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Event: Georgia Amateur Celebration
Result: Georgia Field Trial Association

Location: Waynesboro, Georgia

Post Date: Mar 26, 2024

Submitted By: Nell Mobley, GFTA Secretary

Georgia Amateur Shooting DogS24

Georgia Amateur Shooting Dog Winners (l-r): One Day Lucky Strike with Darcy Hodges, One Day Queen Bee with Lane Hodges, and Beckworth's Wildfire WF with Darrell Wells, joined by Chad Adams (judge), Sarah Schwarz, Steve Mills (judge), Nell Mobley, Gary Futch Ron Lambert, Alan York, Brad Macke, and Randy Marsh.

The Georgia Amateur Celebration, sponsored by the Georgia Field Trial Association, is held in Waynesboro, Georgia. The "Bird Dog Capital of the World" concluded the season for 2023-2024 on the weekend of February 9. There are three stakes: shooting dog, all-age, and derby.
The trials are held at DiLane Plantation, owned by the Georgia Corp of Engineers, leased to the Georgia Engineers, and leased to the Georgia State Government for the purpose of hosting field trials.

Ryan Meckel is the on-site Wildlife Technician at DiLane. He and his staff do a great job preparing the grounds for running. The GA Department of Natural Resources announced that Ryan was the recipient of the Wildlife Technician Manager of the Year award. Ryan is 28 years old and in his fifth year at DiLane. He is married to the former Meredith Franks, and they have a 1-month-old son.
The drawing was conducted by Gary Futch and Nell Mobley. There were 18 entries for the Shooting Dog, 10 for All-Age, and seven for the Derby.

The Shooting Dog
Chad Adams, of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and Steve Mills, of Mayodan, North Carolina, were in the saddle for the Shooting Dog.
One Day Lucky Strike, owned and handled by Lane Hodges, was named in first place. He is a 5-year-old pointer male who covered the course with hunting on his mind and in the right places. Early in the hour, at 8 a.m., no birds were seen. Well-spaced finds were witnessed at 30, 35, and 42. He looked good running with tail high and a strong race. It is interesting to mention that he won first place in this stake in 2022.

In 1983, Frank Berry and Bill Wolfe gave a Rotating Challenge Sterling Silver Trophy in memory of Clint Sullivan. Clint was known for his love of working and running derbies. He died the year before of cancer. If a dog wins three times, the trophy is retired to the owner/handler. Lucky Strike has won twice and is looking for a third in 2025.

Lane ran One Day Queen Bee in the fourth brace and earned second-place honors. At 24, she had no show of birds. Lane carried on and had a nice find at 48, with all in order. At pickup, she could be seen running a medium race.
Beckworth's Wildfire WF, with Alan York handling, was named to third place. This 3-year-old female had three commendable finds and one up with a medium race.

The Others
One Day La Bandita (Hodges) had a find at 16, followed by a breach of manners. Sky's The Limit (Bill Adams) was picked up early.
Casey's Creek Crystal (Tucker) was scratched. Montana Dream (Macke) had a nice find at 20, followed by a no-show at 31.
Beckworth's Wildfire WF (York) was reported earlier. J C L's Joleene (Bill Adams) decided to go with birds.
Hard luck for Lily Pad (Crouch). One Day Queen Bee (Hodges) was reported earlier.
Erin's Demolition Man (Kelly) had a find at 6 and ran a medium race. Newt Dancer (Macke) pointed at 20. All in order.
Wells Rebel Yell (Wells) had a divided find at 7 with bracemate Ty handled by Buford. Yell had a second all-in-order find at 39. Ty had a nice find at 19 and a shared find at 7 with Rebel Yell.
One Day Lucky Strike (Hodges) was reported earlier. Made for the Moment (Macke) had an all-in-order find at 24 with a medium race.
Doc (Buford) was scratched. JCL's Bodacious May (Futch) was not pleasing handler and harnessed at 30. Bad luck for Rudy (Rutland).

Waynesboro, Ga., February 9
Judges: Chad Adams and Steve Mills
AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] - 17 Pointers and 1 Vizsla

1st-ONE DAY LUCKY STRIKE, 1684551, pointer male, by Heard Hill's Memory Lane-DuBose's Snow White. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.
2d-ONE DAY QUEEN BEE, 1684579, pointer female, by Heard Hill's Memory Lane-DuBose's Snow White. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.
3d-BECKWORTH'S WILDFIRE WF, 1699937, pointer female, by Touch's Mega Mike-Beckworth's Fired Up. Alan York, owner and handler.

The All-Age
Judges for the All-Age were Gary Futch and Randy Marsh, both from Statesboro, Georgia.
First-place Bud Adams (Chad Adams) ran in brace 5, the last brace of the stake. At four years of age, he knew what the game was about. He had finds at 18 and 25 and a limb find at 35. He honored his bracemate at 11. He ran a nice forward race with lots of class; he could be seen out front at pickup.
Walnut Tree Blue (Mills) won second place with well-spaced finds at 6, 35, and 42. He looked good in his birdwork, ran a good race, and finished strong.
Third place was Rock And Rebel Reb (Bill Adams). Scout Jessica called point for Red at 7 with birds lifted--a commendable all-age race with a nice finish.

The Others
Walnut Tree Buddy (Mills) shared a find at 7 with his bracemate. He ran a medium race with a fair finish. Rockin Rebel Red was reported with the winners.
The handler requested the tracker at 55 for Wells Ray of Gold (Wells). Bad luck for Erin's Demolition Man (Kelly).
Newt Dancer (Macke) had no bird work. Walnut Tree Blue was reported earlier.
Miller's Last Call (Bonner) had a find at 7 with a no-show of game on one point. JCL's Val (Bill Adams) was picked up early in the hour.
Game Train (Griffin) had a nice find, all with a medium race. Bud Adams (Chad Adams) was reported in earlier.

Georgia Amateur All AgeS24

Georgia Amateur All-Age Winners (l-r): Bud Adams with Jeff Crouch, Walnut Tree Blue with Steve Mills, and Rock And Rebel Reb with Bill Adams, joined by Chad Adams, Nell Mobley, Randy Marsh (judge), Gary Futch (judge), Alan York, and Jessica Rutland.

Judges: Gary Futch and Randy Marsh
AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] - 10 Pointers

1st-BUD ADAMS, 1702121, male, by Stoney Run's Buddy-Muddy Belle Kate. Chad Adams, owner and handler.
2d-WALNUT TREE BLUE, 1680850, male, by Walnut Tree Fred-Dialing Kate. Steve Mills, owner and handler.
3d-ROCK AND REBEL REB, 1675373, male, by Alvin-Pamlico. Bill Adams, owner and handler.

The Derby
Judges for the Derby were Ron Lambert, Tiger, Georgia, and Brad Macke, Sandersville, Georgia.
First place Turkey Creek Speck (Crouch) ran a nice forward race with no birds seen and judged on ground race.
Second place Wells Blaze of Glory (Wells) ran a medium forward race.
Third place was Shadow Jet's Riley (Marsh). Birds were lifted on a find at 15. Riley was a nice running setter with a medium race.
Some nice derbies were seen in the other four in competition: Wells Fine N Fancy (Wells), Marsh's Rebel Charm (Marsh), Nell (Crouch), and Chub (Bill Adams).
Purina Pet Care provided feed vouchers to the winners.
The Burke County Chamber of Commerce paid for advertising in the UKC newsletter through hotel/motel tax revenue.
Marshals for the weekend were Gary Futch, Randy Marsh, and Jeff Crouch.
Alan York and Ron Lambert took care of picking up and releasing birds.
The Club provided lunch for the three days of running and dinner for everyone on Friday evening. Jessica Rutland, Jason Lake, Sarah Schwarz, and Nell Mobley served the meals.

Judges: Ron Lambert and Brad Macke
AMATEUR DERBY - 5 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st-TURKEY CREEK SPECK, 1705239, pointer male, by Erin's Urban Myth-Pinehill Elhew Show Girl. R. D. Kent, owner; Jeff Crouch, handler.
2d-WELLS BLAZE OF GLORY, 1702593, pointer male, by Dominator's Rebel Heir-Wells Southern Charm. Darrell Wells, owner and handler.
3d-SHADOW JET'S RILEY, 1699636, setter female, by Shadow Jet-Snow Creek's Fair Lady. Randy Marsh, owner and handler.

Georgia Amateur DerbyS24

Georgia Amateur Derby Winners (l-r): Turkey Creek Speck with Jessica Rutland, Wells Blaze of Glory with Alan York, and Shadow Jet's Riley with Gary Futch, joined by Jeff Crouch, Danny Kent, Darrell Wells, Nell Mobley, Randy Marsh, Ron Lambert (judge), and Brad Macke (judge).