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Result: National Amateur Chukar All-Age Championship

Location: Maupin, Oregon

Post Date: Mar 27, 2021

Submitted By: Todd Schaaf

The National Amateur Chukar All-Age was held on the Imperial Stock Ranch in Maupin, Ida., or the first time in 2021. We had a good turnout, drawing 22 dogs. We had handlers come from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Californian and Utah. For the first time on the grounds the trial went well, despite the weather. We had wind gusts over 50 mph and had to shut down half way though the first day.

Our judges were Matt Solt of Salt Lake City and Tim Schilleriff from Portland Ore., who did a great job and came up with our 2021 champion, Kelly's I B Butler, white and liver pointer male, coming five (July 3), owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Loomis, Cal. Runner-up was Lone Tree Splish Splash, six-year-old white and orange pointer female, owned and handled by Bill Owen of Santa Barbara, Cal.

Kelly's I B Butler, Winner of the National Amateur All-Age Championship

The champions ran in brace No. 8. Kelly's IB Butler started out strong, making a powerful move out of the gate, covering the course with very easy handle and style. He had a find at find at 18 minutes on chukar. He was found a second was at 35 with a high head and tail, a very good-looking dog. Butler required very little handle and was always forward moving away. He covered the course well and was pushing the course for more at time.

The runner-up champion was in the sixth brace. Lone Tree Splish Splash was a fun dog to watch and made running the hills look easy. She had a nice find on a covey of liberated chukar another find on a pair of wild Huns. Splash's run was all-age the entire hour, every cast to the front and she was seen going away at time.


Brace No. 1: Painted Owyhee Toad, pointer male owned and handled by Bridgit Ledington, had a find at 4, then handler picked up at 15. Riden High Jim, German shorthair male owned and handled by Marty Middleton, was under a bird at 10 and picked up.

Kelly's Rebel Louie, pointer male owned and handled by Sean Kelly, made a huge move, seen of in far left canyon. The retrieval device was out at 35. Bracemate Northwood Charles, setter male owned and handled by Bill Owen, was picked up.

Painted Molly, pointer female owned and handled by Jim Ledington, was gone and came back with a bird. Tekoa Mountain Owyhee Jack, setter male owned and handled by Alex Mauck, tallied two finds, but an inconsistent race and too close on birds marred his effort

Brace No. 4: Sonoma Strong, pointer male owned by Marc Cuneo and handled by Sean Kelly, made some big moves, had one find, a stop to flush, but the dog came to handler too much. Janee's Unphiltered, pointed male owned and handled by Jason Staley, had a find, a back and a stop to flush.He started nicely and finished strong

Indian Head Whiski, pointer male owned and handled by Jared Tappaero, was picked up. Gotta Little Project, owned and handled by Todd Schaaf, was the bracemate.

No. 6: Rocking J's Amy, pointer female owned and handled by Jerry Walton, ran a good race for 30 minutes, had a stop to flush. Pointer female Lone Tree Splish Splash earned runner-up laurels.

Booneville Explorer, pointer, male owned by Marc Cuneo, handled by Sean Kelly, did a good job, had multiple finds with good manners, but not a big race. Tekoa Mountain Dallee, setter female owned and handled by Alex Mauck, completed the hour.

The winner, Kelly's I B Butler, was braced with Knight's White Lady, pointer female owned and handled by Bill Owen; had a breach of manners and handler picked up.

Twer's Heartbreak Ridge, owned and handled by Todd Schaaf, did not run. Janee's American Rebel, pointer male owned and handled by Jason Staley, had a nice race but not in the money today.

Indian Head Intrigue, was picked up by ownr-handler Jared Tapparo. S B Always Deamin, pointer female owned and handled by Bill Owen, did not run.

No.11: Snakebite NV, pointer female owned and handled by Mel Lueck, had a good consistent run, one find, and finished. Painted Owyhee Breeze, pointer female owned and handled by Bridget Ledington, rendered a nice race, had one find, but her all-age run ended with a breach of manners on the last bird work.

I want to thank everyone who came and supported and helped put this Championship on. Also thanks Secretary Piper Huffman and the AFTCA. It is a great organization and Piper is always there to help.

None of this would be posable without our sponsors, Purina and Garmi. Thank you for all the support you give our sport.

We miss Rick Anderson his family and the great grounds we were able to run on for many years in Sunnyside, Wash. Now we have a new chapter with our new land owners and the Imperial Stock Ranch. This will be a great place for many years to run dog.

Maupin, Ore., March 28

Judges: Tim Schillereff and Matt Solt


[One-Hour Heats] -- 19 Pointers, 2 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

Winner--KELLY'S I B BUTLER, 1675374, pointer male, by Kelly's Rebel Louie--Wells Fargo First Lady. Sean Kelly, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--LONE TREE SPLISH SPLASH, 1672171, pointer female, by Frontline Shack Attack--Whippoorwill Wild Spark. Bill Owen, owner and handler.

Runner Champion. From left: Bridget Ledington, Jim Ledington, Alex Mauck with Lone Tree Splish Splash, owner Bill Owen, Judge Matt Solt, Emily Deasy, and Judge Tim Schilleriff