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Result: National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Harrisville, Pennsylvania

Post Date: Jun 11, 2019

Submitted By: Allen Fazenbaker


Futurity Winners. From left: Ralph Gillota, Michelle Gillota, Toby Tobiassen with Bittersweet War Cry, Nick Mellon, judge; John McKellop with Grouse Trails Firestorm, Brandon Kreuer, judge; Rob Matson with Anna Lake Sophie, Dave Hughes, Chris Catanzarite and Diane Vater with Double M's Smokin Gun.
HARRISVILLE, PA. -- Bittersweet War Cry, white and black pointer male, is the 2019 winner of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity. Sired by Sugarknoll War Paint out of Mohawk, bred by Adam Hart of Blackshear, Ga., War Cry ran in the second brace of the Futurity, and he put on a show for his handler Toby Tobiassen and his proud owner Ralph Gillota of Medina, Ohio. War Cry rendered a wide shooting dog race on these grounds, and showed his class as he swept the edges of the course, wide and forward, scoring four finds handled with excellent manners and style.

This 29th renewal of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity was contested April 27 at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club in Harrisville, Pa.

Western Pennsylvania has been a bastion of walking shooting dog competitors for many years; its central location to many prime hunting areas, notably for grouse and woodcock, has fostered a long history of walking dogs. This year was no different as a cadre of high quality young dogs were presented for judicial review.

This was the fifth year hosting the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity for the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club. The grounds are a wide expanse of open fields, interspersed by spotty wooded areas, notably in the bottoms. These grounds are rolling and open, being the end result of strip mine reclamation many years prior. A dog can be seen for a ways on these grounds, and so must have good ground application and style to catch the eye of the judge.

The half-hour course utilized for this event broke away at the heavy cable gate and traveled west along a wide expanse of open gently rising grassy fields and feed strips, cresting at a small grove of woods, and then dropping into the valley on the western boundary. The course then gently curved clockwise into the open valley, following an edge where the course crossed a drainage ditch, passing a small hummock, continuing north and then looping slowly to the east, following a woodsline along the northern ridge of the reclaimed strip mine. After crossing a small creek flowing from the wooded section on the northeast portion of the property, the course turned south at a small pond fondly referred to as the "Regis Pond", followed the southern edge of the field and ended at the observation deck. The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Association is so grateful to the board of the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club for their willingness to host this prestigious event.

This year a total of 22 Derbies vied for National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity honors. Cover Charge Search Engine ex Double Deuce Molly showed five Derbies running from this breeding, the highest number of entries for this year. This year's Futurity number was comparable to last year, an indication that walking dogs continue to show a strong interest.

In addition, the weekend saw a very respectable entry of puppies and shooting dogs for the supporting stakes. The officers of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity, President Tom DeRosa, Vice-President Norm Meeder, and Secretary-Treasurer Chris Catanzarite, wish to thank all those who entered their dogs and for supporting this important walking breeders' stake.

Futurity judges are especially critical to the success of this sport as they must judge the promise of potential champions. Judges this year were Brandon Kreuer of Renfrew, Pa., and Nick Mellon of Murrysville, Pa. The Puppy Classic was overseen by Norm Meeder of Rochester, Pa., and Eric Munden of Philipsburg, Pa. The Shooting Dog judges were John McKellop of Guys Mills, Pa., and Brandon Kreuer. These gentlemen spent many hours in the saddle and their verdicts were well received and appreciated.

Our field trial sport would not be at such a high quality level were it not for the support of several sponsors. Purina has been a stalwart supporter of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity for many years. This year, as in past years, Purina donated Pro Plan food for the winners, as well as picking up the tab for the meals. Our thanks to Purina reps Dean Reinke, Greg Blair and the people of Purina for their outstanding support of our sport. Not only does Purina provide support of our trial, they also produce a high quality food that supports canine nutritional needs. If you want to feed the best, choose Purina products.

SportDog Brand , our other major sponsor, is a manufacturer of high quality electronic training equipment. Jim Morehouse of SportDog was most gracious in donating a SportDog collar for use by the club. SportDog Brand carries a wide variety of high quality e-collars, as well as trackers, bark collars, and other canine-related training equipment. Their products are durable, reliable, and offered at a very reasonable cost. Most importantly, they back up their products with personal service. If you are in the market for a new collar or tracker, consider SportDog Brand . Thanks to SportDog for your support of our field trial sports and our Walking Futurity.

Continuing the tradition of offering a program booklet for the Futurity, a 29th National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity booklet was available to all participants and spectators. Such booklets require substantial effort and behind-the-scenes work. We were fortunate to have two special ladies who once again stepped up to the plate and provided the effort and work to produce a very nice program for our 29th annual celebration. Special thanks to Deborah Fazenbaker of Kingsville, Ohio and Teri Propst of Edinboro, Pa., for gathering sponsors, designing, and producing this great memento of our Futurity. This booklet continues to be an annual part of our Futurity and it is well received.

Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank them as well for supporting the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity with their purchase of a page in our program, including Midnight Kennels (Robert Ecker), Mike Husenits, Long Gone Setters (Lloyd Murray), Conneaut Creek Red Setters (Allen and Deborah Fazenbaker), Backcountry Kennels (Chris Catanzarite), Hamiland Sporting Dog Equipment (Teri Propst), Wicked Thunder Kennels (Teri Propst), Hall of Fame member Dave Hughes and Hughesview Kennels, Waybetter Kennels (Carl and Collin Bishop), Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club, Sara Gomes and Caliber Peak Kennels, Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club, Doug McMillan and Double Deuce Kennels, Meredith Mays and Double M Gaited Horses, Lion Country Supply, and of course Purina and SportDog Brand . Thanks to all for your support!

We also wish thank our professional handlers -- Mark Hughes, Hall-of-Famer Dave Hughes, Toby Tobiassen, and Diane Vater -- who competed this weekend. They are an essential part of our sport and its success.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and worked so hard to make this Futurity a success. Our National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Secretary Chris Catanzarite, Brandon Kreuer (board member for Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club), club members Joe Cammisa, Dave Park, Tom DeRosa, and Andrew Dawson assisted in bird planting, line marshalling, and many other duties to keep things moving. The old expression "many hands make light work" was certainly evident this weekend as we had many helpers. My apologies if I missed anyone. And, a big "thank you" to all the participants who entered their Derbies, puppies, and shooting dogs, and supported the efforts of the weekend.


First place Bittersweet War Cry ran in the second brace of the Futurity; his performance and others are detailed below.

Taking the red ribbon was Grouse Trails Firestorm, pointer female owned, bred and handled in the seventh brace by John McKellop. Firestorm is out of Grouse Trails Cracker ex Grouse Trails Pride. Firestorm's bracemate, setter female Anna Lake Sophie, garnered third place for handler Dave Hughes. Sophie was bred out of Long Gone Studly ex Anna Lake Kiah and is owned by Rob Matson of Brookville, Pa. Rounding out the placements was Double M's Smokin Gun, pointer male owned by Meredith Mays of Renfrew, Pa., and bred out of Erin's Wild Justice ex Jackson's Double M. Smokin Gun was handled by Diane Vater in the fifth brace.


Caliber Peak Gunslinger (PM/Mark Hughes) and Grouse Trails Bravado (PM/McKellop) broke away in the early morning. Gunslinger scored the first find of the day with Bravado backing at 5 in the small wooded grove on the breakaway field. Gunslinger took a small step at the shot but otherwise both dogs showed good manners on the bird. Bravado carded a find near the pond at 15, showing some loss of style on the flush. Gunslinger pointed at 16 on the hummock; a bird was produced. Bravado pointed a moment later in the same area, again with a bird produced. Gunslinger pointed at 17 on the north side of the course, Bravado backing from a good distance, actually still on the hummock. Gunslinger showed broke manners on the find. Gunslinger was found standing at the creek crossing at 20, Bravado again backing. Both dogs showed broke manners on the find. At 27 Bravado pointed in the open field near Regis Pond. The bird lifted and the dog gave a short chase before stopping on a firm whoa. Gunslinger pointed at 29 in the same field, Bravado backing; good manners by both They finished to the front with moderate races.

Bittersweet War Cry (PM/Tobiassen) broke away to the left and made contact with a bird near the gravel road to the south of the course, giving a short chase. Double Deuce Oscar (PM/McMillen) carded a find at the wooded grove at 5, with War Cry backing. All was in order. A wide cast by both dogs to the far corner where War Cry was found standing with Oscar honoring; a bird was produced and good manners exhibited by both. Breaking away, Oscar went back to the bird and pointed; the handler collared the dog and moved him on. War Cry pointed in the open field at 11, good manners displayed. War Cry pointed again at 15 on the hummock; Oscar elected not to back and moved on. War Cry displayed good manners on his bird. At 22 Oscar pointed on the woodsline on the north side of the course. He then flushed the bird, gave a hearty chase and captured his prey. At 26 Oscar made contact with a bird near the Regis Pond, giving a good chase and a catch. War Cry gave a short chase but stopped on a whoa. McMillen elected to pick up. War Cry produced a find along the edge of the woods at 24, displaying broke manners. He then rendered a wide, forward cast, fading in the distance to finish.

Grouse Trails Miss America (PF/ McKellop) had a short run as she scooped a bird at the wood grove and was on the leash. Caliber Peak Storm Warning (PF/Gomes), callname Syren, pointed at 5 at the wood grove. A bird was produced after a short relocation attempt; the dog showed good manners, with one short step on the flush. Syren scored a find at 7 in the back field, good manners. At 13 Syren established point. A bird was produced after an extensive relocation effort which the dog handled very nicely. She scored an additional find in the corner before the creek, again after an extensive relocation effort handled nicely. Syren finished strong, becoming wider as the brace progressed.

Anna Lake Konrad (SM/D. Hughes) had a nice woodcock find at 4 in the wood grove. Dubois Ridge Major Maverick (BM/Tobiassen) backed; both dogs had broke manners. Konrad worked his way to the back corner, albeit with a loopy pattern, pointing in the open field at 11, producing a single. At 15 Konrad had a find on the woodsline at the northern end of the course. Major was in the area but elected not to back after circling his bracemate a few times. Konrad pointed at 19 in a feed strip on the east end of the course. Major slid in a few moments later and pointed as well. A single was produced. Konrad had an additional find at 28, showing broke manners. Major pointed at time, with Konrad honoring, to end the brace. Konrad showed much improvement in his pattern as time progressed. Major had a wide and forward pattern throughout much of his time on the ground.

Double M's Smokin Gun (PM/Vater) carded a find 8 in the back corner after a wide cast by both dogs. Jar's Way Leroy (SM/ M. Hughes) honored, and then turned and pointed an additional bird near the original flush. A shot was fired and Leroy took a short step on the flush. Gun scooped a bird on the run at 10. Leroy pointed along the treeline below the observation deck and showed broke manners on the flush and shot. He scored again along the woods near the creek, taking a few steps on the flush. Leroy pointed again in the fields near Regis Pond, and went with the bird on the flush. Gun was far forward, and continued forward to time. Leroy scored at time near the point, beyond the observation deck. He took a few steps on the flush to finish the brace.

Victory (SM/Nee) made bird contact at 4 near the wood grove, retrieving a bird to his handler. At 9 Victory pointed in the back corner, with Phillips Moon Light (SF/D. Hughes) backing. Victory went with the flush, and was on the leash after a second retrieve. Moon Light scored at 23 in a feed strip near the creek crossing, showing good manners on the flush and shot. She was found standing at time; no bird was produced.

Both Grouse Trails Firestorm (PF/ McKellop) and Anna Lake Sophie (SF/ D. Hughes) were found standing in the wood grove at 4; a bird was produced and shots fired, good manners by both dogs. Sophie cast back and pointed near the wood grove at 7, showing good manners. Firestorm was found pointed in the far corner. Sophie came in and backed. A bird was flushed with good manners displayed by the dogs. Sophie pointed along the woodsline below the observation deck with Firestorm backing; no bird could be produced. Both dogs showed some impressive casts as they moved along the north section of the course. Firestorm scored a find at 26 in the corner before crossing the creek. Sophie was found standing at the same time near the Regis Pond on the east end of the course. Firestorm was released and promptly slammed on point, producing a second bird near the creek crossing. Sophie produced a bird as well, both dogs with good manners. Firestorm pointed again at time; no bird was produced. Both dogs showed strong and forward races to finish.

Mac's Graceland (PF/McClurg) carded a find at 5 in the open fields at the summit of the breakaway course, showing broke manners on her game. At 10 Grace was pointing in the far corner, albeit with some ticking as handler approached. She took a couple of steps on the flush and stopped with a word from the handler. Pine Swamp Woodie (SM/M. Hughes) was wide and forward and not visible. At 14 McClurg elected to pick up Grace as she was not handling well. Woodie was not seen at time.

Grouse Trails Tuscarora (PM/M. Hughes) and Double Deuce Nova (PF/ McMillen) pointed birds at 4, Nova out in the open field, and Tuscarora in the wood grove. Birds were produced, Nova showing broke manners, and Tuscarora pushing and catching his bird. At 10 both dogs were observed standing in the far corner. Tuscarora showed broke manners on the flush and shot, while Nova marked a bird and took a few steps. Tuscarora pointed at 17 at the top of the hummock, but then showed his retrieving abilities and was on the leash. Nova pointed near the creek at 19 and moved up independently a few steps as the handler attempted a protracted flushing effort. A bird was produced after an extensive relocation effort, with some steps taken on the flush. At 25 a quail flushed wild in front of Nova; she gave a hearty chase, with a catch and a retrieve for her handler. She pointed again at 29, from a good distance, as with several of her birds, showing a high classy head on her game to finish the brace.

Double Deuce Butters (PM/M. Hughes) and Grouse Trails Mighty Mouse (PF/Trish McKellop) rendered wide casts from the "get-go," at 10 showing far to the front of the course. At 16 Butters pointed a groundhog hole with Mighty Mouse backing; dogs were collared and moved on. Butters carded a find at 20 in the grassy fields north of the hummock, Mighty Mouse backing. Butters took a few steps at flush while Mighty Mouse held steady. Butters scored an additional mannerly find in a feed strip just before the creek crossing. Mighty Mouse was on the scoreboard with a find at 26 in the open near the Regis Pond, showing good manners. Both dogs finished forward and strong.

Mac's Silver Shadow (PF/McClurg) scored a find at the point to the right of the wood grove with broke manners. Wildland Warrior (PF/Munden) pointed at the same time on the left of the wood grove; no bird was produced. Shadow pointed in the corner at 9, with Warrior backing; both dogs were mannerly. She pointed again along the woods in front of the observation deck, self-relocating briefly and staunching up after moving into some thick cover. Warrior backed from out in the open field. McClurg produced a bird after some vigorous flushing. At 20 both dogs were found standing along the edge of the woods near the creek crossing; each dog produced a bird, showing broke manners. At the Regis Pond at 25 Shadow pointed in the open field with Warrior backing; a bird was produced and both dogs were mannerly. Warrior pointed just at Regis Pond, marking the bird and taking a couple quick steps as the bird flushed close by. Both dogs showed some wide casts and finished strong and to the front.

Harrisville, Pa., April 27 -- One Course

Judges: Brandon Kreuer and Nick Mellon


6 Setters and 1 Brittany

1st--BITTERSWEET WAR CRY, 1674743, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint--Mohawk. Ralph Gillota, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.

2d--GROUSE TRAILS FIRESTORM, 1674642, pointer female, by Grouse Trails Cracker Jack--Grouse Trails Pride. John McKellop III, owner and handler.

3d--ANNA LAKE SOPHIE, 1674196, setter female, by Long Gone Studly--Anna Lake Kiah. Rob Matson, owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

4th--DOUBLE M'S SMOKIN GUN, 1681197, pointer male, by Erin's Wild Justice--Jackson's Double M. Meredith Mays, owner; Diane Vater, handler.


The Puppy Classic was won handily by Backcountry Girlfriend, owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite. Running in the third brace, "Girl" showed a wide and forward pattern and an easy handle. Close behind was her bracemate Twilight Shadow. Both finished ahead. Rounding out the placements was Somekinda War Paint in the fourth brace. War Paint showed a classy and forward race with good application.

Judges: Norm Meeder and Eric Munden


1st--BACKCOUNTRY GIRLFRIEND, 1682667, female, by Waybetter Rocky--Backcountry Polly. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

2d--TWILIGHT SHADOW, 1681868, female, by In The Shadow--Shadow From Dancyville. Carlos Escalante, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d--SOMEKINDA WAR PAINT, 1682549, male, by Sugarknoll War Paint--Cock'n'fire Little Troubles. Jim Crawford, owner; Toby Tobiassen, handler.


Puppy Classic Winners. From left: Chris Catanzarite with Backcountry Girlfriend, Mark Hughes with Twilight Shadow and Toby Tobiassen with Somekinda War Paint.


The Open Shooting Dog was won handily by Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian, pointer male running in the third brace. Owned, loved and handled by Sarah Gomes of Wellandport, Ontario, "Rye" put on a classic shooting dog performance, running wide and forward, hunting and pointing birds with class and style. He showed an easy going and productive hunting pattern, working edges and likely bird places, and exhibiting a pleasing partnership with Sarah. Second was Backcountry Bruiser, a nice running pointer male owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa. Third place was procured by Suemac's Sashay, pointer female owned by the McPherson family of Chesterfield, S. C., handled by Mark Hughes.


Single Shot Barley (SF/D. Hughes) and Backcountry Polly (PF/Catanzarite) broke away Sunday morning. Barley had a find at the wooded grove at 5, with Polly backing. Both dogs showed wide casts, although Barley looped behind a bit. At 13 the setter scored a find in one of the feed strips below the observation deck, all in order. Polly was on the leash at 17 after grabbing a bird on the hummock. Barley came in immediately after and pointed, but was collared on. Barley was found standing at time in the woods near the parking area, no bird produced.

Double Deuce Zeke (PM/McMillen) scored at 3 in the wooded grove, with A Distant Spec (PF/M. Hughes) backing. Zeke pointed again at 7 in the back corner and roaded in a ways before stopping. He showed good manners on the flush and shot. Spec pointed in the open fields below the observation deck at 12; no bird could be found. Zeke retrieved a dead bird at 16 near the hummock. Spec pointed in a feed strip on the north section of the course at 21 with Zeke honoring; both dogs were mannerly. Spec pointed with Zeke honoring again at 25 near the Regis Pond, again both dogs showing good manners. At 27 the dogs switched roles, with Zeke pointing and Spec backing. Both dogs finished to the front with moderate races.

No 3. Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian (PM/Gomes) and Wayward Flying Tomato (SM/M. Hughes). "Cooper" pointed in a feed strip at 3, part way up the breakaway strip; the dog took a few steps toward the handler after the flush. Hughes elected to pick up soon after. Meridian was wide and forward, carding his first find at 10 in the feed strips below the observation deck, all in order. He scored again in the feed strips on the north side of the course, showing class and excellent manners. At 19 Meridian pointed a quail in a feed strip just before the creek crossing. The quail flushed, but left behind an egg as a souvenir! All was in order. Meridian skirted the edge of the eastern field approaching the Regis Pond and had a find along the woodsline. He had an additional quail find as he crossed the open field near the pond. He finished strong and wide to the front.

Backcountry Sassy (PF/Catanzarite) pointed in a feed strip prior to the wooded grove, with Braggabull (PF/M. Hughes), callname Emmy, backing. A short relocation and a bird was produced, all in order. A wide cast found both dogs in the far corner, with Sassy pointed and Emmy honoring; both dogs showed good manners. At 18 Sassy pointed on the hummock, with Emmy backing. Sassy elected to push a bird shortly thereafter and was on the leash. Emmy was far forward and could be seen standing near the creek at a distance. As Mark moved in to flush the bird fell out of the tree, dropping alongside the dog, which remained composed throughout. She finished forward.

Conneaut Creek Lake Erie Storm (RSF/Fazenbaker) carded a find in the wooded grove, with Kendal Hills Dawson Creek (PM/Hughes) backing. All was in order. At 10 Stormie was found standing, buried deep in cover in the woods below the observation deck; no bird could be produced. She pointed again at 13 at the top of the hummock; two dead birds were found in front of the dog. Dawson pointed a bird at 14, but mouthed the bird and was on the leash. Stormie scored a find at 19 in the grass fields on the north side of the course; a single was produced with good manners. She finished the brace forward.

Backcountry Bruiser (PM/Catanzarite) and Twilight Echoed Promise (SF/D. Hughes) were found standing at the woods grove, the setter in front but ticking. A bird was produced with both handlers firing. Hughes elected to pick up at 8 after the setter picked up a bird and was having dinner. After a nice cast by Bruiser, he was found standing in the corner, mannerly on his bird. He pointed again at 10 in the fields below the observation deck, a single lifting after a relocation. Bruiser had a find at 16 at the top of the hummock, and again along the woods near the creek crossing, all with mannerly style. He showed plenty of class on the ground and was consistently ahead where he finished strong.

Conneaut Creek Roisin Dubh (RSF/ Fazenbaker) was standing at the wooded grove at 4, Double Deuce Dexter (PM/M. Hughes) backing; all was in order. Both dogs rendered wide casts. At 9 "Rosie" pointed near the hummock, a bird produced. Dexter scored in the nearby open field, all in order. Rosie was on the leash at 10 after circling back and repointing her previous bird. Dexter's wide casts resulted in a find at 19 on the north side of the course, and an additional find in the open fields near Regis Pond. He finished strong and forward.

Backcountry Pete (PM/Catanzarite) and Suemac's Sashay (PF/M. Hughes) were found standing at 4 in the wooded grove; shots were fired for a divided find. A wide cast found both dogs in the corner at 9 with Sashay pointing and Pete honoring. Sashay showed her style at 13, pointing in the fields below the observation deck, all in order. Pete scored a find at 15, producing a single after a relocation effort. Both dogs made wide casts to the east side of the course and were found standing. Pete was on the hook after it was noticed that he was pointing with a bird in his mouth. Sashay produced a single and then finished the brace strong and forward.

Phillips Half Moon (SF/M. Hughes) scored at the wooded grove at 4, with Murdock (SM/DeRosa) honoring. A wide cast found Half Moon in the corner where a bird was produced with Murdock coming in for a back. Murdock pointed at 14 in the fields below the observation deck, showing some ticking on the bird. At 17 Half Moon was found standing at the hummock. Murdock came in and backed, but then reconsidered and circled the area and was on the leash. A bird was produced for Half Moon, good manners displayed. The setter pointed in a feed strip on the north side of the course; no bird could be produced. She pointed again near the creek, but no bird could be found at time.

Warrior Zeke (PM/M. Hughes) pointed in the wooded grove, with Halestorm (PF/Park) backing. She took a couple of small steps at the flush. Zeke had a mannerly find at 11. Halestorm hunted hard deep in the woods on the west end of the course, but then moved forward. Halestorm was found standing at the hummock; no bird could be found. Zeke was found standing west of the hummock in the piney woods where a bird was produced, all in order. Halestorm pointed near the creek crossing, producing a bird and taking a few short steps on the flush. Zeke showed a wide cast and was found pointing near the Regis Pond, producing a bird with all in order. Halestorm scored a find at time near the pond, a few short steps on the flush. Zeke finished forward.

Let's Do It (SM/DeRosa) and Kelly's Rainbow Ruby (SF/D. Hughes). "Cooper" pointed at 4 in the wooded grove, with Ruby backing. Breaking away, Cooper pointed again, Ruby backing, and another bird was produced. Ruby was on the leash at 11 after moving on a bird in the corner. Cooper had a find at 21 near the creek crossing. He swung to mark the bird, but kept his back feet planted. He showed several nice casts and was wide and to the front to finish.

La Sombra (PM/D. Hughes) was down as a bye. His race was wide but he was on the leash after consuming his prey in front of the judging panel.

Futurities are called "Futurities" because they are the future of our sport. An examination of this Futurity, as well as most other Futurities in the country, will find that Futurity placements produce the majority of our bird dog champions. Please support the National Walking Futurity by nominating your litter!

We hope to see you next year at the 30th Annual National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity.

Judges: Brandon Kreuer and John McKellop

OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 14 Pointers, 7 Setters and 2 Irish Setters

1st--CAL PEAK HUNDREDTH MERIDIAN, 1671286, pointer male, by Cover Charge Search Engine--Sandland Dolly P. Sarah D. Gomes, owner and handler.

2d--BACKCOUNTRY BRUISER, 1672645, pointer male, by Erin's War Creek--Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

3d--SUEMAC'S SASHAY, 1658242, pointer female, by Chasehill Little Bud--Richfield Stella. Roger, Susie and Daulton McPherson, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.


Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Allen Fazenbaker, Sarah Gomes with Cal Peak Hundredth Meridian, Chris Catanzarite with Backcountry Bruiser, Brandon Kreuer, judge, and Mark Hughes with Suemac's Sashay.