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Event: Lynn Taylor Memorial Open All-Age and Open Derby
Result: Carroll County (Tenn.) Field Trial Club

Location: Huntingdon, Tennessee

Post Date: Apr 2, 2024

Submitted By: Jim Atchison

Carroll Co OAAS24

Lynn Taylor Memorial Open All-Age Winners: Korry Rinehart with Miller's King Poast, Mike Small (judge), Jamie Daniels and Rose Marie Daniels with Lester's Storm Surge, Mike Lemons (judge), and Thomas Daniels.

The Carroll County Field Trial Club members gathered on Smyrna Road near Huntingdon, Tennessee, February 22-23 and hosted the annual renewal of their open stakes: the Lynn Taylor Memorial All-Age and the club's Derby stake. As always, the grounds owned by David Williams, some of his family, and a couple of adjoining property owners were in excellent condition. David Williams, Gary McKibben, Angie Williams, Michelle Clark, Lebob Stanfill, Vince Taylor, Phillip Barnett, Jamie Daniels, and Charlotte and Jim Atchison joined in the effort to do the things needed to make the two days of running go smoothly and to extend help and hospitality.

Bags of Purina dog food were stacked, and the Purina Pro Plan banner hung prominently on the west wall of the clubhouse, visibly demonstrating that Purina was again the trial's generous sponsor. Also, appreciation for the company's sponsorship was voiced by the club's leadership.
The weather was decent as judges Mike Small from Evansville, Indiana, and Mike Lemons judged the All-Age stake. Small also judged the derbies and was joined by David Russell from Como, Mississippi, for that judicial responsibility. Their contribution to the trials was appreciated.

Superstition's Jake, owned by Ric Peterson from Memphis and handled by Brodie Byrd, who lives on and works for Peterson at his Hickory Valley, Tennessee property, won the Open All-Age stake. Korry Rinehart handled both the second and third-place winners, with the second placement being awarded to Lester's King Poast, owned by Jannie Chapman from Memphis, and third place going to Lester's Storm Surge, owned by Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton, from Springfield, Illinois.

Korry Rinehart, an accomplished prot g of Gary Lester, also did well as he handled the first and third-place winners of the Derby stake. First place was awarded to Lester's Front Porch, and third went to Lester's War Bird, both owned by Gary Lester from Gracey, Kentucky. The second place Derby was Miss Arkansas, owned and handled by Mike Lemons from Conway, Arkansas.

Lynn Taylor Memorial Open All-Age
Superstition's Jake won first place with his performance in the third brace of the stake, with that course located entirely on David Williams' Vickers' Farm. Jake handled well and was responsive to Brodie Byrd's direction as he ran a strong forward race and was on game four times during the hour. His first find was at 11 along the west side of the Quiet Place Loop, and that find was soon followed as he backed his bracemate during a second flush of birds. He found birds again at 36 near the end of the above-mentioned loop and then again in ancient bicolor shortly before making a 90-degree turn toward an abandoned farrowing house located on the course. His effort was impressive and appreciated by the judges and others who enjoyed his performance.
Second place was awarded to Miller's King Poast for his strong race on the second hour course, in the eighth brace, where he had birds once and backed an unproductive stand of his bracemate. After negotiating several turns, which are part of the course, he found birds at 10 on a terraced hill frequently hunted twice, with 15 to 20 lapses in between, and where birds are often found. He continued his powerful race through the remainder of the hour and backed his bracemate at 53.
Lester's Storm Surge ran an excellent race in the fourth brace and found birds once, with the find being at 22. This placement provides the opportunity to elaborate on the mark this 7-year-old Pointer is leaving on the sport of field trialing. He is one of the six dogs placed in these stakes, but in addition, he is the sire of four others. Those pups include Miller's King Poast in the All-Age stake and all three dogs placed in the Derby stake, including littermates Lester's Front Porch and Lester's War Bird, plus Miss Arkansas. Five out of six is impressive!

Other All-Age Dogs
Lester's Shockwave, owned by Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton and handled by Korry Rinehart, was braced with Haney's Silver Dollar, owned and handled by Chris Cagle, in the first brace. The dogs were loosed at the appointed 8 a.m. starting time even though the two previous hours held practically zero visibility because of dense fog. Shockwave had birds at 27, 36, and 57 but also had two unproductives during the effort. Silver Dollar was finding no birds and was picked up early.

Next, Haney's Last Call, Chris Cagle, owner/handler, was braced with Lacy's Cool Hand Luke, owned and handled by Perry Lacy. Cool Hand Luke had an unproductive at 29 on the terraced area near Sickle Pod Hill, which Last Call backed. Then, Last Call had an unproductive 42 immediately after crossing Smyrna Road and was picked up following a lengthy relocation effort there. Luke then found birds, and the hour ended at the galvanized gates along Green-Allen Springs Road.

Rebel Gold, owned and handled by David Williams, was paired with the first-place winner in brace 3. He pointed, and Williams flushed birds at 14 and 27 and backed his bracemate at 50 before successfully finishing the hour.

After lunch, Williams had Rebel Survivor braced with the third-place winner. Rebel Survivor had birds once, at 43, in the first field west of the abandoned railroad line, which is hunted after circling the Miles Farm. He then finished the hour, using most of the course.

Larry Huffman had Nosam's Sweet Water, owned by Jeff Busby, while Jamie Daniels had Dominator's Wild Bill, owned by Nick Berrong and Jack and Sarah Schwarz, in the fifth brace.

The dogs stood once at about the half-hour, sharing a divided find on the terraced field near Sickle Pod Hill. They then finished the hour but found no more birds.

Coldwater Paradise, owned and handled by Gary McKibben, and Rebel Dreams, owned and handled by David Williams, were the last to compete on the first afternoon. They found lots of birds during the hour as they hunted the third hour course. Rebel Dreams had the first find at 2 near the lake adjoining the breakaway field. They then stood together for a divided find at 9 and again at 22, where Coldwater Paradise had an unproductive, with Rebel Dreams backing. In between those two stands, Rebel Dreams also had birds at 20. Their final stand came at 36 when they shared a divided find in large bicolor.

On the second morning, Miller's Blindsider, owned by Nick Berrong and handled by Jamie Daniels, was braced with Coldwater War Cry, owned by Paul Melton and handled by Gary McKibben, who was filling in for Weldon Bennett, who is recovering from a torn Achilles heel.

Blindsider pointed, and Daniels flushed a covey along the east of the big corn field on the Miles Farm at 28. At that time, McKibben picked up War Cry at the nearby grain bins. Blindsider was then picked up shortly before the end of the hour, at 52.

Rebel Cause, owned and handled by David Williams, had one unproductive, at 53, during the eighth brace while paired with the second-place winner.

Como Rain, owned and handled by David Russell, and Ascension, handled by Korry Rinehart for owners Pat, Ted, and Julie Roach, were last to compete in the All-Age stake. Ascension had birds at 18, and Como Rain had an unproductive at 27 before both handlers picked up their dogs at 50 when returning to a location near the clubhouse.

Huntingdon, Tenn., February 23
Judges: Mike Lemons and Mike Small

1st-SUPERSTITION'S JAKE, 1687334, male, by Touch's Adams County-Superstition's Molly. Ric Peterson, owner; Brodie Byrd, handler.
2d-MILLER'S KING POAST, 1702090, male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Jannie Chapman, owner; Korry Rinehart, handler.
3d-LESTER'S STORM SURGE, 1681624, male, by Ransom-Beane's Line Dancer. Gary Lester, owner; Korry Rinehart, handler.

Derby Winners
Lester's Front Porch, owned by Gary Lester and handled by Korry Rinehart, won first place during the second 30-minute period of the Derby stake. He ran a nice forward race and had one find of a large covey, which was found near the abandoned railroad right of way while coursing toward the Sandy River Bottom on the first hour course. The winner handled the flush and shot well as the covey scattered from under a thicket of second-growth plum saplings.
Miss Arkansas won second for Mike Lemons in the third brace, and Lester's War Bird won third for Korry Rinehart in the first brace. Both dogs ran well during their respective efforts, but neither located birds for their handlers.

Judges: David Russell and Mike Small
OPEN DERBY - 4 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st-LESTER'S FRONT PORCH, 1705484, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Gary Lester, owner; Korry Rinehart, handler.
2d-MISS ARKANSAS, 1705667, pointer female, by Lester's Storm Surge-Game Show. Mike Lemons, owner and handler.
3d-LESTER'S WAR BIRD, 1705485, pointer male, by Lester's Storm Surge-R W Susie Q. Gary Lester, owner; Korry Rinehart, handler.

Carroll County ODS24

Open Derby Winners (l-r): Korry Rinehart with Lester's Front Porch, Mike Small (judge), Rose Marie Daniels and Mike Lemons with Miss Arkansas, Jamie Daniels and Thomas Daniels with Lester's War Bird, and David Russell (judge).