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2024 Hall of Fame Nominations - Updated Weekly

Submitted by Peers in the Field Trial Community

June 7, 2024

Source: Dinora Wellmann
Department: UKC Hunting Ops/American Field

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Nominations received as of 6/6/24. Nominations are updated weekly, each Friday.

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Nominations are to be 200 words or less in length.



Submitted by Jerone Boggs, O.B.G. Kennels
Mr. Bush began his career with Mr. Gene Galloway, (HOF) Mr. Harold Ray, (HOF) Mr. Bill Rayl, and (HOF) Fred Rayl. Mr. Bush has trained, handled, scouted, and judged a great number of magnificent bird dogs, such as Ch. Builder's Addition, Ch. Evolution, Ch. Meadowbrook Joe, along with many other notable bird dogs.
Mr. Bush has also handled and scouted numerous notable events over the years, such as the Continental, International Pheasant, and Southeastern Championships, along with many more. Mr. Bush is the first African American dog trainer to qualify and handle a bird dog at the prestigious Ames Plantation National Bird Dog Championship for the running years of 1991 and 1992, by winning the Southeastern Championship with Pointer male Meadowbrook Joe.
I humbly ask that Mr. Bush be bestowed the honor of entering the Field Trial Hall of Fame 2024. Mr. Bush is a respected man in the dog world; his body of work speaks volumes. Mr. Bush has devoted his life to setting a fine example for any individual involved with bird dogs. God Bless.


Submitted by Randy Anderson
Larry's dedication to the sport was unmatched! His travel was to the extreme to get from one field trial to another, which, to a point, people were most amazed! Larry meets every facet to be elected. Larry supported open and amateur field trials, supported pros by putting dogs with them, judged open and amateur field trials, and was a successful breeder. The most important factor was he provided field trial grounds for many of us to enjoy. Larry hosted premier field trial events at Smith Farms. He was a true sportsman and was a giver to the sport, not a taker. I ask you to join us in electing Mr. Larry Smith to the Hall of Fame!

Submitted by T. Mason Ashburn
To quote Steve Auxier, "Larry Smith wanted what was best for field trials and the growth of the sport." Larry was a man of integrity. He was a man of his word, which is rare. Larry was my friend.

Submitted by Steve Auxier
Larry Smith devoted his life to the sport of field trialing through his generosity and kindness! He was a sportsman who approached the game with the mindset of "what's best for field trialing!" Larry traveled the country supporting local amateur clubs from Canada to Connecticut to California to Tennessee and was not afraid to put in the miles!
Larry would go out of his way to help others through his mentorship, scouting, judging prestigious field trials, and supporting pros on the open circuit.
Larry's vision to create a top-level field trial venue came true with his wife Linda at Smith Farms. Larry did not skip any area of hospitality on their 2,500+ acre field trial haven.
Larry was known by everyone as a gentleman in the highest regard!

Submitted by Robert Barker
Larry Smith was a class individual who gave so much to the sport instead of taking so much from the sport. He opened up his Smith Farms and hosted many open and amateur trials; he participated and was very successful in a lot of amateur and open stakes, judged many trials, and was always helpful in sharing information that he had learned in his many travels around the country and boy would he travel from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between.
I remember the story he told me about breaking down on the bridge that goes into St. Louis with his horse trailer. He said there was only inches away from his trailer and the oncoming traffic. He made a few calls and was able to put his horses in a very fancy stable around the St. Louis area that had some kind of show horses...they were in heaven! The bottom line was that he was always honest and always wanted to do what was right for the sport, and it was not all about him.

Submitted by Bay Area Bird Dog Club (Jarry Walton, President, and Jared Tappero, Secretary-Treasurer)
Bay Area Bird Dog Club members strongly endorse Larry Smith as a nominee to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.
It's been said that Larry traveled great distances in good and bad conditions to compete with his dogs, and members of the Bay Area Bird Dog Club will readily testify to that. Larry and his wife Linda made the 1,600-mile (one-way) trip from Iowa to Red Rock five times from 2016 to 2022 (a total of 16,000 miles traveled round trip). Larry did not go unrewarded; in 2016, Larry handled S F Bandwagon to runner-up in the Western All-Age and S F Mapleleaf (sired by S F Cufflink) to runner-up in the National Amateur Chukar Championship; at the end of the 2016 season, S F Bandwagon would become Purina Amateur Dog of the Year. In 2018, Larry handled S F Bandwagon to win the Western All-Age. The following year, 2019, Larry would handle S F Fullcolor (sired by Bandwagon and out of S F Rushhour) to win the Pacific Coast Derby Championship. In winning, Larry showed great humility and was very thankful and courteous to club members, judges, and others in the gallery and around camp. Larry was a great competitor.

Submitted by Jerone Boggs, O.B.G. Kennels
Mr. Bush began his career with Mr. Gene Galloway, (HOF) Mr. Harold Ray, (HOF) Mr. Bill Rayl, and (HOF) Fred Rayl. Mr. Bush has trained, handled, scouted, and judged a great number of magnificent bird dogs, such as Ch. Builder's Addition, Ch. Evolution, Ch. Meadowbrook Joe, along with many other notable bird dogs.
Mr. Bush has also handled and scouted numerous notable events over the years, such as the Continental, International Pheasant, and Southeastern Championships, along with many more. Mr. Bush is the first African American dog trainer to qualify and handle a bird dog at the prestigious Ames Plantation National Bird Dog Championship for the running years of 1991 and 1992, by winning the Southeastern Championship with Pointer male Meadowbrook Joe.
I humbly ask that Mr. Bush be bestowed the honor of entering the Field Trial Hall of Fame 2024. Mr. Bush is a respected man in the dog world; his body of work speaks volumes. Mr. Bush has devoted his life to setting a fine example for any individual involved with bird dogs. God Bless.

Submitted by Elton Bray
He definitely deserves this! He was a great friend to all who knew him. I was certainly blessed to have known Larry. Please remember him when casting your vote for the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Matt Cochran, Cochran Kennels
I strongly endorse Larry Smith for the Hall of Fame. I can't think of a more deserving person. I knew him personally for 10+ years. He always had class and made everyone feel welcome. I admired his passion for the sport and always held him in high regard. Larry has fulfilled all of the requirements for the prestigious Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Garvin Collins
Larry Smith left us way too soon, as he was just getting started expanding his footprint in the Sport that he loved very much! In just a few short years he and Linda had developed one of the best places to run dogs in the country! Always plenty of horse stalls, dog kennels, food, hay, and birds to make for one of the best trials that you have ever attended! I would like to nominate Larry for the Hall of Fame, as he deserves it very much!

Submitted by Dan DiMambro
When searching for potential Hall of Fame candidates, there are certain criteria that must be met. However, Larry Smith exceeds these expectations and goes above and beyond what is required. Not only was he a talented dog man, but he also possessed qualities that set him apart from others. Larry was always humble and eagerly accepted any challenges that came his way. In a game where many players were focused on their own success, Larry stood out as someone who gave back to others whenever possible; he was always willing to lend a helping hand. His actions and behavior in the game set an example of how one should conduct themselves and treat others. Larry's contributions to the game far outweigh what he ever took from it, solidifying his place as a true Hall of Fame candidate.

Submitted by Kevin Dixon
If character, kindness, and integrity of an individual are examples of an individual to be inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Larry was one of our fellow members of the Raymond Lease in South Texas. Larry was well received by all, and we all looked forward to when he would come down to work his dogs. He didn't hunt, never shot a bird as far as I know, but his love of his dogs brought him a great distance from his home to work his nice string of dogs. The spirit of competition, particularly in the field trial world, brings out all sorts of negative comments from handlers, owners, name it. We are all guilty of it. However, one individual whom we never heard one negative word about is Larry Smith, which speaks volumes about his character, integrity, and reputation among the field trial world. On behalf of the Raymond Lease, including Hugh Seale, Bill Raymond, Rex Wallace, Steve Hilbun, and myself, we proudly endorse our friend, Larry Smith, for the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Ralph Gillota
My family was lucky enough to meet Mr. Larry Smith at Killdeer Plains, Harpster, Ohio. The grounds were familiar to me as I had spent many seasons at the venue. Mr. Larry was a true gentleman and honestly interested in a meaningful conversation, whether the topic was family, business, bird dogs, or horses! Even if we were not selling, we would trade mounts during a brace and appreciate each other's pleasantries. The first time Larry got on one of my colts, he had both reins on one side of the youngster's neck! I was petrified! I soon realized that bay colt liked Larry more than me! This gentleman could also drive! Larry would run a couple of dogs and head to another trial hours away, then turn around and come back to run more dogs! I am so thankful that my daughters and I enjoyed hours in the saddle with Larry Smith. We are very sorry not to see him again this fall. God bless his family, and God bless Larry Smith. May he rest in peace.

Submitted by Tracy Haines
I was lucky enough to meet Larry and Linda Smith over 20 years ago at the Southwestern Championship in South Dakota. I learned what a passion he had for his dogs. I was always happy to run into him at the prairie trials. Larry was a true gentleman, offering whatever he could to help others enjoy the sport as he did, as evidenced by the generosity he and Linda showed in holding the many trials on their property. There is so much more that should be said about what he has given to this sport, but no words can really come close except to say that he will really be missed. No doubt that I will be voting to induct Larry Smith into the Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Sean and Deb Hauser
Larry Smith is the epitome of someone who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He devoted many hours working at trials and helping people. He had a positive attitude and was a fierce competitor, but he was also more than willing to help his competition without hesitation. Most importantly, he was a good friend of ours and will be missed. His legacy will continue with Smith Farms field trial grounds. Please join us in getting Larry into the HOF.

Submitted by Larry and Piper Huffman
Larry Smith was a dear close friend who would do anything for you! He was a true gentleman of the sport and a true family man.
He supported field trials all over the United States. He hosted trials at his S F Farm alongside his wife, Linda Smith, and there was always a big group of young kids involved.
Larry has judged, given his time to the sport unselfishly, and successfully campaigned a string of dogs. In 2016, Larry's S F Bandwagon won Purina Dog of the Year and Dog of the Year with S F Mapleleaf the next year.
Please join me, and let's get Larry into the Hall of Fame!
We endorse Larry 100%!

Submitted by Jon Humphrey
Larry Smith has been an absolute presence in field trials at every level. He had a lot of success while maintaining great relationships with those who crossed his path, a rarity. He was a gentleman and a sportsman with a seemingly insatiable appetite for his conquest with bird dogs and upland game. It seems everyone has a Larry Smith story. His relaxed posture on a horse radiated confidence and a love for horses and the outdoors. No problem or dream was too small or too large for Larry to tackle. I will always enjoy remembering Larry Smith, HOF Larry Smith, if it were up to me.

Submitted by Mark Johnson
Reflecting on Larry as a fellow field trialer and friend, the following words come to mind:
Integrity, patron, gentleman, generous, sincere, mentor, welcoming, resolute competitor & breeder, sharing, and always a true sportsman. Larry's actions on the field, or off, are reflective of the upstanding individual he was and merit recognition as a significant contributor to the field trial community.

Submitted by Jay MacKenzie
Having learned of the call for nominations for this year's Field Trial Hall of Fame, I am writing to endorse a highly suitable individual, Larry Smith. In many ways, exceeding the challenging requirements and expectations for the award, Larry's ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments complement precisely the stellar Field Trial community of past recipients and make him highly deserving of the honor and opportunity bestowed by the Field Trial Hall of Fame.
I personally observed his extraordinary performance and contributions to our field trial community, and he always exceeded the standard for excellence. Larry's focus and daily efforts to improve our Field Trial community were foremost in everything he did. Those around him, handlers, owners, and participants alike, sensed this unique connection, and he was an inspiration to them.
This is why I strongly urge the Field Trial Hall Of Fame voters to recognize Larry Smith's unprecedented dedication and lasting effect on the field trial community by deservedly inducting him into the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Bill Mason
I first met Larry when he called me and said someone told him to get me to scout his derbies at the National Derby Championship at Hell Creek. Whoever told him must have known Larry had good derbies, so they handicapped him with me as a scout. This resulted in a great friendship. We talked on the phone all the time. Larry asked me to judge the first Heartland Open All-Age with Will Dunn, which resulted in another great friendship. The following spring, I was at Smith Farms turkey hunting when Larry showed up with a pup. We went and put this puppy on birds. S F Bandwagon had an amazing nose. Larry was a top competitor not only with his dogs but also as a scout and judge. His field trial grounds are his greatest legacy, though. Hopefully, we will be able to compete there for many years to come. Please, let's vote Larry into the Hall of Fame; he more than deserves it.

Submitted by Alex Mauck
I first met Larry at Mortlach some years ago. At the first meeting, I realized that this was a special person. After our first meeting, we stayed in touch, often just visiting on the telephone talking about dogs, kennels, and another passion of his cryptocurrency. Our paths would cross often through field trials.
I wasn't aware of his many accomplishments as a breeder, owner, and handler, as others have well stated. I did notice he was full of superhuman energy. He came out to Idaho a few years back; he judged, handled, and scouted the whole trial. His riding was impressive, for not many flatlanders can navigate our terrain on a horse. In fact, many have refused, but not Larry. When the trial was over after several days, he ate dinner and off he went, headed home, unbelievable. He always offered his farm as a layover for us to stop at on our cross-country travels. Having a conversation with Larry was always an uplifting moment. Larry has surpassed all the requirements to be elected to the Hall of Fame, offering his farm for field trials, breeder, judge, scout, handler, and overall, just an uplifting person. Please join us in electing Larry to the Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Dr. Pat McInteer
Larry Smith deserves to be in the Field Trial Hall of Fame. He contributed to trials by attending and entering trials throughout the country. Larry attended trials from Canada to Florida and California to Connecticut, sometimes in the same week. He won the Amateur All-Age Purina Award two times and was successful in many venues. Larry contributed by judging when it fit his busy schedule at work and play. Larry put together a large, beautiful set of field trial grounds in North Central Missouri, where he hosted National Qualifying trials, club trials, Amateur Championships, and the German Shorthair Invitational. He insisted on a quality trial with ample birdwork, fairness, and equal opportunity for all. Larry was well thought of in the field trial world.

Submitted by Laura Miller
Larry Smith's dedication to the sport of field trialing goes beyond personal win records. A true pointer enthusiast, he recognized talent and passion in dogs and people. He championed a female Vizsla handler, providing invaluable support, training opportunities, and mentorship, as well as an appointment to director of the Pony Express Club - a testament to his commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for all participants. I'll never forget Larry's genuine excitement when my Vizsla secured a National Quail qualification. His enthusiasm for the sport and his joy in celebrating the success of others, even if he did not place that day, perfectly exemplifies his true sportsmanship. He has demonstrably impacted the sport as a whole, fostering inclusivity and leaving a lasting mark not just on me but on the Vizsla breed and its history within field trials.
Larry embodies the very qualities the UKC/American Field Hall of Fame seeks to honor. His unwavering dedication, unwavering support for all participants, and commitment to the betterment of the sport make him a truly deserving nominee.

Submitted by Bill Owen
I'd like to support Larry Smith's induction into the Field Trial Hall of Fame. His passing will be a big loss to the field trial community. Others have detailed his many contributions to our Sport better than I can. To me, his most endearing attribute was that he offered friendship to everyone who asked for it.

Submitted by Tim Penn, Charlie Beeler, and Kevin Western
Larry Smith was the ultimate gentleman. Larry Smith exemplified the highest qualities that define a fraternity of like-minded people who love and enjoy the sport of field trialing. Anyone who has ever run at their farm near Gentry knows how Larry and Linda supported the sport of field trialing by providing a top-notch venue. Even with their gracious and generous support of this amazing venue, Larry and Linda supported small clubs like ours. Even with this desire to be successful, he always conducted himself with the highest ethical values and always conducted himself accordingly. For more reasons than we can ever convey, the North Missouri Field Trial Association and its members support Larry Smith for The Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Nathan Phillips
Larry Smith certainly deserves recognition for his contributions to field trials. He made significant contributions that have positively impacted our sport.
Larry Smith's success with his dogs and his generosity towards the sport of field trials are indeed commendable qualities.
His contributions have left a lasting impact on the field trial community.

Submitted by Rich Robertson
Larry Smith is deserving of the HOF. He was the person you always enjoyed seeing at a field trial.
Never a negative word from him about any field trial, and full of laughter.
A great host at his Smith Farm in Missouri. He always welcomed everyone and endless hours of preparation to get his grounds ready for a great trial.
Let's all vote to get him elected.

Submitted by Rachel Russell, David Russell, and Billy Blackwell
My dad introduced Larry Smith as "the nicest guy in field trials," and that was true from the time I met him until his passing. I don't think anyone could argue that. I always looked forward to seeing his trailer at Hendrix Farms and riding with him at the National Championship. He was a great bird dog man and an even better sportsman. He referred to us as "Team Blackwell," and even though he loved to win, he celebrated other's successes as well. He participated in many avenues pertaining to field trials, as he handled and scouted, supported other clubs and regions, and also put his own field trials on at his farm. He was the whole picture with a heart of gold that is surely missed! On behalf of myself, my husband, David Russell, and my father, Billy K. Blackwell, we support the induction of Larry Smith to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Kim Sampson
The first time I met Larry Smith was at a field trial in Reno, Nevada, in 2017. He'd driven all night across the country. What I didn't know then was that this was normal for Larry and nothing out of the ordinary. He gave his all for his dogs, the sport, and people. I remember riding back to camp with Larry in a championship after my brace. I was sure my dog had put down a championship performance, and Larry agreed it should be hard to beat. When winners were announced, and my dog didn't get a piece of anything, to say I was upset is an understatement. Larry calmly took me aside, and after listening to all the ways the judges screwed up the decision, he told me it didn't do any good to make a big deal about it to the judges or anyone else.
Providing grounds, attending and putting on trials, successful breeding programs, fulfilling judging assignments, and giving all you can to the sport are all important. I can't think of anyone more qualified to be in the Field Trial Hall of Fame than Larry Smith. Truly a man for the ages.

Submitted by Mike Small
Larry Smith was certainly a giver to the sport and a very humble man. When asked about field trials and his thoughts, he would state, "We should always keep in mind what's best for field trials." Larry was a successful amateur handler. I believe the Hall of Fame was created for individuals like Larry. I strongly recommend Larry Smith for the Hall of Fame.

Submitted by William Smith
Larry was a man driven not only to participate in field trials but to make the sport better. Larry was very successful as an Amateur trainer and handler. He also supported the pro ranks by sending dogs to the northern prairies most summers. He finally realized his dream--a field trial venue developed at his farm in Gentry, Missouri, into a premier location. He spared no expense to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone who came to Smith Farm. No one has given more to field trials than Larry Smith. His influence over the sport is enough alone to warrant his installment. He deserves to be remembered as one of the most innovative, positive-minded, and respected people who has ever been associated in any way with field trials.

Submitted by Bubba and Amy Spencer
Larry has contributed to our sport for over 25 years by being a positive and fierce competitor, supporting local clubs, and putting together premier field grounds in Gentry, Missouri. Larry wanted everyone to have equal opportunity for fairness and birdwork. Larry and his wife Linda were gracious hosts, providing dogs' kennels, horse corrals, and meals to all handlers. Please join us in voting for Mr. Larry Smith for the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Kirk Swanson
It's been said many times: "A picture is worth a thousand words."
There is a picture taken after the first field trial held at Smith Farms that hangs in the clubhouse, which I believe speaks volumes.
Everyone's face is a glow. Smith Farms has 2500 acres of edges and diversity to challenge the best and sort out the rest, with what some would consider more than enough birds to show a bird dog's finest qualities. A clubhouse to feed the trial experience with great food and an atmosphere to share the stories of the day and, more so, the memories of the past. Facilities for horses and dogs second to none would soon be on the horizon. Larry knew well field trials are won to the front and on the edge; he lived his life that way and graciously invited us to join him there. Larry received the Purina Amateur All-Age Dog of the Year with S F Bandwagon and S F Mapleleaf. I truly believe one of the greatest lessons Larry left us was: Work hard, so in the end, you know you did it well.

Submitted by Ike Todd
I met Larry several years ago when he stopped on his travels at Ferrell Miller's to work what I believe was his first highly competitive all-age dog, S F Accelerateher. His passion for the sport then was palpable, and to my knowledge, it never waned. Larry checked all the boxes for election to The Field Trial Hall of Fame during his time here: successful breeder, handler, owner, and field trial landowner. He gave his all in everything he did. Larry's humility in victory or defeat was just one of his numerous admirable qualities. Please join me in supporting Larry Smith for election to The Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Submitted by Sergio Velez
Larry Smith--a name that anyone serious about trialing pointing dogs has heard of!
I, too, had heard and read about Mr. Larry Smith's success with the "S F" dogs. I was fortunate to meet this true gentleman for the first time in Mortlach, SK, years back. I can say that not only he was extremely competitive and successful, but he was also a true ambassador for the game! The kind that would do whatever he could to guarantee the sustainability of field trialing.
Mr. Smith was the epitome of what being inducted into the HOF should be about! An accomplished, honest, dedicated, respectful, and respectable field trialer/dogman. A man to look up to!

Submitted by Allen Vincent
Larry Smith has checked all the boxes for a Hall of Fame inductee.
Many of his supporters have already told of his accomplishments and contributions, and I fully concur with them.
I've known Larry for 23 years, give or take. I've worked dogs with him and for him. It was my good fortune that Dr. Bob Rankin was able to purchase SF Mapleleaf from Larry.
Doc put her with me, and we had a good bit of success with her. I've always held Larry in high regard. Larry Smith is indeed worthy of the Hall of Fame!

Submitted by Mr. Bill And Ryan Westfall
Larry Smith was the ultimate gentleman of our sport! Larry has exemplified the challenging requirements and expectations to be considered for this award! Larry was a patron of our sport as a landowner and supporter of local and national-level field trials! He wanted what was "Best for field trials!"
Larry was one of the good guys!
Please join us in casting your vote for Larry Smith!

Submitted by Joe Worsham
Larry Smith came to a trial I was hosting at Bielby Ranch near Maryville, Missouri, many years ago. Larry and crew were loving it, and Larry said: "This is for me." Next time I saw him, he was at a trial fully equipped with a trailer, horses, and competitive dogs. Before you know it, he is winning big stakes. Early on, he had an Open Derby win at Mortlach, Saskatchewan--a true prairie dog test.
Smith Farms near Gentry, Missouri, became a big project--lots of effort and funds resulted in a great place to host trials of major significance. Larry and crew went the extra mile to provide not only a great venue and facility but became famous for the quantity and quality of the birdwork on the courses. Larry wanted each contestant to feel he had a good chance to win; he set very high standards.
Larry has proven to be a high achiever in all his endeavors--faith, family, business, and hobby.



Submitted by Jeff Gilbertson
I'm very proud to nominate Rivertons Funseek'n Scooter for the 2024 Hall of Fame. I had the pleasure of watching Scooter compete in California, Oregon, Idaho, and Saskatchewan, Canada. He was truly a showman going to where he should be, showing himself where he should be, and always on a mission to find birds no matter what part of the country he was in. He was always on a mission, and his win record of six championships and four runner-up championships is pretty impressive, and his production record is just as impressive. He sired Just Irresistible and Dominator's Rebel Heir, and he was either the sire or grandsire of Jack and Fran Miller's Miller-prefix dogs, over 21 different champions. If there ever been a dog that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, Scooter is due.

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