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Result: NBHA Eastern Regional Championship Region 7 Walking Shooting Dog Championships

Location: Alvord, Texas

Post Date: Apr 8, 2021

Submitted By: Ken Sauer

All of us at the National Bird Hunters Association (NBHA) and Region 7 (AFTCA) extend our gratitude to all the sponsors. Purina dog food for all that it does for the sport, Park Cities Quail Coalition (PCQC) for the funding, research of upland birds, and conservation. They support and raise money to make sure our kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids. We tip our hats to your group and effort. Garmin for all the support over the many years (they offered a TT15 collar for the NBHA Eastern Regional Championship winner), Mule Brand Clothing for the NBHA Regional Ch. gift certificate, printing us some NBHA tee shirts printed up, and the judges' jackets (even though the jackets were far from being needed this past week/weekend); Gun Dog Central for hosting our NBHA website and support over many years; Gun Dog Supply for their continued support with gift certificates, and Mark Dunlap with Thunderstruck Kennels for the two dog stake out system for the winners. The Cypress Creek FTC had hats and tee shirts for participants.

NBHA   Eastern Region Championship Winners. In foreground, from left:   Emmet and Anna Sasser with Sulpher Bend Woodman, and Garry Malzone and Jillian Stuhr with Erin's Deja Vu. They are joined by well-wishers, judges and club officials

Well, the weather in Texas showed its ugly face -- hot and dry.

Overall this was a very successful event. We met a lot of new folks, had some really great help lend a hand. There were a lot of new handlers and dogs that participated.

I have to thank Larry Seybert Sr. for the bird planting duties Saturday and Sunday. We had handlers and owners from all over Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Jersey, and Kansas. What a great turnout.

Thank you to all of who helped and entered dogs. A special thanks to our judges; (NBHA Eastern Regional Championship) Eddy Smith (Texas) and Craig Hiatt (Missouri) (Eddy and Craig are great for our sport). The Region 7 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship was judged by Eddy Smith and Tom Woods (Oklahoma).

We ran NBHA companion stakes Saturday and Sunday. The judges for Saturday's stakes were Jason Super (Keller, Tex.) and Sean Anderson (Alvord, Tex.). They did a great job and I thank them for help us out for their time in the saddle. Judge's for Sunday's stakes were Bill Osborne (Oklahoma) and Ken Sauer (Texas). Also on Sunday we ran NBHA Amateur Shooting Dog judged by Garry Malzone and Jillian Stuhr (New Jersey), a great couple, handler and scout, and great for the NBHA. I can't thank each and everyone of them enough.

We had pointer trophies sculpted by Shelia Uva crafted and they turned out great; she hand painted them and mounted on a walnut base. I sure wish my luck would have been a little better. I sure would have liked to have kept one here in Texas. Well done, Shelia, you knocked it out of the park. We're going to have to come up with another sculpture for next year.

A huge THANKS has to go out to Park Cities Quail Coalition for their interest in our events. We feel their presence in the upland research and conservation efforts marry up very well with the walking type of bird hunters sport. PCQC was represent by Jay Stine and was a joy to be around. We're going to do all we can to support their effort with membership and some fund raising. This weekend we offered a membership (funded from the trial) to all handlers and owners. We sure hope this is a stepping stone to the future. Thank you, PCQC!

The winners obviously came out of the early braces and there were a lot of great performances from the ones that had to run in the heat. The course had cold water every ten minutes so dogs could water and get wet. The cover was heavy in some areas; the front end of the coarse was tight (by some standards) requiring the dogs have to handle. For the most part was in good shape. Plenty of birds were released in the cover and all dogs had their opportunities to find birds.

Lunches were served and fabulous all prepared by the host and Melissa Sauer. I couldn't have done this full four-day event without her. She's a blessing for not only me but also what she does for the field trials I host. Thursday was smoked pulled pork Spanish tacos, Friday we catered from Subway, Saturday was brisket and sides. Didn't hear any complaining.


Thursday the morning braces fared quite a bit better with cool temperatures; by the third brace it started warming up and by after lunch it just got flat hot.

Emmet Sasser's German Shorthair male Sulphur Bend Woodman ("Woody") was named champion with one back, a forward race, and five finds.

Garry Malzone's setter female Erin's D j Vu ("Bess") owned by Joseph Link was named runner-up champion. Bess has been in the winners' circle for a few years and had a good forward race with three well space finds.

Erin's Deja Vu, Runner-Up in the NBHA Eastern Regional Championship

Alvord, Tex., April 8 -- One Course

Judges: Craig Hiatt and Eddy Smith


[One-Hour Heats] -- 14 Pointers, 3 Setters and 1 German Shorthair

Winner--SULPHUR BEND WOODMAN, 1666906, German Shorthair male, by Showtime Uodibar Writing for Woody--Showtime's Pale Rider Ms Aniya. Emmet Sasser, owner and handler.

Runner-Up--ERIN'S DEJA VU, 1679292, setter female, by Erin's Hidden Shamrock--T T's Southern Miss. Joseph Link, owner; Garry Malzone, handler.


Friday began the Region 7 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship. Here again the morning braces were cooler and by lunch it just got hot. I wish we could have controlled the weather but I just don't have that magic wand in my tool bag.

Weldon Gardner's German shorthair female Piper, handled by Emmet Sasser, was named champion. Weldon couldn't make this event due to some re-certification classes he had to take in Dallas. Piper had a good race with six finds. This was Weldon's first championship on Piper.

Runner-up was Craig Hiatt's female pointer Craig's Runin Roxie. She's done really well in the sport and is a nice dog to watch. She had a forward race and four finds.

Judges: Eddy Smith and Tom Woods


[One-Hour Heats] -- 8 Pointers, 1 Setter, 2 German Shorthairs

and 1 Vizsla

Winner--PIPER, 1687183, German Shorthair female, by W&W Rip N Dig--H&R Miss Rock Star. Weldon Gardner, owner; Emmet Sasser, handler.

Runner-Up--CRAIG'S RUNIN ROXIE, 1665573, pointer female, by Mac's Silver Dollar--Hilo Southern Tea. Craig Hiatt, owner and handler.


On Saturday we began the NBHA companion stakes with much better weather. Not that it didn't get warm but it stayed cloudy and cooler all day.

Open Shooting Dog first place was awarded to Garry Malzone and owner Black Meadow Kennels for their dog Pure Confidence, "Tango". Second place went to Jason Campbell from Madill, Okla., for his German Shorthair Osage Oklahoma Sage, "Cap", coming out of the seventh brace. Cap had five good finds. Third was garnered by the "Malzone Team". Indian Creek Courageous Cat, owned by Edward Marron. Cat points with a lot of style had a forward race, three finds and an unproductive.

The NBHA Open Derby (weather still not too bad) was also run on Saturday. A newcomer and amateur handler to the field trial sport Matthew Puckett from Piedmont, Okla., guided his first place dog Erin's Lone Star Attitude, "Major," to the winners' circle. Second was Tim Wright from Alice, Tex., employed by the Rollins Ranch handling the legendary Dean Lord's dog Blackhawk Elhew Doc. Third also went to Matthew Puckett's Erin's Gypsy Lady, "Maria".

Sunday began the NBHA Open Puppy with eighteen entries. This is a big puppy stake and look forward to seeing all the young dogs this fall as Derbies and some maybe even still puppies. There ware a lot of good young dogs and hard to pick the winners. Many dogs were on the board for some time until the winners were selected.

NBHA Open Puppy

First Place went to Tom Woods' Sasser's Jim Beam, "Jim," coming out of the sixth brace. Second was also Tom Woods with his female Rendrag's Luck Cloe coming out of the seventh brace. Third was Mark Dunlap's Thunderstorm Warning running in the fifth brace. A lot of nice young dogs.

Sunday also had the NBHA Amateur Shooting Dog Stake (judgment ceases at flush). This is a great stepping stone for those who want to possibly go to the next level and a great introduction to field trials. First place was awarded to Brady Elmor's (from Iowa Park, Tex.) Southern Swagger, "Hunter," in the third brace. Second went to a Llewellin setter owned and handled by Conrad Jett from Wichita Falls, Tex., Dashing Bondhu Jettsetter. Conrad is a captain in the U. S. Air Force as a flight instructor. We all thank you for your service! Third was bestowed to Matthew Puckett for this dog Bluestem's Fastball, "Cutter," coming out of the fifth and final brace of the trial.

The judges were very complimentary of all the dogs entered.. They said it was a tough one to decide. Garry and Jillian were great help to the new trailers and had already made many laps around the course.

Want to extend a big thank you and welcome to the NBHA for the newcomers who came out and participated: T. J. Rainbow, Lee Daughtry, Steve Wilkerson, Brady Elmore, Matthew Puckett, Conrad Jett, and Jay Stine. We sure hope y'all had a great time and hope to see you back this fall.

Stay tuned into the NBHA website and Facebook page to see upcoming fall and spring events. There are clubs located near Kyle, Tex., Mexia, Tex., here at the LBJ Grasslands, and one fairly close to us in Madill, Okla. We're looking forward to next season.

Judges: Sean Anderson and Jason Super

NBHA OPEN SHOOTING DOG -- 9 Pointers, 1 Setter and

5 German Shorthairs

NBHA Open Shooting Dog

1st--PURE CONFIDENCE, 1660531, pointer male, by True Confidence--Richfield Rose. Black Meadow Kennels, owner; Garry Malzone, handler.

2d--OSAGE OKLAHOMA RANGER, 1686472, German Shorthair male, by Kimber Tactical--T N T's Get Up and Go. Jason Campbell, owner and handler.

3d--INDIAN CREEK COURAGEOUS CAT, 1670105, pointer female, by Southbound Strech--Indian Creek Sugar. Edward W. Marron, Jr., owner; Garry Malzone, handler.

NBHA OPEN DERBY -- 8 Pointer and 1 Brittany

1st--ERIN'S LONE STAR ATTITUDE, 1689780, pointer male, by Erin's Lone Star Law--Lincoln County Attitude. Matthew Puckett, owner and handler.

2d--BLACKHAWK ELHEW DOC, 1694657, pointer male, by Blackhawk Jet--Hard Rock Jean. Dean Lord, owner; Tim Wright, handler.

3d--ERIN'S GYPSY LADY, 1689818, pointer female, by Erin's Tin Soldier--Erin's Margarita. Matthew Puckett, owner and handler.

Judges: Bill Osborne and Ken Sauer

NBHA OPEN PUPPY -- 11 Pointers, 3 Setters, 1 Brittany and

1 German Shorthair

1st--SASSER'S JIM BEAM, unreg., pointer male, by Osage Whippoorwill Doc--Osage Maggie. Tom Woods, owner and handler.

2d--RENDRAG'S LUCK CHLOE, 1691964, pointer female, by Osage Whippoorwill Doc--Osage Maggie. Tom Woods, owner and handler.

3d--THUNDERSTORM WARNING, unreg., pointer female, by Nitro Elhew Mr. Chance--Hackberry's Elhew Tessa. Mark Dunlop, owner and handler.

Pure Confidence, First in the Open Shooting Dog Stake