start. One find and was hard to handle in the middle. Was gone at time.

Day 3. Brace No. 13: Tuff/Bomer and Moto/Messer had a good breakaway. Unfortunately, that would be the last time Tuff was seen. Handler got the device at 30. Moto settled into a shooting dog race with one find and was picked up at 35.

Gemma/Patrick and Brooke/Lane were off to a good start. Gemma was gone at 30. Brooke got around nicely with two finds and handled well. Brooke made dog of the day.

A decent start for both Rebel/Patrick and Hewey/Blum. It was not Rebel's day. He was picked up at 30. Hewey picked it up with three finds, the second one of the best finds of the stake. Excellent manners with good style. Judges noted Hewey had true all age race with excellent hunting.

No. 16: Libbie/Richardson, as a bye, had a decent start, handled well but was not all-age today. She was picked up at 20.

Judges: Joe Orndorf and John Rabidou

NGSPA NATIONAL AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP --[One-Hour Heats] -- 33 German Shorthairs

Winner--B D K'S TWELFTH MAN, 1661756, male, by Uodibar's Against All Odds--B D K's Sin City Casino. David O'Brien, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--B M B'S FREELOADER, 1678664, male, by B M B's Free Ride--Hightailing Saddle's Mandolin. Brandon & Jennifer Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.


By James Messer Stake Manager

The Sixty-Second NGSPA Futurity started April 3. Thank you to our Judges John Rabidou of Hondo, Tex., and Robin Lambourn of Denver, Colo., for evaluating these dogs.

Marshals were James Messer and Harvey Franco. There were 37 entries drawn for this 62nd Breeders' Classic. Mornings started cool only to get hotter in the afternoons.

The winner and third place dogs ran as bracemates in the 7th brace; second place dog ran in the 18th brace.

The winning dog was O'Brien's Illgotten Gains ("Bonnie"), owned by David and Peggy O'Brien of Harlingen, Tex., and was handled by Keith Gulledge. Bonnie ran a perfect all-age performance. Bonnie is by BDK's Gold Mine Claim Jumper ex B D K's Jazz's Sylvania Blue. Breeders are Robbi and Keith Gulledge.

Second was PW That Was Then This Is Now ("Nova"), bred and owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson and handled by Rich Robertson. Nova is by Rio's Rising Renegade ex P W Extraordinaire.

Third was Hi N's Dirty Secret ("Badger"), bred, owned and handled by Hank Lewis. Badger is by of Hi N's Bodacious ex Hi N's Hasty Matilda

Bonnie and Badger were released in the 7th brace right after lunch on course No. 1. On the breakaway both dogs were going forward down the right side. Badger stayed on the right side running a nice shooting dog performance. Badger pointed at 6, a nice broke mannerly find. Bonnie was found standing at 10 on the left side with perfect manners. Bonnie finds her second bird at 19 and both Bonnie and Badger were found standing together at 22. Both dogs proceeded forward with plenty left in the tank. Badger pointed again at 26 which ended in a hawk kill. Both dogs seen to the front when time was called.

Watching this brace, both Harvey and I knew this was going to be the brace to beat.

Second placed "Nova" ran in the 18th brace with Good Times Tuff Not To Point "Gabbie". They ran on the 2nd half of course 3. Nova had her first find right off the break away at 1 minute. Both dogs had a divided find at 14 minutes with perfect manners. Gabbie pointed again at 19 and 23 and Nova last find at 27. Both dogs seen going forward when time was called. All finds were with perfect manners. Good Times Tuff Not To Point is out of Texas Tuff and C L K's Point Me The Way and is owned by Bill Monks. "Gabbie" earned an Honorable Mention.

Several dogs showed promise in the future to contribute to the all-age and shooting dog pool. The judges named seven Honorable Mentions:

1.Texas Sophisticated Tomboy ("Sofie"); she by Texas Tuff and C L K's Point Me The Way. Breeders: Robbi and Keith Gulledge, owners: Kirk and Terry Bomer, handler, Keith Gulledge.

2. Hi N's Curtain Call ("Charlie"); he by Hi N's Bodacious and Hi N's Hasty Matilda. Breeder, owner and handler is Hank Lewis.

3. Hi N's Secret Society ("Stella"); she by Hi N's Bodacious and Hi N's Hasty Matilda. Breeder, owner and handler, Hank Lewis.

4. Uodibar's Lover Boy Blue; he by Diamond S Express and Uodibar's Bet your Booty. Breeder: Charles D. Hodge; owner: Sherry Tangsrud, handler, Keith Gulledge.

5. All N's Johnny Be Good ; he by All N's Wild Card and All N's Double Down. Breeder: Joe and Cindy Orndorff, owners Gale and Cheryl Graves, handler Joe Orndorff.

6. Good Times Tuff Not To Point ("Gabbie"; she by Texas Tuff and CLK's Point Me The Way. Breeders: Robbie and Keith Gulledge, owner: Bill Monks, handler: Bill Monks/Chris Goegan.

7. All N's Hellcat ("Scrappy"); he by All N's Wild Card and All N's Double Down. Breeders Joe and Cindy Orndorff, owners Joe & and Cindy Orndorff; handler, Joe Orndorff.

Congratulations again to the winner. Fun Fact: Bonnie also won the 2020 GSPCA Futurity making this the second time in history for the same dog to win both Futurities.

Thank you to all to this year's participants, owners, breeders and handlers. We look forward to seeing the future of these young dogs.

NGSPA National Futurity Winners

Judges: Robin Lambourn and John Rabidou


1st--O'BRIEN'S I'LL GOTTEN GAINS, 1685643, female, by B D K's Gold Mine Claim Jumper--B D K's Jazz's Sylvania Blue. David O'Brien, owner; Keith Gulledge, handler.

2d--P W THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW, 1685385, female, by Rio's Rising Renegade--P W Extraordinaire. Keith Richardson, owner; Rich Robertson, Jr., handler.

3d--HI N'S DIRTY SECRET, 1687997, female, by Hi N's Bodacious--Hi N's Hasty Matilda. Hank Lewis, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.


By Stake Manager Art Armbrust

This year's champion is B M B'S Free Ride ("Lewey"), owned by Brandon and Jennifer Blum and handled by Brandon under very hot and sunny conditions.

Lewey pointed a covey in a motte off breakaway at 11, he was making a move along the front left and slammed into point on a covey trying to run through the brambles beneath a pond embankment. Seen crossing left to right far to front beyond the twin barns. It was 10 minutes before we saw him again when he crossed a hillside in the left front. He made several big moves and scored again at 40. Lewey had a zinger of a find at 46 after rimming the entire breakaway bottom to be standing around the corner in the feed strip. Manners perfect. Climbing turn-a-round hill he was seen deep to the front and then crossed to keep contact with the handler. He pointed under an oak tree at 51, but nothing could be flushed, and handler took him on after a minimal relocation. His finish was deep and fast which he had been during his showy hour. Mike Patrick did an excellent job scouting Lewey.

This year's runner-up was PW PDK'S Dot on the Horizon ("Dot"), female owned by Keith and Bobbi Richardson and handled by Rich Robertson, Jr.

Dot was found pointing at 18 far to the front after a fast breakaway. At 24 she had a good out front find on the creek edge. At 47 she pointed birds under a cedar tree. Another find at 51 in a wooded corner. Her race was fast showy and strong throughout the hour. Both champion and runner-up ran fast, sometimes deep and constant all-age races with solid intense bird work demonstrating their drive and bird finding efforts.

There was a half dozen to choose from in this quality stake and these two stood out to win their National Championship.

Judging duties were handily expertly by two highly regarded very experienced professional gentlemen, Doug Meyer of Tonganoxie, Kan., and Steve Hurdle of Hickory Flat, Miss.

Stake managers and marshals were Joe Orndorff and Art Armbrust with assistance from Anthony Rusciano.


Brace No. 1. PWK Lonewolf's B J (owner D. Crabbs/D. Goracke; handler Ray Larrondo). B J had a find at 10. Took a couple of steps after flush, 27 divided find on small covey. Manners in order. At 41 right edge a divided find. At 47 pointed in woods and moved as handler was flushing. Picked up. 1B Lambourn's Slick Sho ("Buckshot"; owner R. Lambourn; handler Josh Nieman) shared the divided finds at 27 and 41 with several nice all-age moves to show up at front. Finished the hour at front.

A D Tripp's to Win ("Trip"; owner Alan Davidson, handler J. Nieman) had finds at 35 and 53 after big all-age cast, a strong finish and a good race overall. Evergreen's Jed Clampit ("Jed"; owner L. Olson, handler Dan Dimambro), Jed had a find at 13 out in front. An unproductive at 19 on the edge, and a good find in the briars at 31, backed bracemate at 35, an unproductive at 42 in a wet draw, and was picked up. Trip backed this stand.

Oakes on You ("Buddy;" owner S. Ericson; handler Chris Goegan) pointed feathers at 10. Seen to the front at 18, but retrieval device needed at 40. Rummel's Auggie Doggie ("Augie;" owner Yates/Mucci; handler D. DiMambro) rendered a big attractive race early, and a nice covey find at 28 along woodsline. Continued a good race but shortened the last 5 minutes.

B M B'S Freeloader ("Hewey;" owner-handler Brandon Blum) had a find out front at 8; two birds flushed. Nice find on a small covey at 15 near a downed tree up front. Stood on a pile of feathers at 19. Nice forward moves followed until 45, bracemate's scout Keith Richardson called point for "Hewey" buried in the right edge. A final find at 55 on an edge in front after a good cast. Finished solidly to the front. P W Race to the Front ("Raycee;" owners K. & B. Richardson; handler R. Robertson) suffered an unproductive at 10. No birds with an erratic race

Snowy River's White Out ("Willy"; owner-handler Chase & Mark Verdoorn) had finds at 32 and 55 under a cedar tree. Race shortened likely due to torn pads. Highstanding Cuttin' Edge ("Woody;" owner A. Rusciano; handler D. DiMambro; Woody was running big and nailed a fifteen-bird covey on the far right edge. Was not seen much during the hour but finished.

No. 6. H's AM Cruiser (owner-handler C. & M. Verdoorn) had a find in the bushes at 20; pointed a single on woodsedge at 33. Nice all-age moves midway through the hour, but the retrieval unit required at 1:05. PW Out on A Limb ("Libbie;" owners K & B Richardson; handler R. Robertson). Both dogs had separate finds at 20 about fifty yards apart. Not in sight at 55.

Hi Tailyn Texan (owner K. Bryant; handler J. Nieman). A stylish back at 24. Pointed feathers twice at 31 and 45and an unproductive at 58. Finished the hour. "Dot" named 2021 runner-up.

Blaze (owner M. Patrick; handler J. Neiman) was lost off breakaway. Retrieval unit required at 23. In Country's Slate Rock (owner C. Young; handler Chris Goegan) was gone early, the device needed at 30.

Tulli's Fairaway Giddyup ("Fairgo;" owner-handler Joe Amatulli) was found by scout C. Verdoorn at 9 standing on a feed strip. Made some moves but handler picked up at 38. B D K's Gold Mine Claim Jumper ("Bandit;" owner D. O'Brien; handler K. Gulledge)t had an unproductive at 14 a find in milo 20 and another in a briar patch at 26. Handler elected to pick up at 38.

M S R Q C's Bunker Buster (owner-handler Harvey Franco) was scratched. PW the Real Deal (owners K. & B. Richardson; handler R. Robertson) had a find in blackberries at 23. At 29 he was buried along the edge and then had an unproductive at 36 along a wooded ridge top. Searched for him at time but found in time under judgment.

Armbrust's On Point Ole's Sir Bandit (owner J. Ryan; handler Art Armbrust) got out of pocket early but showed to the front on time. Backed his brace mate at 36. An. unproductive at 41 on a grassy hillside and finished the hour to the front. Rock River's You Can Handle It ("Dually;" owner R. Heller; handler D. DiMambro) scored at 9 in a feed strip on the right edge. Scored again at 24 on a wooded edge and at 36 in a corner thicket with a covey exiting. A final find was at 44 in briars. Nice moving dog; very stylish pointing.

No.12 . Cuttin' Wild Hidden Gem ("Gemma;" owner M. Patrick; handler J. Neiman) had a find at 8 below a pond with a big group of birds escaping on foot. The retrieval unit required at 30. HI N's Hasty Matilda (owner Hank Lewis; handler D. DiMambro) was lost pretty much off breakaway on right turns beginning course No. 3.

Off the breakaway Riden High Rudy (owner Ray Nelson; handler D. DiMambro) was found dead to the front at 13 with a find on the creek bank. Out front finds followed at 17, 25, 35, and 39 all handled with good intensity and style. Despite all the bird work, the dog was moving fast and forward throughout. Three more finds were added with a good move at 52 around a bottom with a good finish. H C K's Clowns Last Straw was spied at 13 far to the front with birds pinned in an open field. At 17 the dog missed an opportunity to back and picked up.

Texas Tuff (owner Terry Bomer; handler K. Gulledge) backed at 3 . Found far to the front at18 on wooded edge with a good find. At 29 another nice find at top of draw. Made a good edge ringing move to the front from here and was not seen again. Device was out at 50. Snowy Rivers Struttin N Cuttin' ("Spur;" owner C. & M. Verdoorn) pointed along a small pond at 3 with quail easily flown.A second find at 36 in a milo feed strip. Picked up at 50.

Callie (owner Bomer; handler K. Gulledge) pointed birds on an uphill course path at 2 with all in order despite horses passing close to her before she was spotted. Mannerly back at 7. Find at 40 in a feed strip. Handler picked up at 40. B MB's Free Ride ("Lewey") named 2021 NFC.

B D K's Twelfth Man ("Aggie;" owner D. O'Brien; handler K. Gulledge). Sunny and hot conditions. Aggie was picked up at 33 with no bird work. Chicoree's Elvis A Airing Felty (owner Lance Felty) was lost and retrieval unit requested at 32.

No. 17. P W Bert's Joke on Us ("Bart;" owners K. & B. Richardson; handler R. Robertson), as a bye, failed to make the turn up horse killer hill and unit was out after 20.

Judges: Steve Hurdle and Doug Meyer

NGSPA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] -- 33 German Shorthairs

Winner--B M B'S FREE RIDE, 1660979, male, by Kimber Tactical--Time To Pay The Piper. Brandon & Jennifer Blum, owners; Brandon Blum, handler.

Runner-Up--P W B D K'S DOT ON THE HORIZON, 1647542, female, by P W Zackly Right--B D K's Outback Cutter. Keith & Bobbi Richardson, owners; Rich Robertson, Jr., handler.


By Judge Buck Daniels

The winner was Autry's Natural Chromoly Steel (Molly) from brace No. 3. She showed intelligence in her ground race always taking the edges on the downwind side. She was rewarded for her intelligent use of the wind with eight well-spaced finds coming at 3, 6, 14, 20, 25, 30, 45 and 55. All this was topped off with a strong forward finish. Molly's superior performance earned her the 2021 NGSPA National Open Shooting Dog Championship!

Runner-up was Slaterock's Mountain Heart (Rommel), which ran in the first brace of the last day, brace No. 20. Rommel ran a strong, powerful, forward race showing the great instincts of a wild bird dog. He scoredfive handsome finds, three of them being dug in where no other dog had been. His finds came at 15, 21, 32, 38 and 44. He was last seen just shy of the 50-minute mark and not to be seen again until 65. He ran a race worthy of moving the champion but he had a hole at the end and the champion was flawless for the entire hour!

Judges: Buck Daniels and Mark Johnson


[One-Hour Heats] -- 44 German Shorthairs

Winner--AUTRY'S NATURAL CHROMOLY STEEL, 1675658, female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild--Autry's California Gold Rush. Daniel Autry, owner; Josh Nieman, handler.

Runner-Up--SLATEROCK'S MOUNTAIN HEART, 1675343, male, by Hi N's Bodacious--Slaterock Mattie Clark. James Dynkiewicz, owner; Dan DiMambro, handler.

NGSPA Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners
NGSPA National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Winners