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Result: NBHA National Invitational Breeders' Championship

Location: Grovesprings, Missouri

Post Date: Mar 28, 2024

Submitted By: Christian Ogle

NBHA Breeders Ch.S24

NBHA National Invitational Breeders' Championship Winner (front row): Jillian Stuhr with Pure Confidence and Garry Malzone. (Behind): Terry Trzcinski, Don Heisner, Joe Zimmer, Klaus Schmidt, Travis Patterson, Tim Penn, J. D. Logue, Bob England, Randy Zimmer, Frank Schoenborn (judge), Mike Fox, and Greg Gibson (judge).

This year's Breeders' Invitational Championship drew 47 dogs and was again held at the Sportsman Association grounds near Grovesprings, Missouri. With a few obstacles to overcome, the Missouri Bird Hunters accepted the challenge and knocked it out of the park again. These fine gentlemen are like family and work so well together. Please shake their hands and pat them on the back. Kevin Western, Jack Glover, Joe Zimmer, Randy Zimmer, Jack Glover, and Tim Penn, thank you so much for everything you do.

This year's judges, Greg Gibson and Frank Schoenborn, both from Kansas, did an outstanding job. We started with beautiful weather but finished with rain, ice, and snow. They rode for two-and-a-half days watching these dogs. They had plenty of dogs who did great jobs and finished. They were both on the same page and told me before we announced the winners that this was tough, and they had to split hairs with many great dogs. The two dogs we placed needed no scouting--perfect birdwork and were always hunting forward with a great race.

This year's champion is Pure Confidence. "Tango" is out of True Confidence x Richfield Rose. This is Tango's 16th Championship; he is now 10 years old. Tango is owned by Black Meadow Kennels of New Jersey, handled by Garry Malzone, and scouted by Jillian Stuhr. This is one heck of a team. Congrats to all involved.

This year's runner-up champion is Unfinished Business. "Ace" is owned by John Gaines from Oklahoma and was handled by Justin Crook of Jasper, Missouri. No scout was needed for Ace as he ran the country always to the front. This is his second championship. Ace's breeding is from Unabridged x Momo's Rock Solid. Congrats to everyone involved in his win.

The Running
Brace No. 1 started Wednesday at 8 a.m., sunny and frosty in Breakaway bottoms. Georgia Born Braveheart (PM/Margie Ridings) was braced with Snow's Rhiannon (PF/Kenny Snow). Both dogs were found standing at 8:10 across from Andy's house in a small feeder strip. This was called a split find by the judges, and burn handlers flushed. Braveheart would be found standing along the creek before leaving the bottoms. Ann was backing. At 8:44, Braveheart would be picked up. At 8:50, Ann was standing in a small field by the little vine loop. Birds in the air with all in order. Ann finished the hour.

Brace No. 2--Snow's Sea Dollar (PM/Kenny Snow) was braced with Kevin Western and his pointer female, Western's Whistlin Dixie. Kenny would pick up at 9:23. Dixie was found standing at 9:30. A pair of birds were put in the air. Dixie looked great. At 9:50, she would be picked up.

Brace No. 3--Indian Creek Courageous Cat (PF/Garry Malzone) and bracemate Glover's Flintstone (ESM/Jack Glover) were released at 10:09. Both dogs were found standing on divided finds at 10:17. With extensive fishing by both handlers, no bird could be produced from the cedar thicket. At 10:25, Cat was pointed again. Needing a relocation, she pinned the bird with great manners. At 10:40, Cat had a pair pointed by the big hill feeder strip. At 10:50, Cat was again pointed, this time in Sycamore bottoms. Garry chose to go on. Coming off the side of the South Hill, Flint would come in and point behind Cat. Jack flushed for Flint and produced a pair of birds. At 10:56, Flint slammed point near one of the many Creek crossings. At 10:57, Cat would be pointed again. With a relocation needed, a bird was never produced as time ran out. Flint would finish the hour strong, going away.

Brace No. 4--Georgia Born Apache Wind (PM/Sam Ridings) was braced with Indian Creek Sprout (PF/Garry Malzone). They were released at 11:29. They would be found at 11:47 standing together for a divided find along Little Vine Loop. Both dogs were watered before releasing, with the temperatures rising. At 11:45, Sam would kick up a single-foot Apache Wind. At 12:00, near the road crossing feed strip, he had another nice find. At 12:05, Sprout would have a single near the crossing. Sam was handed the tracker. At 12:14, Sprout was standing in the feeder strip by Andy's. Garry had to relocate twice before Sprout pointed down a single. Sprout relocated like a seasoned pro. At 12:25, Sprout would have her final find near the cemetery. She finished her hour strong.

Brace No. 5 would run after lunch. The temperature was getting up there now, hitting 62 at the breakaway at 1:32 p.m. Handler Garry Malzone and pointer male Indian Creek Spur were braced with Kenny Snow and his pointer male, Hey Mr. Tin Man. At 1:38, Spur was pointed near the cemetery. Manners were great, and they were off. At 1:49, Tin Man had his birds pointed across from Andy's; Spur had a great back. Spur had another single at 1:52 with Tin Man backing. Tin Man had a find at 2:13 in Sycamore bottoms. His relocation was good. He was picked up at 2:18; Spur was picked up at 220.

Brace No. 6--At 2:51, setter male Gun's Pistol Pete and handler Justin Crook were braced with Ken Sauer and his pointer male, K C's Guitar Man. Pete didn't look right to Justin, so he picked him up. Guitar Man had a find at 3:05, but Ken was unable to produce a bird. At 3:24, he had a find in Sycamore bottoms with a pair of quail being put in the air by Ken. At 3:40, he was picked up.

Brace No. 7--At 4:01, we had a slight breeze from the south. Handler Ken Sauer and pointer male K C's Tye Oneon were braced with Cairds Lefty (PM/Dam Ridings). Lefty was picked up early for manners. Tye had an unproductive at 4:18. At 4:22, he had a single along the east feeder strip in Breakaway bottoms. At 4:29, he had a single near the road crossing. Tye was picked up at 4:45.

Day two would bring us Brace No. 8 at 7:54; we would break away early. I like starting early! K C's Next Gen (PM/Ken Sauer) was braced with Tim Penn and his pointer male, Chief Deception. Chief was first on the board with finds at the cemetery at 8:00. Ken was given his tracker at 8:05. He would have his second find at 8:15 along a feeder strip near the road. At 8:35, he was on point again, with Tim flushing two birds for him. At 8:40, Chief had a stop to flush. He finished the hour.

Brace No. 9 was released at 9:05. Indian Creek Pineapple (PF/Garry Malzone) was braced with Beaucoup Creek Buck and Don Heisner. At 9:15, Buck would have a stop to flush. At 9:52, Buck was standing in the feeder strip by Andy's; Don put the bird in the air. Pineapple would be picked up at 9:52. At 9:59, Buck had another find by the cemetery. Buck would finish the hour.

Brace No. 10 was Indian Creek Bocephus (PM/Garry Malzone) and bracemate Brook's White Hot Blaze (ISM) and Luke Tewes. They were released at 10:15. Neither were standing at the last strip in breakaway bottoms at 10:35. Both dogs would be picked up.

Brace No. 11 broke away at 11:10. Foxy Lady Sadie (ISF) and handler Mike Fox were braced with Georgia Born Windstorm (PM/Margie Ridings). Sadie was picked up at 11:15. Windstorm would be picked up at 11:25.

Brace No. 12--After lunch, we would release these dogs at 1:11. We were heating up, with temperatures reaching the high 60s. Foxy Abralena (ISF/Mike Fox) was braced with Justin Crook and pointer male Unfinished Business. At 1:20, Lena was pointed acrid from Andy's. At 1:27, she was standing in a ditch in the timber. Two hundred yards in front of her at 1:27, Ace was standing tall in the timber in breakaway bottoms. At 1:40, near the road crossing, Justin would flush for Ace, putting a pair of birds in the air. At 1:48, Lena would have a single pointed in Sycamore bottoms. Ace was hunting all the likely spots and was pointed to the front again at 2:07. After a short relocation, birds were pointed down and put in the air by his handler. Ace would finish the hour strong, going to the front; no scout was needed. Lena also finished the hour running with class and style.

Brace No. 13--Penrosa Hidncash (ESM/Tim Penn) broke away at 2:28. This stylish setter would have a stop to flush at 2:52. At 3:06, he pointed a pair near the road crossing. All was in order with Cash, but Mr. Penn decided to pick him up.

Brace No. 14 broke away at 3:43. Erin's Deja Vu (ESF/Garry Malzone) was braced with Klaus Schmidt and his pointer male, Touch's Mac Daddy. At 4:04, Deja Vu had a find in the south edge on Sycamore bottoms. Mac was on the north side with his find. At 4:13, along a dry branch, Deja Vu had another find. Mac backed, and all was good for both dogs. At 4:20, Mac had a single along the road crossing. At 4:29, Deja Vu had a find across from Andy's with Mac backing. Deja Vu had her last find at the cemetery. Both dogs finished the hour strong.

Friday morning, Brace No. 15 would be released at 7:49; yes, early again! Conditions had changed overnight. It was freezing, and temperatures were still dropping. Kenny Snow and English setter male Wynona's Nickleback Mickey were braced with Justin Crook and pointer female Fast Money. Both dogs were picked up at 8:04.

Brace No. 16 started at 8:12 a.m. Meghan's Special Edition (PM/Sam Ridings) was braced with Pure Confidence (PM/Garry Malzone). Tango had his first find at the road crossing. At 8:40, Sam would flush for his pointer. At 8:40, Tango would have a UP. At 8:48, Tango would be standing tall in the feeder strip in Sycamore bottoms. Sam was handed his tracker. At 8:54, Tango would be found on point again in the small field going into the Little Vine Loop. At 9:00, Tango showing all the class and style you could ask for, would have his last find. Tango would finish strong going away. He was always forward and did not need to be scouted.

After waiting 30 minutes for rain, hail, sleet, and snow, we would gather for our final brace.
Brace No. 17 would start at 9:51. Full Red Afterburn (ISM/Mike Fox) was braced with Klaus Schmidt and pointer male Southern Shadow's Bootlegger. Red would be picked up at 9:58. Bootlegger would pin a single in Little Vine Loop, found on point again at 10:07. Only feathers could be found at 10:23 on the north side of Sycamore bottoms. No bird could be produced. At 1027, he found a single near the road crossing. At 10:40, across from Andy's, he would go on point again. Klaus would relocate his dog. During relocation, the bird popped.

Thank you all for your patience in dealing with our medical emergency. We had a lot of great dogs, handlers, and scouts. Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism toward each other and our staff.

Thank you to our great and generous sponsors. Purina goes above and beyond for us. Garmin, thank you for all the collars. OnX, our newest sponsor, is a huge backer with all the memberships. Mule Brand Clothing and Gun Dog Supply, thank you for the gift certificates, and Gundog Central for all our data.

Grovespring, Mo., February 13
Judges: Greg Gibson and Frank Schoenborn

Winner-PURE CONFIDENCE, 1660531, pointer male, by True Confidence-Richfield Rose. Black Meadow Kennels, owner; Garry Malzone, handler.
Runner-Up-UNFINISHED BUSINSES, 1665852, pointer male, by Unabridged-Momo's Rock Solid. John Gaines, owner; Justin Crook, handler.