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Event: Dave Pomfret Amateur Field Trial
Result: Chickahominy Field Trial Association

Location: Jarrett, Virginia

Post Date: Apr 18, 2024

Submitted By: Mert Jones

chickahominy dave pomfretS24

Dave Pomfret Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog (front, l-r): Ashby Morgan with Mohawk Mill Big Stuff and the Dave Pomfret Memorial Trophy, Lee Flanders with Chippokes Cracker Jack, and Greg Isenberg with Tenacee Moxie. (Behind): Terry McCormick (judge), Sharon Townley, Jeff Smith (judge), Bob Philips, Phil Rutter, and Phil Townley.

The Chickahominy Field Trial Association returned to Hunt's Game Preserve near Jarrett, Virginia, again this year for their spring 2024 field trial. Clint Holloway, the owner and manager of Hunt's, once again had these premier grounds in great shape. The cover was good, and the course offered open areas, wood edges, and piney woods for the dogs to show all their abilities.

The U. S. Complete Walking stakes were filled with eight puppies, four derbies, and 20 shooting dogs for a total of 32 dogs, and our Horseback stakes on Sunday were also full with four pups, four derbies, and 16 shooting dogs for a total of 24 dogs. On Saturday morning, we were greeted with rain, heavy at times, so our field trial chairperson, Sharon Townley, delayed the start of our Puppy stake for an hour until 8:30. The weather began to clear as the Puppy stake started and began to improve as the day went on. The remainder of the day was busy, and the handlers cooperated by getting their dogs to the line in a timely manner. We were able to finish the U. S. Complete stakes well ahead of dark. We thank everyone for all their help moving the trial along.

Purina is a national sponsor of U. S. Complete. In addition to sponsoring the national organization, Purina provides discount coupons for its products to the winners in all U. S. Complete local trials. All the winners in today's trial will receive a discount coupon for Purina products.

Once again, this year, Sharon Townley served as our field trial chairperson. Sharon put together the same committee she had last year, and our thanks go out to Sharon and the committee for seeing that everything was tended to. Danny Gooch saw that the birds were planted where and when they needed to. We say a big thank you to the unsung hero of this trial and so many of our trials, Phil Townley. Phil drove the gallery wagon and the dog truck and was always there to help with the many things that came up at the last minute. Thanks to Sharon Townley and Judy Jones for all the good meals we had at the trial.

So many others helped us, and we thank them! Another task Sharon tends to for this trial every year is she IS the Awards & Gifts Committee, and as you can tell, she does a super job at it!

This year, our judicial panel comprised a group of talented and experienced people. We thank Sharon, Terry McCormick, Phil Rutter, Jeff Smith, Ellen Winall, and Ashby Morgan for their time, well-thought-out decisions, and use of their horses.

Our U. S. Complete stakes started with our Puppy stake, which drew eight entries. These youngsters showed potential for the future, and we hope to see them again in the fall. Sharon Townley's setter, "Walker," came out in first; "Spot," a setter handled by Wolf Lewis was second, while Steve Moore's setter, "Jade," was third.

The Derby only drew four entries, but the quality was high. Jenna Johnson, a new handler and entry, took first place honors with her French Brittany, "Tanzi." Tanzi had several derby finds and a snappy race. Frank Barnes and his pointer, "Lucy," had two derby finds and a fast-forward derby race to take second place.

The Shooting Dog stake brought together 20 dogs to compete. Topping the day's shooting dog entries was a pointer named Big Stuff. "Big," as he is called, is owned by Gary Winall and handled by Ashby Morgan. Big had a strong, to-the-front shooting dog race and four well-spaced finds. Second place was captured by a setter named "Jack" and handled by his owner, Lee Flanders. Lee guided Jack through a strong shooting dog race with two finds in the piney woods, the second of which required relocation and a third find near the end of the brace. Named third place was Greg Isenberg's pointer, "Moxie," who had a medium race and displayed excellent manners on her three spaced-out finds.

At the completion of the U. S. Complete stakes, Big Stuff was awarded the revolving Dave Pomfret Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Trophy.
Sunday morning, we began our horseback stakes with the Amateur Puppy. We originally had six puppies entered; however, two were withdrawn before the drawing, leaving us with a four-puppy stake. Gene Hogge won first and second place with two of his Pointers. First place went to "Belle" and second to "Spook." "Bell" ran a little classier than Spook and had a find on a bird left over from Saturday's running. Gene's other pointer, "Ben," rounded out the placements with third.

The Amateur Derby drew four entries, and finishing first was Larry King's dog, "Nell." This pointer female ran a strong race to the front and had two broke finds, one in the piney woods and another at the island past the trailers. Second place was "Shotput," an Irish Setter female owned and handled by Roger Boser. Shot had a broke find with a shooting dog race. In third, Larry's pointer, "Rip," had a good race with one broke find with all in order.

The Amateur Shooting dog had 16 entries. Placing first was a setter male called "Hawk," owned and handled by Jameson Crandall. Hawk had a big breakaway and pointed at the end of the first field after the breakaway with all in order. He hunted big through the piney woods and was found again on point at 20. After a long flushing attempt, the bird was produced, and Hawk remained for flush and shot. He made a big finish with a third shooting dog find at time. The second-place dog was a Pointer female called "Snap," owned by George and Jeni Doyle and handled by Jeff Smith. Snap was braced with the third-place dog, an Irish Setter male called "Wayward" and handled by Roger Boser. These two were braced together and went back and forth on finds and backs, with the pointer having a better pattern for the course.

Your reporter thanks Ellen Clements Winall for help with the descriptions of the performances of the horseback shooting dogs.

The Chickahominy Club thanks everyone for their support and invites you to Hunt's the last weekend in October for our fall trial.

Chickahominy PuppyS24

Amateur Puppy (front, l-r): Sharon Townley with Beechwood's Fancy Like, Spot with Worth Lewis, and Wayside Jade with Steve Moore. (Behind): Terry McCormick (judge), Mrs. Lewis, Jeff Smith, Bob Phillips, Phil Rutter (judge), and Phil Townley.

Jarrett, Va., March 23
Judges: Terry McCormick and Phil Rutter
AMATEUR PUPPY - 7 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-BEECHWOOD'S FANCY LIKE, 1708348, setter male, by Hank of Gold Hill-Shelby of Gold Hill. Sharon Townley, owner and handler.
2d-SPOT, unreg., setter male, breeding not given. Worth Lewis, owner and handler.
3d-WAYSIDE JADE, 1706544, setter female, by Blue Ridge Chance-She's A Jewel. Steven Moore, owner and handler.

Chickahominy DerbyS24

Amateur Derby (front, l-r): Jenna Johnson with Tanzi De La Source Hannahatchee and Frank Barnes with Miss Lucille. (Behind): Terry McCormick, Sharron Townley (judge), Bob Phillips, Phill Rutter (judge), and Phil Townley.

AMATEUR DERBY - 3 Pointers and 1 Brittany
1st-TANZI DE LA SOURCE HANNAHATCHEE, R323-040, Epagneul Breton female, by Newton De La Source D'Hannahatche-Barbadun Hada I. Jennifer Johnson, owner and handler.
2d-MISS LUCILLE, 1704780, pointer female, by Quickmarksman's Excalibur-Hirollins Fancy Lady. Gary Miller, owner; Frank Barnes, handler.

Judges: Terry McCormick and Jeff Smith

1st-MOHAWK MILL BIG STUFF, 1691821, pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Trail Warrior-Hirollins Fantasy Girl. Gary S. Winall, owner; Ashby Morgan, handler.
2d-CHIPPOKES CRACKER JACK, 1691321, setter male, by Skyline New Edition-Grid Iron's Sorrell's Penny. Lee S. Flanders, owner and handler.
3d-TENACEE MOXIE, 1701535, pointer female, by Elhew Moneymaker-Crossroads Elhew Dot. Greg Isenberg, owner and handler.

Chickahominy AP BelleS24

Amateur Puppy (front, l-r): Gene Hogge with Dollar's Belle. (Behind): Sharon Townley, Ashby Morgan (judge), and Ellen Clements Winall.

Judges: Ashby Morgan and Phil Rutter
AMATEUR PUPPY - 3 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st-DOLLAR'S BELLE, 1710219, pointer female, by Haney's Silver Dollar-New Hope May. Gene Hogge, owner and handler.
2d-CUTAWHISKIE GHOST, 1705764, pointer male, by Hillside Hey You-Annie's Rose's Halo. Gene Hogge, owner and handler.

Chickahominy ADS24

Amateur Derby (front, l-r): Larry King with Sweet Sorrow, Roger Boser with Shotput, and Gary and Ellen Clemments Winall with Rip. (Behind): Mert Jones (secretary) and Sharon Townley (field trial chairperson).

Judges: Ashby Morgan and Sharon Townley

1st-SWEET SORROW, 1702479, pointer female, by Mohawk Mill Knight Hawk-Full Effect. L. J. & Casey King, owners; L. J. King, handler.
2d-SHOTPUT, 1704405, Irish setter female, by Gratitude-Slingshot. R. W. Boser, owner and handler.

Judges: Ellen Clemments Winall and Ashby Morgan
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 10 Pointers, 4 Setters, and 2 Irish Setters

1st-PINEKONE RAPPATOMAC HAWK, 1699732, setter male, by Erin's Big Casino-Mohawk Mill Charmer. Jameson Crandall, owner and handler.
2d-DEEP CREEK GINGER SNAP, 1674790, pointer female, by Black River Hawk-Aries. George & Jeni Doyle, owners; Jeff Smith, handler.
3d-WAYWARD, 1699503, Irish setter male, by Waycross-Stiletto. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

Chickahominy ASDS24

Amateur Shooting Dog (front, l-r): Jameson Crandall with Pinekone Rappatomac Hawk, George Doyle with Deep Creek Ginger Snap, and Roger Boser with Wayward. (Behind): Sharon Townley, Ellen Clements Winall (judge), Ashby Morgan (judge), Jeff Smith, Jeni Doyle, and Mrs. Smith.