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Result: National Amateur Pheasant Championship

Location: Gentry, Missouri

Post Date: Apr 24, 2024

Submitted By: Steve Auxier

National Ama Pheasant ChS24

National Amateur Pheasant Championship. Front: CH: Haney's Silver Dollar- Posing Joe Worsham, RU CH: Game Heir- Scout Steve Auxier. Left To Right-Chris Cagle JR, Allison Bell, Jarrett Bell, Terry Doolittle, Mark Johnson (judge), Linda Smith, Colton Carpenter, Dr Fred Corder, Rita Corder, Frank LaNasa (judge), Tommy Smith.

The Pony Express field trial club members came together to host the National Amateur Pheasant Championship! This prestigious trial is the 2nd oldest amateur field trial championship. This year's event was not only highlighted by amazing performances but also maintained the camaraderie that everyone looks forward to each spring! With the recent passing of Mr. Larry Smith, to host an event of this magnitude we felt honored! Larry and Linda Smith have created an amazing field trial venue with over 2500+ acres of rolling hills, long tree lines, water ways, CRP strips, and over 43 ponds! This layout consists of 4 consecutive 1-hour courses to showcase the all age performance! Smith Farms has a quail program with habitat designed to sustain wild quail and pheasants plus birds are released every day prior to the days running where every entry could have ample opportunity to find game. Larry's vision and his attention to detail to create an "experience" of hospitality for the field trialer and spectator was his goal. He would commonly say "what is best for field trialing"! Smith Farms designed with horse corrals, 56 dog kennels, a comfortable club house, complimentary meals and hay for all, a Polaris ATV for spectator/owners, and onsite lodging for judges. With Larry/ Linda Smith's vision the club was honored to carry on the tradition and standard that Larry envisioned for Smith Farms! Larry was an amazing sportsman, great friend, and mentor to so many in the world of field of field trialing. Larry truly wanted what was best for field trials! Larry will be missed by so many.

We would like to thank in advance Mrs. Linda Smith for the opportunity to host this event on her beautiful farm! We would also like to thank all the handlers and all the sponsors for this National Qualifying event!! Without their support this event would not be possible!! Sponsors for this year's event include Purina Pro Plan, Garmin, Gun Dog Supply, Conkey's Outdoors, Rogue Pet, Smart Earth Pet Supply, Cable Gangz, Okie Dog Supply, Pleasant Hill Productions, Alpha Dog Nutrition, and Whites Safety Equipment. For this event we held several raffles and giveaways! We would like to thank the following for donating frozen semen and dog training for the event. WF Setters (Mr. Bruce Sooter), Robertson's Kennel (Mr. Rich Robertson Jr), Vincent Kennels (Mr. Allen Vincent). On Friday night we held a special Purina sponsored dinner. We also had a sponsored cocktail hour provided by Jon and Jessica Hahn of Perfection Kennels. On Friday night we had a special NY strip barbeque dinner sponsored by Certified Piedmontese Beef and was prepared by Mr. Scott Carpenter!

Smith Farms has a quail program with habitat designed to sustain wild quail and pheasants PLUS birds are released every day prior to the days running where every entry could have ample opportunity to find game.

The judges for the championship were Mr. Mark Johnson of Winnebago IL and Mr. Frank LaNasa of Isanti, Minnesota. The Pony Express Field Trial Club is truly honored to have these fine gentlemen in the judging seats. The judges noted a great trial with many dogs finding birds. They also noted the sportsmanship from everyone helping each other out with turning a dog loose and always willing to help. A great trial with great camaraderie from all.

The Running

Brace 1: Haney's Silver Dollar (Cagle)-Nemaha Lima Bean (McInteer). The championship started at 8:00a with clear skies and 38 degrees. Both dogs headed west with the Silver Dollar scoring first at 10 on a trio of quail. Next find at 14 for Lima Bean was standing on the east fence line next to the pond with Silver Dollar backing. Pat relocated Lima Bean to produce quail in the air. Both dogs headed to the north reaching across the ridge. Silver Dollar reaching to the front and Chris continued to point him out to the front as the young dog continued forward. Silver Dollar was spotted along the crick line with Lima Bean coming in for a back. Chris after a lengthy flushing attempt was unable to produce a bird in a tough brushy area. Both dogs headed north across the crick making the big loop and headed back south. Silver Dollar was spotted standing on the edge at 49. The dog was standing high and tight and Chris was able to flush a nice pheasant busting out of the cover! The dogs headed across the crick and headed south. Both dogs were found standing at 55 for a divided find. Silver Dollar headed south for a nice finish showing his stamina and his all-age endurance to finish the hour!

Brace 2: Worsham's Spitfire (Worsham)-Topp's First Junior (Topp): Dogs turned loose heading south and making the turn heading to the east. Both dogs taking the long line to the east. Spit Fire was found standing along the crick line with handler calling pheasant in the air at 47. Junior with a back. Next up First Junior was standing at 59. After a long relocation a pheasant was produced.

Brace 3: Iron And Wine (Humphrey)-Intensive Nitty Gritty (Auxier). The final brace of the morning started off with both dogs making a big move to the south into the head wind. Nitty Gritty scored first on a stop to flush on a pheasant. Next she was found standing. After a relocation Auxier was able to flush a trio of quail for her. Iron And Wine continued making large all-age moves with great application. Next was Nitty Gritty heading down the crick line as a pheasant popped up. She was picked up at 51

Brace 4: Worsham's Silver Comet (Worsham)-Nemaha Tap Water (McInteer). Break away right after lunch. Both dogs headed west making their move to the north along the far fence line. Tap Water scored first standing at 12. Silver Comet made an extreme move to the north was pointed out by Joe as the dog headed to east. Tap water was credited with another find. We crossed the 30-minute pond heading west as Silver Comet was found standing at 40 with a pheasant produced. The dogs headed north across the crick into the north 40 and Silver Comet was found standing along the far fence line. Quail lifted and he was picked up at 55. Tap Water was found standing. After relocation a pheasant was produced at time.

Brace 5: Wild Covey Strike Zone (King)-Haney's Pure Joy (Cagle). Both dogs turned loose heading south making the long lines to the east. Strike Zone was found standing at 14. A nice pheasant popped up out of the fox tail for the stylish pointer. Next Strike Zone was found standing along the fence line at 40 with Pure Joy backing Quail were produced. Strike Zone was making large moves heading to the south. Next Strike Zone was found standing 47 along the crick line on the west edge of the course. After a relocation a pheasant popped up. Haney's Pure Joy was picked up by handler at 55.

Brace 6: Erin's Southern Comfort (Derrig)-Haney's Storm Warning (Cagle). Final brace of the afternoon. At 28 Cagle decided to pick up Storm Warning as he was not satisfying his handler. Southern Comfort was making some large all age moves heading north along the crick line. He was found standing at 30. Derrig called flight of a wild covey of quail on the other side of the crick but judges were not able to locate the birds. Southern Comfort continued on showing strength and stamina to finish the hour.

Brace 7: Bromance (Humphrey)-Intensive Spinal Tap (Auxier). Bromance for Johnny was credited at 10 with a pheasant find up along the west fence line. Bromance at 16 had a pair of quail along the long draw. Jon regaining the front he had find at 28. Jon relocated Bromance and quail were produced. Bromance headed to the north crossing the crick and was credited with a find along the cedars at 40. Pheasant was produced. Bromance was heading south along the big ridge and heading towards the pond on the east side. He was credited with another find on a pheasant at 50. Finished the hour heading to the south. Spinal Tap was picked up by handler at 48.

Brace 8: Game Heir (Corder)-Nemaha Touch Of Grey (McInteer). Dogs were turned loose heading across dead tree pond to the east and turning to the northeast. Game Heir was credited 12 with a pair of quail along the long line. He continued to push the front. Both dogs were found standing on the edge of the long tree line. A divided find at 16. The dogs headed west over the hill towards the pond dam. The scout found Touch Of Grey standing in the water way. After relocation a pheasant was produced. Game Heir continued to show power and range and was found standing high and tight 24 on the northwest waterway. A pair of quail were produced. Game Heir headed to the north and turned west. He was credited with another pheasant at 31. As he headed west and turned back to the north he was credited with another quail find at 42. The scout found him standing along the east crick line. A pheasant was produced at 52. He finished the hour. Touch Of Grey was picked up by handler at 45

Brace 9: Erin's Doc Holliday (Bell)-Erin's Rebel Attraction (Sheehan). Dogs were turned loose heading south. Extreme moves showing their great ground races in the beginning of the brace. This was like a boxing match with dogs exchanging finds and backing along the way. Doc was found standing with a pair of quail with Rebel attraction backing. Rebel Attraction was credited with a pheasant find and Doc backing. Doc was credited with a pheasant find as we approached the long chute leading to Garvin's gulch. Rebel Attraction was credited with a quail find. As we headed west approaching the 520 Doc was credited with a pheasant find with Rebel Attraction backing. Both dogs finished the hour.

Brace 10: BGK Luke (Bell)-Game Surge (Corder). Both towards broke away heading to the west. Game Surge was not pleasing his handler and he requested the tracker at 36. Luke finished the hour with several finds concluding the brace.

Brace 11: Intensive I'm On Fire (Auxier)-Turned loose heading east. She had a pheasant find at 18. This concluded brace.

Gentry, Mo., March 20
Judges: Mark Johnson and Frank LaNasa

Winner-HANEY'S SILVER DOLLAR, 1698758, pointer male, by Ransom-Haney's North Star. Chris Cagle, owner; Chris Cagle Jr., handler.
Runner-Up-GAME HEIR, 1691409, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Game Snow. Fred Corder, owner and handler.

AMATEUR DERBY - 5 Pointers and 1 Setter
1st-INTENSIVE BIG N FANCY, unreg., pointer male, by Texas Cool-Hey Suga Suga. Buck Neil, owner; Steve Auxier, handler.
2d-SPOT, unreg., pointer male, by S F Slipknot-S F Miss Lily. Larry Smith, owner; Colton Carpenter, handler.
3d-SNIPE CREEK RIDER, 1705568, pointer male, by Touch's Smooth Rider-Bandit's Hill Daisy. Doug Watt, owner and handler.

Nat Ama Pheasant ODS24

Amateur Derby (front, l-r): Steve Auxier with Intensive Big N Fancy, Tommy Smith with Spot, and Joe Worsham with Jack. (Behind): Frank LaNasa (judge), Linda Smith, Mark Johnson (judge), Colton Carpenter, and Doug Watt.

Natl Ama Pheasant1S24 Natl Ama Pheasant2S24