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Result: National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity

Location: Harrisville, Pennsylvania

Post Date: Jun 13, 2024

Submitted By: Allen Fazenbaker

National Walking Shooting Dog FuturityS24

National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity (l-r): Rich Warters, Mark Hughes with Millers Dusty Version, Mike Husenits, Brian Riggle, Tim McClurg with Mac's Slim Jim, Norm Meeder, Bob Smith, Joe Cammisa, Krysta Munden, Chris Catanzarite with Backcountry Champagnesupernova, Dave Park, Jon Ferdinand, Robert Ecker with Mia Star, Steve McKalko, and George Najor.

It is said that champions are tested in the fires of the Futurity. There is no question that coupling a solid breeding program with the goal of winning a Futurity is a "best practice" of the bird dog world. There are many high-quality Futurities in the American Field/UKC world; the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity ranks as one of the top Futurities, consistently producing champions and high-quality bird dogs for the walking enthusiast.

This year's 34th running of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity showed a litany of high-caliber bird dogs, and rising to the top was Miller's Dusty Version, handled by Mark Hughes and owned by Mike Husenits. Running in the fourth brace of the Futurity, Dusty showed an exceptionally wide and forward race. He scored his first find at 17 in the far back of the grounds, turning to mark the bird but showing excellent manners. He scored again three minutes later, near the water hole on the wood line, again showing classy and superior manners. He finished strong and to the front, taking the edge around the rim of the finish and exuding the class of a future champion.

This year's Futurity was a pleasant and enjoyable weekend. The weather was enjoyable, and we were able to get through the weekend with no rain after a heavy deluge earlier in the week. Everyone was excited to be together again and to share our common love of the sport. We had a very respectable showing of dogs this year, with a very robust entry not only of Futurity derbies but also a large gathering of puppies and shooting dogs, boding well for the future of our sport. The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Secretary, Dave Park, did a yeoman's job procuring judges, obtaining birds, organizing the paperwork, and covering all the details needed to run a national-caliber field trial.

This 34th reunion of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity was contested at the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club grounds in Harrisville, Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania has been a bastion of walking Shooting Dog competitors for many years; its central location to many prime hunting areas, notably for grouse and woodcock, has fostered a long history of walking dogs.

This was the ninth year hosting the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity for the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club; the grounds are a wide expanse of open fields interspersed by spotty wooded areas, notably in the bottoms. These grounds are rolling and open, resulting from strip mine reclamation many years prior. A dog can be seen for a ways on these grounds and must have good ground application and style to catch the eye of the judge. The half-hour course utilized for this event broke away at the heavy cable gate and traveled west along a wide expanse of open, gently rising grassy fields and feed strips, cresting at a small grove of woods and then dropping into the valley on the western boundary. The course then gently curved clockwise into the open valley, following an edge, where the course crossed a drainage ditch, passing a small hummock, continuing north, and then looping slowly to the east marked by a large deer stand, following a wood line along the northern ridge of the reclaimed strip mine. After crossing a small creek flowing from the wooded section on the northeast portion of the property, the course entered an open field interspersed with small bushes and other objectives, then turned south at a small pond fondly referred to as the "Regis Pond," and followed the southern edge of the field, to end at the observation deck. The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Association is so grateful to the Board of the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club for their willingness to host this prestigious event. The grounds were in excellent shape this year, thanks partly to warm weather conditions and plenty of rain the previous month that had permitted some flush of new growth, but not excessive. The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity officers wish to thank all those who entered their dogs and for supporting this important walking breeder's stake.

Futurity judges are especially critical to the success of this sport, as they must judge the promise of potential champions. Our Futurity judges were John Ferdinand of Hazel Twp., Pennsylvania, and Brian Riggle of Graysville, Pennsylvania. These two judges also assessed the Gene Uhlman Puppy Classic. Tim McClurg of Fowler, Ohio, and John Ferdinand rode the judicial saddles for the Open Shooting Dog. These judges spent many hours in the saddle in support of our sport, and their hard work was appreciated.

Our field trial sport would not be at such a high-quality level were it not for the support of several sponsors. Purina has been a stalwart supporter of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity for many years. This year, as in past years, Purina donated Pro Plan food for the winners. Our thanks go out to Purina rep Greg Blair and the people of Purina for their outstanding support of our sport. Not only does Purina provide support for our trial, but they also produce high-quality food that supports your canine's nutritional needs.
SportDOG Brand , our other major sponsor, manufactures high-quality electronic training equipment. Jim Morehouse of SportDOG Brand was gracious in donating SportDOG Brand collars for use by the club. SportDOG Brand carries a wide variety of high-quality technology for use in dog training. Their products are durable, reliable, and offered at a very reasonable cost. And most importantly, they back up their products with personal service. If you are in the market for a new collar or tracker, consider SportDOG Brand . Thanks to SportDOG Brand for your support of our field trial sports and our Walking Futurity.

Helping Hands
Continuing the tradition of offering a program booklet for the Futurity, a 34th National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity booklet was available to all participants and spectators. Such booklets don't just happen; they require substantial effort and behind-the-scenes work. We were fortunate to have a special lady who once again stepped up to the plate and provided the effort and work to produce a very nice program for our 34th annual celebration. Special thanks to Deborah Fazenbaker of Kingsville, Ohio, for gathering sponsors, designing, and producing this great memento of our Futurity. This booklet continues to be an annual part of our Futurity and is well received. For those of you who were unable to obtain a copy, an online version is available on the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Facebook page. Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank them as well for supporting the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity with their purchase of a page in our program. These sponsors contribute significant income to the Futurity and help defray expenses.

We also wish to thank our professional handlers, who are essential to our sport and its success. Mark Hughes, Robert Ecker, Tony Bingham, and Justin Mason ran dogs during the weekend, and their support is much appreciated.
Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and worked so hard to make this Futurity a success. Our National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity Chair Dave Park, club members Chris Catanzarite, Futurity President Norm Meeder, Doug McMillian, Eric Munden, Futurity Treasurer Krysta Munden, Futurity Vice President Joe Cammisa, Justin Mason, Kara Thatcher, Hall of Famer Dave Hughes, Al Fazenbaker, Deb Fazenbaker, and others assisted in bird planting, line marshaling, supplying horses, and many other duties to keep things moving. The old expression "many hands make light work" was evident this weekend as we had many helpers, and in the course of events, we made many new friends in the field trial fraternity. My apologies if I missed anyone. And a big 'thank you' to all the participants who entered their derbies, puppies, and shooting dogs and supported the efforts of the weekend.

The Gene Uhlman Puppy Classic
The Gene Uhlman Puppy Classic is named after the iconic Gene Uhlman, a native of western Pennsylvania, where he began his love for field trial bird dogs while attending Charleroi High School, south of Pittsburgh. Gene was a high school teacher, but his love of bird dogs eventually changed his career, and he became a full-time dog trainer until his death in 1992. Gene developed numerous winning dogs, including Counterdrive, Countercharge, Keystone Skeezie, Elhew Link's Jewel, Rollin Rebel, and many others. The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity is pleased to name this Puppy Classic in his honor.
1. Jake (PM/Carroll) and Clarks Flash Gordon (ESM/Ecker). Jake started the weekend with a bang, showing an exceptionally wide and forward race. He rocketed along the edges, taking in the vast lines and finishing strong and to the front to earn a yellow ribbon for his efforts. Gordon showed a nice pace but was relatively short in his range.
2. IV's Feed the Flame (PF/Ecker) and Loblolly (PF/Gomes). Flame showed a very classy and forward pattern. She hit objectives to the front and showed a nice handle. She looked classy as she ran the edges and seemed light on her feet. She finished to the front. Loblolly stayed closer to her handler and did not venture out.
3. Island Sky (ESF/Ecker) and Stewy (ESM/Hughes). Sky ran a very classy, albeit short, race. Stewy was likewise but did show some promise with several nice casts to the front.
4. Winston (PM/E. Munden) and Song (PF/Gomes). Winston and Song had a great time, as puppies sometimes do, but were happy to romp and be puppies for their brace. They did not venture out much beyond the handlers and gallery.
5. Pinyon (PF/Gomes) and Winston (ESM/Hughes). Pinyon was short on the course; her bracemate Winston showed a very classy gait with a crackin' tail to match. He hunted hard and showed a medium-forward race with a nice handle.
6. Nick (PM/K. Munden) and Mickey (PM/Bowser). Nick spent a few minutes checking out and making friends with the horses, then got down to business, moving to the front and showing a moderately wide ground race. He handled nicely for his handler Krysta and finished to the front. Mickey likewise showed a very biddable demeanor and moved quickly to the front and stayed there, hitting the edges and showing his class as he moved forward. His performance earned him the No. 2 placement.
7. Salt (PM/Gomes) and Georgia (PF/E. Munden). Salt elected to stay close to his handler for the brace. Georgia quickly moved to the front, showing some far-flung casts and a purposeful intent as he hit potential bird objectives. His finish was very impressive, with a huge cast to the front.
8. Mugo (PF/McMillen) and Wildland Heart Breaker (PF/K. Munden). Both puppies were strong out of the box, stretching out up the breakaway and showing wide and forward casts. Heart Breaker pushed forward but stayed in touch with her handler as she worked potential objectives. Her efforts were rewarded with first place for the stake.
9. Les (PF/Catanzarite) and Bodie (PM/Lasica). Les showed a medium and forward pattern; she hunted with purpose and handled well for her handler. Bodie likewise showed a nice forward pattern to the front, very light and racy on her feet. Both dogs finished to the front.
10. Moose (PM/Park) ran as a bye dog; he showed a moderately wide and forward pattern yet handled very nicely. He had a nice finish, with a forward cast showing his classy style.

National Walking Gene Uhlman PuppyClassicS24

Gene Ulhman Puppy Classic (l-r): Jon Ferdinand, Krysta Munden with Wildland Heart Breaker, Eric Munden, Norm Meeder, Joe Cammisa, Tyler Bowser with Bowser's Backcountry Mickey, Dave Park, Brian Riggle, and Reese Carroll with Backcountry Jacob.

Harrisville, Pa., April 20 - One Course
Judges: John Ferdinand and Brian Riggle
GENE UHLMAN PUPPY CLASSIC - 15 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st-WILDLAND HEART BREAKER, 1705669, pointer female, by Miller's Heat Seeker-Wildland Warrior. Krysta Munden, owner and handler.
2d-BACKCOUNTRY MICKEY, 1705242, pointer male, by Springflow's Backcountry P-Apple Annie's Sweet Delight. Tyler Bowser, owner and handler.
3d-BACKCOUNTRY JACOB, 1705244, pointer male, by Springflow's Backcountry P-Apple Annie's Sweet Delight. Chris Catanzarite, owner; Reese Carroll, handler.

The 32nd National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity
1. Bowser's Elhew Macadoo (PM/Bowser) and Stone Hill Mystical (ESF/Ecker). Mystical scored a nonproductive at 5 near the top of the breakaway, and the handler elected to pick up not long after. Macadoo rounded the course along the edges at a moderate pace and scored the first find of the Futurity at 12, near the creek crossing. He showed broke manners on his find. Macadoo scored his second find at 18 in the back of the course, displaying some ticking as the handler approached. He finished with a moderate pace forward.
2. Backcountry Champagnesupernova (PF/Catanzarite) and Blue Ribbon River PF (Ecker). Supernova, like his namesake, exploded onto the breakaway and reaching out to the far back of the course. River was close behind. Both dogs crossed the ditch, where Supernova scored his first find, showing broke manners. River scored a find on the backside of the course near the deer stand and then flushed the bird and gave a hearty chase. Supernova joined for a moment but then swung back and got to work, nailing a find at 21 and showing broke manners. River bumped a bird and gave a good chase again. Supernova finished strong and to the front to earn him a third-place finish in the Futurity.
3. Jacob Star (ESM/Ecker) and CC Lenni Lenape (ISM/Fazenbaker). Star and Lenni broke away strong; both dogs were absent for a short time, and Lenni showed to the front. He scored his first find near the back corner, showing broke manners. Star was lateral and had difficulty finding the front. He scored a find in the woods on the backside. Lenni showed a strong and forward race, and scored his second find across the creek, with broke manners displayed. He finished strong and to the front.
4. Mac's Slim Jim (PM/McClurg) and Millers Dusty Version (PM/Hughes). This brace produced the top two placements in the Futurity. Dusty's performance was noted previously, taking the blue in this stake. Slim scored his first find at 13, handled with impeccable manners. He backed his bracemate at 20 near the water hole and finished the brace with a strong and forward finish, rimming the edge towards the observation deck to take second place in the Futurity.
5. Backcountry Snake Eyes (PF/Catanzarite) and Mia Star (ESF/Ecker). Both dogs in this brace showed a wide race. They each scored their first find at 5, Snake Eyes pointing along the treeline to the right of the breakaway and Star pointing to the south near the road. Snake Eye dropped on the flush; she scored her second find at 21 near Regis Pond, showing good manners. Star worked the woods on the backside of the course and was rewarded with a woodcock find at 10; she scored again near Regis Pond at 20, earning a fourth-place finish for the Futurity. Both dogs showed strong and forward races to finish.
6. Rockland Ridge Rocky (ESM/Ecker) and Greek Freak (ESM/DeRosa). Rocky had a short run, flushing and chasing a bird on the right side of the breakaway, and was on the leash. Freak was not showing much run, and the handler elected to pick up at 8.
7. Ironstone Shenanigans (ESM/Ecker) and Heisenberg (PM/Hughes). Shenanigans quickly moved to the front and scored a find in the back corner, with Heisenberg honoring. Moving forward, Heisenberg pointed below the observation deck, but the handler could not produce a bird. Heisenberg self-relocated during the flushing attempt, but no bird was produced in the area. Shenanigans crossed the creek, scoring a find at 15, and gave chase when the bird lifted. Heisenberg scored a find near Regis Pond in the open; he took a few steps on the flush. He finished to the front; Shenanigans was not in the pocket at time, and the handler called for the tracker.
8. Huckleberry's Double Trouble (PF/Avillion) and Mac's Evie Wonder (PF/McClurg). Both dogs had two finds and showed a nice, handy race for the handlers.

NATIONAL SHOOTING DOG FUTURITY - 9 Pointers, 6 Setters, and 1 Irish Setter
1st-MILLERS DUSTY VERSION, 1706290, pointer female, by Miller's Upgraded Version-Miller's Special Edition. Mike Husenits, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.
2d-MAC'S SLIM JIM, 1700897, pointer male, by Mac's Silver Chief-Mac's Silver Shadow. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.
3d-BACKCOUNTRY CHAPAGNESUPERNOVA, 1701699, pointer female, by Dragonfly-Apple Annie's Sweet Delight. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.
4th-MIA STAR, 1702751, setter female, by Windstar-Hometown Queen. George Najor, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

Open Shooting Dog
As in previous years, the Open Shooting Dog stake has always been hotly contested; this year was no exception. A group of 40 highly competitive dogs showed for the stake, and the dogs did not disappoint the judges or the gallery. At the end of the day, Smoke Rise Jake, a Pointer male handled by Tony Bingham, took the blue. Running in the 17th brace, Jake scored his first of three finds, shared with his bracemate, at the top of the breakaway hill. He honored his bracemate at 6, then took the course around, showing the class and pattern of a knowledgeable field trial competitor. He finished strong and to the front.
1. Dun Rovens Midnite Ike (ESM/Ecker) and Dan (PM/Bingham). Midnite had a short run, being picked up at 2 by the handler. Dan scored finds at 2, 8, 10, and 13 but was not showing sufficient run and the handler elected to pick up to end the first brace.
2. Bo of Piney Woods (PM/Ecker) and Lola (PF/E. Munden). Lola scored the first find of the brace in the back corner, with Bo honoring. Both dogs crossed the creek at 13, and Bo was found standing with Lolo backing. A bird was produced, and all was in order. Bo pointed again two minutes later with Lola backing, but no bird could be produced. At 20, Bo had a find but was on the leash after circling back and repointing the find. Lola reached forward and scored a nicely handled find near Regis Pond; she found an additional bird in the ditch at 28 along the ditch. She finished strong and forward, reaching beyond the observation deck to take the No. 2 spot in the stake.
3. Boss (PM/Bingham) and Penny (PF/Hughes). Boss and Penny showed their quality as they broke away with strong and forward races. Penny scored the first find at the top of the breakaway, with Boss honoring. Boss took the back edge and pointed at 8, showing nice style and composure. He suffered a nonproductive in the structure near the back corner but then pointed in the open below the observation deck, with all in order. Penny suffered a nonproductive near Regis Pond but nailed a find in the woods below the parking lot, with good manners displayed. Boss scored a find along the ditch at time to complete the brace. Both dogs showed wide and forward applications throughout the brace.
4. Butch (PM/Park) and Zeke (PM/Hughes). Both dogs took the breakaway to the top, but Butch was on the leash after failing to back, and Zeke was not pleasing the handler and was likewise on the leash.
5. Lucky (BRITM/Jarosinski) and Reb (PM/Bingham). Reb scored the first find at 3 at the top of the breakaway; Lucky failed to back, and the tracker was pulled to locate him. Reb scored an additional find at 8 in the back of the course; a bird was produced after some extensive flushing. He showed a nice forward race through to time.
6. Blue Ribbon's Harper Bella (PF/Ecker) and Warrior Zeke (PM/Hughes). Both dogs scored multiple finds, with Zeke having the first bird contact at 3; Zeke took a step or two as the handler moved into flush. Harper scored three finds in rapid succession as she moved across the back of the course. Zeke suffered a nonproductive at 5 near the top of the breakaway, a find in the bottom near the road, and a second nonproductive in the corner near the road. Harper scored again at 22 near Regis Pond. Zeke suffered his third nonproductive in the field near Regis Pond and was on the leash. Harper finished to the front with a nice going race to earn the No. 3 spot in the stake.
7. Sadie (PF/Hughes) and Caroline (PF/E. Munden). Both dogs broke away and raced to the top of the breakaway. Sadie pointed at the top but could not produce a bird. Caroline was gone and not be seen again; the tracker was pulled at 11. Sadie had a nicely handled find at 9 in the back corner; she took the bottom edges and was found standing in a feed strip across the creek, with a bird produced and all in order. She was on the leash at 17 after suffering her second nonproductive.
8. Chess (PM/Bingham) and Big Jake (PM/Hughes). Both dogs pushed hard to the top of the breakaway, where Jake pointed with Chess backing; a bird was produced with some ticking exhibited by Jake during the flush. Both dogs had finds on the backside near the corner, with Jake showing some ticking on the flush for his bird. Chess scored a very nice find on the backside of the course near the deer stand, buried into a feed strip. He showed very nice manners as the bird was flushed. Jake scored at the same time, to the front near Regis Pond; all was in order as the bird lifted. Chess scored an additional find in the woods near the parking lot and finished strong and to the front.
9. Kissamee Grousewoods Tea (PF/Ecker) and Mo (ESM/Bingham). Both dogs disappeared over the top of the breakaway and were found standing in a feed strip on the backside. Shots were fired by both handlers as the bird lifted. At 7, both dogs again were found standing together towards the bottom of the corner, and shots were fired by both handlers. Tea was not seen after this contact. Mo was found standing at 13 near Regis Pond but decided to help the handler flush the bird, and his bid was over.
10. Bryant (PM/Mason) and Spec (PF/Hughes). Both dogs took the course with a strong push; Spec was found standing at the top of the breakaway at 3, but no bird was produced in spite of a protracted flushing attempt. He scored a find in a feed strip on the back side, with good manners displayed. Bryant was absent for a short period and was found standing at 13 after crossing the ditch near the hummock. He scored again in the field under the deer stand, with all in order. Spec was absent for several minutes and was found standing near Regis Pond; a bird was produced. Bryant scored at 22 near Regis Pond, with good manners displayed. Both dogs reached forward with wide casts; Spec was gathered up at time, and Bryant was not found at time.
11. Pork (PM/Bingham) and Rye (PM/Gomes). Pork was not seen after being released at the start line. Rye suffered a nonproductive at 3 near the top of the breakaway but then got down to business, scoring finds at 8, 15, 21, and 29 as he ringed the course and showed a nice forward race for his handler. He finished strong and to the front.
12. Grouse Hill Rambo (PM/Ecker) and Chuck (PM/E. Munden). Chuck scored a find at the top of the breakaway, with Rambo backing from a good distance. Both dogs moved forward, taking the edge and crossing the ditch to the backside, where Chuck was found standing with Rambo backing, but no bird was produced. He scored a find at Regis Pond, with good manners displayed. Rambo scored a nonproductive in the field near the deer stand. He finished forward but had no birds. Chuck showed a forward race with a wide and forward finish, where he was found standing at time.
13. Remi (ESF/Hughes) and Long Island Iced Tea (ESM/Ecker). Remi was not pleasing the handler and was on the leash at 8 after a stop-to-flush event. Ice scored a find on the backside but took some steps on the flush and was on the leash.
14. Wink (PM/Bingham) and Sky (PF/Napolitano). Sky pointed at 4, but no bird was produced; Wink failed to back and was on the leash. Sky then went on a bird-finding spree, with finds at 13 in the field below the deck, 17 at the hummock, 22 near the creek, 26 near Regis Pond, and 29 along the ditch. He was a hard-driving hunter, classy, and very biddable, with a pleasing forward pattern. He finished to the front.
15. Parker (PM/Hughes) and Sammy The Rock Star (ESM/Ecker). Parker pointed his first bird at the top of the breakaway, with Sammy backing. At 9, Parker suffered a nonproductive in the corner; Sammy likewise pointed in a feed strip but could produce no bird. Parker scored a find at 12 in the field near the deer stand, with Sammy backing. Parker was on the leash at 18 after his second nonproductive. Sammy was likewise on the leash at the election of his handler.
16. Grouse Hill Rock (PM/Ecker) and Wayne (PM/Munden). Rock was not seen past the breakaway, and the tracker was out at 11. Wayne scored his first find at 9 in the field below the observation deck. He pointed again at 20 near Regis Pond, backed by his now out-of-contention bracemate. At 24, Wayne suffered a nonproductive, pointing a pile of feathers from a recent kill; he bounced back with finds at 25 and at time along the wood line near the parking area. He showed a pleasing and forward race with a nice handle.
17. Jake (PM/Bingham) and Bit (PF/Hughes). Jake, the first-place contender, was noted previously. Bit shared a divided find with Jake at 3; she suffered a nonproductive at 6 and then backed her bracemate at 23. Bit scored her final find of the brace at 29, a nice dug-in find in the woods to the east of Regis Pond, showing her class and style. She showed a strong and forward race.
18. Molly (ESF/Hughes) and Buck of Piney Woods (PM/Ecker). Both dogs had a short run; Molly scored a very nice find in the woods near Regis Pond but was on the leash after assisting a bird in his flight at 10. Buck, likewise, was on the hook after bumping a bird.
19. Cricket (PF/Hughes) and Ace (ESM/Bingham). Ace scored the first find in this brace in a feed strip parallel to the breakaway. Cricket pointed at 9 in the corner; she pivoted to mark the bird but remained staunch and planted. She scored again at 12 along the woods, with good manners displayed. Both dogs showed a strong race to the front and were found standing on separate birds in the field near Regis Pond at 23. Both dogs then suffered unproductives in the same area. Ace found the final bird of the brace along the wood line near the parking area. Both dogs finished to the front.
20. Grace Ballroom Star (ESF/McKaldo) and Uno (ESM/Smith). This was another short brace, as Star scooped up a bird at 5, and Uno went with the flush at 8.
21. CC Scenic River (ISM/Fazenbaker). River scored his first find in the back corner with good manners displayed. At 9, he scored his second find in the field below the observation deck. He pointed again near the hummock, with all in order. Running through a feed strip, River stopped to a flush but reconsidered and moved on, ending the stake.
Remember, Futurities are the backbone of our sport. Support the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity by nominating your litters. Visit us next year for the 35th running of the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity.

Judges: John Ferdinand and Tim McClurg
OPEN SHOOTING DOG - 30 Pointers, 9 Setters, 1 Brittany, and 1 Irish Setter

1st-SMOKE RISE JAKE, 1684876, pointer male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Smoke Rise Mariah. P. F. Rose, owner; Tony Bingham, handler.
2d-WILDLAND WARRIOR, 1676947, pointer female, by Erin's War Creek-Suemac's Coventry. Eric Munden, owner and handler.
3d-BLUE RIBBON'S HARPER BELLA, 1682768, pointer female, by Bud of Piney Woods-Blue Ribbon Bella. Martin Festa, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

National Walking Shooting DogS24-

Open Shooting Dog (l-r): Tony Bingham, Cliff Monroe with Smoke Rise Jake, Tm McClurg, Eric Munden with Wildland Warrior, and Jon Ferdinand.